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Google Docs and Drive for Educators

Learn how to develop, share, and collaborate in a connected classroom with these free tools from Google!
16 reviews
  • Rich Kiker Google Certified Trainer & eLearning Architect

    Rich Kiker is the Director of Online Learning for Palisades School District in Pennsylvania and has been recognized as the 2012 Outstanding Contributor to Blended Learning with Rich is the top rated Google Apps for EDU Trainer in the world and has specialized in online and blended learning since 2006. He has served in many roles that combine his expertise in both technology and education including Keystone Technology Integrator, Classrooms for the Future Coach, eLearning Architect, Creative Design Consultant, and Media Technology Designer. Rich has recently been featured as a speaker at ASCD, Google EduOnAir, Educon, ISTE, and PETE&C. Rich was also recognized as one of the top 20 educators in Social Media at the 2012 Bammy Awards.

    His consulting work at Kiker Learning includes creating, incubating, and delivering eLearning solutions, social media, and instructional technology professional development to educators worldwide. As an intense eLearning and 1 to 1 computing advocate, Rich considers himself a learner first who is trying to find the most creative ways to engage and help educators grow in emerging technical arenas.

    Rich can be found online at +Rich Kiker and @rkiker.

    Courses for credit can be found at

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Google Docs and Drive for Educators

Learn how to develop, share, and collaborate in a connected classroom with these free tools from Google!
16 reviews

This course will help educators learn Google's web based software, Google Docs and Drive, as a technical and educational solution to empower themselves and students to develop authentic, relevant, and digital learning. The course is constructed of 19 lessons in a scaffold of Connection, Calibrating, and Creating with media rich content, tutorials, and examples of Google Docs and Drive in education. Join us!

    • Over 19 lectures and 56 mins of content!
    • Participants will have increased technical capacity of the free tools from Google and the general web 2.0 space for educators.
    • All Educators


  • SECTION 1:
    Welcome to Google Docs and Drive for Educators!
  • 1
  • 2
    Creating Your Google Account
  • SECTION 2:
    Connection - A media rich introduction
  • 3
    An Introduction to Google Docs
    Google Docs lets you create, share, and collaborate on documents online.
  • 4
    Google Docs in Plain English
  • 5
    Free Office Productivity in the Cloud
  • 6
    Google Drive for the Connected Educator
  • 7
    The Drive App: Staying Mobile
  • 8
    Google Drive - Web-based Storage and Portability
  • 9
    Security in the Cloud
    It is always responsible to understand how your information is being managed and secured. This video will give you a comprehensive understanding of how Google protects your data.  Check out Google's Security and Privacy page and this blog post to learn more.
  • SECTION 3:
    Calibration - Connecting learners to the skills
  • 10
    Getting Started Guides
  • 11
    Starting a Google Doc in Google Drive
    This brief tutorial will provide an intro to creating a new Google Doc in the recent release of Google Drive. It also briefly reviews the sharing features available.
  • 12
    Google Docs "How To" Video
  • 13
    Using the Research Tool in Google Docs
  • 14
    More Google Docs "How To" Resources
  • SECTION 4:
    Creation - Opportunities to develop academic components
  • 15
    Teachers and Principals Talk About Google Docs
    Teachers, principals, and students tell us how and why they use Google Docs in their schools. Find more Google Docs success stories on this page.
  • 16
    Resources For Developing Google Docs In The Classroom
  • 17
    The Advantages of Google Forms
    Google Forms increases the ability for collaboration in the classroom even more than the standard Google Docs tools. Forms allow educators to gather data, build surveys, create assessments and so much more. See these additional resources for using Google Forms in your practice.

    80+ Google Forms for the Classroom 

    74 Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom 

    Google Forms for Everything Webinar 

  • SECTION 5:
    Even More Ideas for Educators
  • 18
    Googly Ideas
  • 19


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  • Mohammed Omar Faruque Masud
    Complete Idea.

    Very nice journey. I Like it.

  • Kevin Driscoll
    A Good "what is" but not a lot of details

    While the quality of the content is good, it does not get into a lot of details on the workings of Google Apps. It's more like a series of ads than training.

  • Dearing English
    Overall Good Information

    This course contains a lot of links to basic videos about Google Docs. The information is a little outdated. BUT! There are some fantastic resources in the links in the course. Well worth browsing the information offered in those websites. Flubaroo is fantastic! It is in one of the links in the course. Well worth taking this course, just keep in mind that some info is old.

  • Kathryn Haigler
    Google Docs

    This course was very, very informative. There was a lot of information that I did not know existed in Google Drive. I would have never thought to seek more information on how to use the new features!

  • Ainoa Calle

    There are some aspects about Google Drive I did not know and I have found the course so useful.

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