Zero Cost Marketing Strategies: Official Primer Course

YES... there's a yellow brick road to proven free marketing success and it starts with this primer. For all niches.
298 reviews
  • Dan Hollings Zero Cost? Maybe you could get used to it?

    Dan Hollings is often called the Czar of Zero Cost because not only is he a leading expert in marketing, but he specializes in what he calls "Zero Cost Marketing." Yes, it sounds wild. But Dan has the credentials and the mind boggling proof to back up his claims.

    If you've not heard his name, perhaps you've heard of his work. Remember the mega-million dollar movie/book launch "The Secret" (yes, THAT Secret - you likely saw it on Oprah)... Dan was the marketing strategist hired to launch that project. Ever read a "Guerrilla Marketing" book? Dan is a consultant and writer for the newest 'soon-to-be-released' edition. Dan was also picked as one of the industry's TOP 25 marketers in a recent best selling book, "Internet Prophets."

    "The marketing campaign behind 'The Secret' is going to go down in history as the greatest case study of viral marketing ever done. Anywhere."

    Dan has taught marketing strategies to tens of thousands of students in almost every genre of marketing there is: internet marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, local small business marketing and more.

    Dan's most popular series of courses, under the brand "Zero Cost Marketing Secrets," provides training in zero-cost strategies and zero-cost marketing tools while revealing unbelievable zero-cost marketing resources. Dan's trainings are designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants, real estate professionals, authors and marketers. Step-by-step, easy to implement, and simply amazing.

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Zero Cost Marketing Strategies: Official Primer Course

YES... there's a yellow brick road to proven free marketing success and it starts with this primer. For all niches.
298 reviews


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Yellow Brick Road to Zero Cost

YES... there's a yellow brick road to proven zero-cost marketing success and it starts with this "Primer" course. 

  • If you are a Small Business Owner, Startup or Entrepreneur... this is for you. 
  • If you're a Marketer, Affiliate Marketer or Marketing Consultant... you'll love this!
  • If you want to market literally ANY product or service... get ready to take some serious notes.
  • Got a book, info-product, event, or ????? Want to maximize your profits? Look no further.

True or False
  • Yes, you can do 100% of your marketing for zero.
  • Yes, you can learn a LOT about marketing without spending a dime.
  • Yes, it is easy and works in all niches.
  • Yes, it can be a permanent (evergreen) solution.
  • But NO... this is NOT for everyone. 
  • The one requirement is an open mind.

Your instructor, Dan Hollings, has personally invested countless months researching, testing and compiling everything he knows about running a business for ZERO and marketing for ZERO. This is not theory, this is not hype; this is pure reality. 

Dan has managed small campaigns, million dollar campaigns and epic campaigns, for himself and for his clients (yes, on a zero budget). Dan has also taught thousands of business owners, marketers, marketing managers, authors and consultants like you, to do the same.

What Is Zero Cost Marketing
WHAT'S COVERED in this free marketing course?
  • The Core Problem Revealed... 
  • Busting The "Zero Cost" Myth... 
  • A Frank Look at Wasted Costs... 
  • Let's Talk Tools (Pros & Cons)... 
  • 25 Categories of Business & Marketing... 

    • Example 1... A Viral Launch Strategy.
    • Example 2... How To Build a Zero Cost Squeeze Page.
    • Example 3... The Zero Cost Mobile Site.
    • Example 4... A Dual Landing Page Strategy.
    • Example 5... How to Do Text Message Marketing for Free.
    • Example 6... The Zero Cost Traffic Funnel.
    • Example 7... Zero Cost Newsletter List Building Tips.
    • Example 8... A Reminder Tool (lest we forget)

    AND MORE...
  • Cashing in... Where's The Money in Zero?
  • What's next?... Where to go from here!

What Is Zero Cost Marketing

Don't be fooled by the the word "PRIMER"... this course is for beginners and pros alike. There's something here for everyone... promise! Dan will walk you through the concepts, challenges, myths, and marvels of marketing on a zero budget.

