Breathing and Mind-Body Sports Science for Athletes/Coaches
3.7 (3 ratings)
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Breathing and Mind-Body Sports Science for Athletes/Coaches

Breathing For Performance, Mind Sharpening and Flexibility Training for Athletes & Coaches. Gain the Competitive Edge!
3.7 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
54 students enrolled
Last updated 12/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Control Nerves and Anxiety during stressful moments
  • Release Internal Pressure with simple yet powerful Breathing Techniques
  • Balance PH Levels
  • Oxygenate and Invigorate the body
  • Increase Overall Flexibility and Increase Durabality
  • Gain the Competitive Edge by turning knowledge into Wisdom and Experience
  • Increase Focus, awareness, composure, alertness, balance and flexibility
  • Visualize your performance with Mind Sharpening Techniques
  • Gain confidence and awareness.
  • Integrate Sports Science Hydration Tips for Performance and Recovery
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  • Bring focus and awareness to this training. Find your edge and sweet spot with each exercise.
  • Bring an Open Mind and If you don't have a Z-Stick, use any 6 foot broom stick. Zsticks available for purchase at

All SPORTS Training for:
Breathing - Mind Sharpening - Flexibility Training

Increase Sports Performance to Affect Breathing, The Mind and Overall Flexibility.

This sports science online course is a ‘must have’ for Athletes, coaches, teams and trainers, is the only one of it’s kind and teaches powerful Breathing Techniques and Mind Sharpening Exercises to increase performance and gain the competitive edge. Learn how to control stress and anxiety and release internal pressure. Enhance game day performance, increase focus, composure, attitude, energy.

BREATHING–When we lose or hold our breath dur­ing sports com­pe­ti­tion, the mind dis­con­nects with the body. When this hap­pens, it often results in mak­ing the high­light reel for the wrong rea­sons! Learn how to control this! Breath­ing can increase alert­ness and recov­ery and used prop­erly gives you access to your own per­sonal Oxy­gen Bar.

MIND SHARPENING–Many exer­cises that are labeled as Med­i­ta­tion are actu­ally mind related tools that increase focus, com­po­sure, alert­ness and instinc­tual reac­tions. Con­nect­ing the breath with these exer­cises com­pound the pos­i­tive results.

FLEXIBILITY- Work on Flexibility, inside and out. Stretching that will make you more durable and Mental Flexibility that will allow you increased composure and focus in stressful situations. Stretching with the Z-Stick that can be done anywhere and will help reduce injuries while increas­ing range of motion. Learn how to prop­erly direct the breath while stretch­ing with the Z-STICK to allow for a faster increase of over­all flexibility.

No Experience Necessary. Prepare yourself for success on and off the field. Work on Breathing, Mind Sharpening and flexibility gained through deep stretching with the ZStick. This helps to maintain the body's posture & alignment resulting in a better economy of energy. Additionally, the muscle is flexible and able to extend a full range of motion, reducing injury.

Hydration Sports Science- Learn the benefits of proper Hydration and why the recommended, "drink 8 x 8oz. of water" could be hindering your performance.
Football-Baseball-Basketball-Lax-Soccer-Hockey-Golf-MMA-All stick sports

Tim Kelly is 50 years young and the creator of Zenhaling. Tim is a specialist who teaches Breathing and Mind Sharpening techniques to coaches and athletes to enhance performance, cope with stress and anxiety and release internal pressure.

Who is the target audience?
  • Athletes, Coaches, Sports Teams, Trainers, All Stick sports, Football, Basketball, Golf, MMA
  • Anyone looking for the competitive edge
  • Anyone looking to keep sharp in life!
  • Anyone looking for a Mental or Breathing Coach
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Curriculum For This Course
29 Lectures
Start Here
1 Lecture 08:24

Learn the Foundation for Zenhaling Sports Science. Breathing for Performance, Mind Sharpening and Flexibility Training. ZSports Science Hydration techniques for Athletes. Set the stage for increasing your flexibility from the inside out.

Preview 08:24
Breathing For Performance
13 Lectures 40:51

Most of us over breathe. Exhale more to inhale better. Explore the pause to slow down the chattering mind. Extend the duration of the exhale. We have 60,000 thoughts and take 23,000 breaths daily. Working on optimizing our breathing facilitates enhancement of our training and performance.

Preview 04:26

Deep Breathing exercises to help Balance PH levels to help increase endurance and delay the onset of inflammation and lactic acid.

Deep Breathing for PH Balance

Familiarize with the Fundamentals of Breathing. we all learned to breathe the same way, being born and taking a forced inhale. The mechanics teach the importance of the pause of breath.
Breathing For Performance-Releasing Internal Pressure

Laughing is another means of releasing internal pressure, the same as anger or frustration. Choose laughing! Done by expulsing an Audible, "ha". Make it loud and do repetitive and it becomes a laugh. You do not have to feel happy to do this. Change your energy and vibe and release the internal pressure.

