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an introductory course to learn about biotechnological techniques and and its pharmaceutical applications.
23 reviews
  • Dr Anas Bahnassi Professor of Pharmacy

    Energetic, muticultural, concept oriented educator, with strong management skills, working on providing competency based education in the pharmaceutical field. With the use of information and communication technological tools, It is possible that we can make pharmaceutical education an intensive workshop to prepare the student or the pharmacist after graduation to have all the skills and the knowledge needed to tackle all the tasks that are needed to take an active role in the improvement of the health sector and the overall welfare of the community

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an introductory course to learn about biotechnological techniques and and its pharmaceutical applications.
23 reviews


A course intended to provide you with basic knowledge of the principles and techniques used in the preparation, stability and formulation of different protein and peptide drugs such as vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, transgenic therapeutics and gene therapy. 

    • Understanding of Basic Biochemistry
    • Over 22 lectures and 6.5 hours of content!
    • Understand the role of biotechnology in providing new therapeutic agents.
    • Introduce the student to different biotechnological techniques.
    • Compare the drug development process in biotech to conventional medications.
    • Introduce the student to different drug classes of biotechnological origins.
    • Pharmacy Students
    • Nursing students and Allied Health Students.
    • People working for Biotech companies.
    • Formulators of Protein Products


  • 1
    Biotechnology Syllabus
    2 pages
    Biotechnology course outline for pharmacy students It includes the topics that will be discussed throughout the lectures provides certain requirements and skills gained by the student to pass this course.
  • SECTION 1:
  • 2
    Introduction To Biotechnology
    16 slides
  • SECTION 2:
    The Genetic Material
  • 3
    DNA and RNA
    44 slides
    This lecture includes introductory information about the structure and function of DNA and RNA and the different processes and steps to synthesize proteins on the cellular level
  • 4
    Transcription and Protein Synthesis - Great Video -
  • SECTION 3:
    Protein Structure
  • 5
    Amino Acids
    24 slides
    We will introduce Amino Acids in this lecture, provide different ways of categorization, learn their structures and some of their chemical characteristics
  • 6
    Structure of Protein
    43 slides
    Learn the different structures of proteins, who they form, what kind of bonds form them and their functional and morphological role.
  • 7
    The Four Structures Of Protein -Video-
  • SECTION 4:
    Genetic Engineering
  • 8
    Recombinant DNA Technology -Video -
  • 9
    Recombinant DNA Technology
    30 slides
    Recombinant DNA is the general name for taking a piece of one DNA, and combining it with another strand of DNA. Thus, the name recombinant! 
    Recombinant DNA is also sometimes referred to as "chimera." By combining two or more different strands of DNA, scientists are able to create a new strand of DNA. 

  • 10
    DNA Sequencing -Video-
    The first method of sequencing the genetic code was devised by Fred Sanger. To sequence the DNA, it must first be separated into two strands. The strand to be sequenced is copied using chemically altered bases. These altered bases cause the copying process to stop each time one particular letter is incorporated into the growing DNA chain. This process is carried out for all four bases, and then the fragments are put together like a jigsaw to reveal the sequence of the original piece of DNA.
  • 11
    DNA Sequencing -Slides-
    37 slides
  • 12
    Polymerase Chain Reaction
    17 slides
  • 13
    Polymerase Chain Reaction --Video
  • SECTION 5:
    Biotechnological Medicines
  • 14
    Formulation Of Biotech Products
    23 slides
  • 15
    Monoclonal Antibodies
    41 slides
  • 16
    47 slides
  • 17
    Genomics , Proteomics And Other Biotechnology Related Techniques
    18 slides
  • 18
    Gene Therapy
    37 slides
  • SECTION 6:
    Practice Sessions
  • 19
    5 pages
    Practice questions
  • 20
    Biotech Questions
    3 pages
  • 21
    Biotechnology Questions
    3 pages
  • 22
    Questions Set
    1 page
    Suggested first exam questions


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