Dan presents most of this program in video format with high-quality slides, illustrations and animations. EIGHT hands-on examples are revealed (including case studies) so that you may begin your journey to zero cost with full confidence you are on the right path.

This course is a robust and exciting introductory course, not intended to take you all the way to the horizon... but guaranteed to take you far enough so that you'll never think twice about turning back.


Dan Hollings Zero Cost Marketing Reviews at UdemyNothing says more about the quality and benefits of a course than the reviews and testimonials of the students, business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, consultants and marketers that have participated in this course. Please enjoy dozens and dozens of reviews for Zero Cost Marketing Strategies at the LOWER RIGHT of this page. >>>>

Your "Journey To Zero" Begins Now...

Over 3 HOURS of video plus slides and resources:

Take this Free Marketing Course right now and learn free marketing ideas & strategies for your business.

    • No Prerequisites
    • No special skills required.
    • Best of all... No money required.
    • Over 8 lectures and 3 hours of content!
    • You will be introduced to the exciting concept of "Zero Cost Marketing."
    • You will explore the challenges and opportunities of zero cost marketing tools and strategies.
    • We will examine the myths that often surround the "Zero Cost" concept.
    • We will analyze a typical marketing budget and ponder the ramifications of dropping all costs to zero.
    • We will weigh the Pros & Cons of marketing tools (beyond the costs) and their effectiveness.
    • You'll be introduced to the 25 Categories of Marketing & Business; all of which have multiple zero cost solutions.
    • You'll learn 8 specific zero cost marketing tools or strategies: How to build a viral launch page, a zero cost squeeze page, a mobile site, a traffic funnel, an email newsletter list, and more.
    • You'll discover where the money is in "Zero" (i.e: the revenue).
    • You'll leave this course exhilarated with the possibilities before you. New doors will be opened. And best of all, you will not spend a single penny on this course or anything taught within it.
    • Anyone desiring to reduce marketing costs in any niche.
    • Small Business Owners, Startups & Entrepreneurs
    • Marketers, Affiliate Marketers & Marketing Consultants
    • Anyone marketing any product, service, book, info-product, event, movie or affiliate product.
    • Anyone seeking high-quality, effective marketing tools at zero cost with limited or "no catches."
    • Anyone wanting to learn Internet marketing, Mobile marketing, or Social Media marketing on a limited budget.


30 day money back guarantee
Lifetime access
Available on Desktop, iOs and Android
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  • SECTION 1:
    INTRODUCTION: The Official ZCMS Primer Course
  • 1
    ZILCH: The Poetic Tale of A Marketer With No Brains
    • It's the Story of Zilch, the marketer with no brains.
    • What lessons did you learn from this introductory video?
    • Can you relate to the challenges that confronted Zilch?
    • How much are you spending each month on marketing tools?
    • Could you get used to spending zero?
  • 2
    What are your TAKE AWAYS?
    2 questions
  • 3
    What Grandma Told You... It Ain't Necessarily So!


    • Are we addicted to spending money?
    • Is Zero Cost marketing a myth?
    • Why was grandma wrong?
    • Understanding the Freemium Business Model.
    • ZCMS: Primer Outline.
    • Introducing a Zero Cost "Reminder" Tool.

  • 4
    What are your TAKE AWAYS?
    3 questions
  • SECTION 2:
    CASE STUDY #1: Let's Build a Viral Launch Page
  • 5
    The $534.52 Ding & 25 Categories of Marketing

    • What people are saying.
    • Sharing Zero Cost.
    • The $534.52 Ding (Analyzing campaign costs).
    • CASE STUDY #1: A Viral Launch Page.
    • Going Ouch-Free.
    • Considerations beyond the costs.
    • 25 categories of profits and savings.
    • 6,464 Leads in 30 days flat.
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  • 6
    What are your TAKE AWAYS?
    2 questions
  • SECTION 3:
    CASE STUDY #2: Squeezing for Leads
  • 7
    The Zero Cost Squeeze Page (Landing Page)