Breathing For Performance-Laughing

Also referred to as the Katsu Shout. Zen Warriors would use this to state intention in battle. A great way to release internal pressure in the moment and fore others up. Other Shouts Include:
• ei! — A growl­ing shout, meant to accom­pany an attack; intended to force the oppo­nent to lower his guard momen­tar­ily.
• toh! — A heavy shout, meant to accom­pany a counter; intended to make the oppo­nent believe he has left an open­ing.
• ya! — A bois­ter­ous shout, meant to respond to a series of blows; intended to dis­hearten the oppo­nent, mak­ing him believe that you believe you're already vic­to­ri­ous (may tie in to folk beliefs that a bat­tle is decided the moment two adver­saries first see each other)

Breathing For Performance-Zen Shout

A Cleansing Breath helps to clear the respiratory pathway. An expulsion of exhale out the nostrils or mouth. Similar to an audible sigh. Swooshing sound with the mouth.

Breathing For Performance-Cleansing Breath

AUM is a Mantra and a Mantra is a healing sound current. Mystics believe that AUM was the sound that was created at the beginning of the universe and encompasses all sound, language, knowledge, everything. Physically, it hits the throat Chakra and allows for tuning of the voice and resonance. Great for coaches, signal callers and those needing to be in their voice. Tune and tone the voice of a leader.

Breathing For Performance-AUM

The same as a Boxer when they strike an object or opponent. A Sharp Expulsion of breath out the nasal passage on the strike or the Yang part of the exercise. Exhale more so that you can inhale more deeply.

Breathing For Performance-Boxer Breath

Alternate Nostril Breathing promotes Balance. Connect left and right, Yin and Yang, the hemispheres of the brain. Calms the mind and purify the Nadis or nerves. A great breathing technique to calm you down or to do before you embark on anything creative. Coaches!

Breathing For Performance-Alternate Nostril Breath

Intermittent Inhales and pausing the breath in between, to eventually fill up your lungs with Oxygen. The same with the exhale. Slowly letting it out and pause. Let it out and pause, exhale and pause until you completely exhale.

Breathing For Performance-Viloma

Mostly Nose Breathing during Yang Style of Exercises. Mouth breathing on exhaling is more common. Use Both in conjunction with certain exercises, like running.

Breathing For Performance-Nose vs Mouth

Tip: Prolong The Duration of The Exhale
Preview 01:25
Mind Sharpening
4 Lectures 15:26

Attach what you wish to manifest on each inhale and exhale what is holding you back from attaining it on each exhale. Do this for 3 minutes. If we have 60,000 thoughts and take 23,000 breaths daily, every breath we have 4 thoughts. 15 breaths a minute x 3 minutes = 45 repetitions. That means that you will Practice mentally repeating what you want to manifest, for 45 repetitions. Just like doing curls at the gym, you are training your mental muscle memory through repetition and focus.

Mind Sharpening Basics

The Third Eye is our area of Intuition and many believe that it activates our very own Psychic hotline. Train focus and intuition, perhaps even see colors or visions. Journal anything that arises during this technique. Add this technique into your daily life.

Third Eye

Practice Visualizing your winning performance by creating it in your mind first!

Visualize Your Winning Performance

Visualize what you want to manifest. See it in your Mind's Eye. Feel it. See layers of it. What does it feel like tipping the ball away? What did the crown sound like? Feel the goosebumps. Practice Manifesting what you are aiming for. Be clear with your vision. Believe. It starts and ends with you.

Mind Sharpening - The Manifester
Flexibility Training
10 Lectures 48:33

Flexible Body and Mind. Awareness of Gravity and the force on our body. Awareness of Posture & Alignment. Balance and body control. Stretches with the Z-Stick include the standing series: Grounding In, 5 Point Star, Warrior 2, Straddle, Samurai Lunge. Gain durability.

Flexibility Training

Tip: Ground In With Breathing

Preview 00:57

Training the Core will allow for overall better body mastery.

Core Training

Like Muay Thai fighters striking with a Knee, this exercise works the expulsion of breath in conjunction with the knee strike. Work the knees alternately and continuously. Contract the abdominal muscles on the knee up and exhale with expulsions of breath. Repeat.

Core Series-Muay Thai Knees

Works the Core and Obliques. Allows for increased range of motion by stretching the intercostals or spaces between the ribs. Releases internal pressure from physical body and condition at the same time.

Core Series-Stick Twists

Hit the love handles and work the hepatic flexure and splenic flecture, both key areas where energy and feces get stuck. It is where the liver and spleen meet the Large Bowel and form natural bends. Twisting helps to activate the liver and spleen and help rid the body of toxins and purify the blood. Train to Bend but don't break!

Core Series-Stick Wiper

Forked Finger Stab
This exercise can help release tension and inpingements of negative energy and electrostatic charge that may have accumulated, particularly in the arms, resulting from extensive time on computers and other like devices.
Instead of gripping your fingers into a fist, extend your Phalanges and imagine them as steel forks capable of penetrating anything. Feel the energy shoot out of the tips of each digit as you punch-stab. Try to use the same fluidity and combinations as during your shadow boxing training. Explore and find your edge with having 'alive' fingers that are free of tension with your strikes and moves. Remember, any tension will reduce fluidity and speed of your movements.

Drill: Forked Finger Stab

Helps to release tension in the physical body as well as wake the body up! Activates meridians and displaces energy. Releasing internal pressure by tapping.

Drill: Tapping

Bend The Bow

• Like wringing out a wet rag, twisting movements help rid the body of toxins.
• Build core strength
• Build internal fire
WHEN TO USE: • Balance Series • Transitional Pose • Release Anger & Frustration • Yang Training • Ice Hockey/Lacrosse/Baseball/Golf/ ALL CrossTraining

MECHANICS: • Stand with wide legged straddle
position. Tuck your pelvis under- neath you. This will resemble a high squat or horse stance. Grip the Z-stick, knuckles down, a little wider than shoulder width. Twist your torso and place Z- Stick end into Mat or ground. Expulse the breath as you twist. Work both sides. Try to Pause and exhale as you twist. Allow your neck to naturally position per your mobility and range of motion.


• Expulse the breath on the twist. • Pause the breath if you like. • Let your bottom hand go, rotate
torso and stand perpendicular.

Drill: Bend The Bow

Whip It

Balance Series Transitional Pose Release Tight Hips Yang Training
Transition from Samurai or Warrior 2
MECHANICS: This Tai Chi inspired move starts with the Heel to Arch Leg position. If in Warrior 2, simply let go with your front hand and grip the Z-stick with your back hand, letting your arm drop down. The Z-Stick will be at your side. Twist your body but continue to look at the imaginary target in front of you. Breathe. Transition to the other side. Work on creating a smooth traNsition as you Whip side to side. Spin the stick for style points!

Stay Higher Widen/Shorten distance between feet.
Ujjayi Breath for smooth flow


• Stretches Hips and Intercostals
• Blood flow to upper and lower body.
• Power and balance • Muscle Memory

Drill: Whip It
Water & Hydration
1 Lecture 04:17

Daily intake of water is essen­tial not only for the phys­i­cal con­di­tion­ing of the body but main­tain­ing opti­mum emo­tional and men­tal states as well. When thirst man­i­fests, dehy­dra­tion is already under­way and the body requires some 2 to 3 liters of water per day for sev­eral weeks to restore the tis­sues to their proper balance.
Rec­om­mended Water Intake:
There is no real one-size-fits-all approach to water con­sump­tion. Non sports sci­ence doc­tors often rec­om­mend 8x8 oz ounces (64 ounces total). Of course, Ath­letes have fig­ured out that they require a much greater intake and gen­er­ally ingest 1ounce of water intake per body­weight pound. That means that a 170 pound man requires much more hydra­tion than just the usu­ally rec­om­mended 64 ounces. Another gen­eral rule of thumb that has been adapted by per­sonal train­ers is that men should con­sume 128 ounces of water daily, and women should con­sume 88 ounces. This doesn't mean you need to drink this amount of water every day. Other bev­er­ages, as well as the mois­ture con­tent of foods, also count toward your water intake.
Exer­cise: When exer­cis­ing or engag­ing in any activ­ity that makes you sweat, you need to drink extra water to com­pen­sate for that fluid loss. Drink 12 ounces of water two hours before a work­out, and another 12 ounces 30 min­utes before you begin. While you are exer­cis­ing, you should drink 4 to 8 ounces every 15 min­utes. You should con­sume an addi­tional 12 ounces within 30 min­utes of the end of your work­out. Dur­ing intense exer­cise involv­ing sig­nif­i­cant sweat­ing — say, dur­ing a marathon — you may need a sports drink or coconut water rather than plain water, to replace the sodium lost in sweat.

Water & Hydration for Athletes
About the Instructor
Zenhaling Timothy Kelly
3.7 Average rating
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54 Students
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Zenhaling Founder

Tim Kelly is the Creator of Zenhaling. Zenhaling combines the Zen Essence, Yogic Path and Martial Spirit through Breath, Meditation, Movement and Energy. Z-Sports Science delivers Breathing for Performance, Mind Sharpening and Flexibility Training for Athletes, Coaches, Teams or anyone looking for the competitive edge. Tim is 50 years young, a long time Athlete, Yoga Instructor and inspired to share the Sports Science Training techniques used by top Sports Franchises and CEO's.