    • What is a Squeeze Page (or Landing Page)? 
    • YouTube on Steroids? A Multimedia Alternative.
    • An Alternative to Powerpoint or Keynote.
    • Video Embed.
    • Interactive Survey.
    • In-video Opt-in Box.
    • Mobile QR Code to Facebook LIKE.
    • A New Twist on Google+.
    • Recommend A Friend.
    • Image Hover Dots.
    • Build Your Site for Zero Cost.
    • 25 Tools in One Page at Zero Cost!
    • 12,700 Opt-in Leads in 30 Days.
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  • 8
    What are your TAKE AWAYS?
    2 questions
  • SECTION 4:
    CASE STUDY #3: Zero Mobile
  • 9
    Zero Cost Mobile Marketing


    • Yes Zero Mobile.
    • The Zero Cost Mobile Site.
    • Text Message Auto-responder Marketing.
    • The Dual Landing Page Strategy.
    • The Zero Cost Marketing Funnel.
    • 22+ Sources of Traffic.
  • 10
    What are your TAKE AWAYS?
    4 questions
  • SECTION 5:
    CASE STUDY #4: Email Newsletter List Building Strategies.
  • 11
    From Zero to Zillions, One Email at a Time


    • Email List Building Tips 
    • What's In It For Me? (Your Site Visitor) 
    • The Dedicated Opt-in Page 
    • Email Only (You Can Ask For More Later) 
    • Rewarding Your Subscribers 
    • A Viral Alternative to The Old PDF Giveaway 
    • Two Zero-Cost Auto-responders
  • 12
    What are your TAKE AWAYS?
    3 questions
  • SECTION 6:
    Where's The Money In Zero?
  • 13
    PART 1: Summing it all up (in exhaustive detail)

    TOPICS COVERED: (Part 1)

    • An Exhaustive Course Summary 
    • Major "Take Aways" of Zero Cost Marketing
    • Step-By-Step Blueprint of "Viral Launch Page Strategy"
  • 14
    What are your TAKE AWAYS?
    2 questions
  • 15
    PART 2: The Journey Has Just Begun...

    TOPICS COVERED: (Part 2)

    Step-By-Step Blueprints: 

    • A Zero Cost Squeeze Page
    • A Zero Cost Mobile Site
    • Newsletter List Building
    • Zero Cost Traffic Funnel

    Where's The Money In Zero? 
    25 Categories of Business & Marketing. 
    A Final Review. 
    BONUS: Clever Google+ Survey Strategy. 
    The Official Google+ ZCMS Community
    What's Next On The Yellow Brick Road?


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  • 16
    What are your TAKE AWAYS?
    2 questions


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  • Emmanuel Kiriakos
    Plenty of great ideas

    Thanks Dan for a course full of ideas and resources, I will definitely be putting many of them into practice to see what results I can get

  • Isabelle Thioux
    A maze with a nugget of cheese at every corner

    Which means that if you are hungry, you will find substance to eat to your heart's content (haha!). However Dan Hollings is taking you along the looong yellow brick path before you are allowed to take a bite! In order to make the most of the course, you need to make sure to check every provided link, file, and reference. You should be ready to invest significant time to learn about the workings of each and every tool presented here. In many ways this is great as is forces the student to take a hands-on approach, even if the overall clarity suffers a little bit from that angle, especially for complete newbies. I'm also quite sure that some videos could be shortened in length, but hey, if you just care to look at the quality content by cost ratio, it obviously goes off the chart. Not to mention that some strategies presented are simply very, very smart. That makes for a very happy mouse.

  • Ryan Foley
    Value Delivered For Primer Course

    There is a LOT of value delivered for this being a primer course for his paid version of Zero Cost Marketing Secrets. Even though this is "free", don't let it fool you in terms of coming away with no knowledge. That said, this is not a recommended individual to do business with as his paid course though claiming to be evergreen hasn't been updated since 2013, which is a lifetime in the realm of online marketing. Once he has your money, he also seldom answers e-mails. Take away what value there is in this course and then run with it, and not toward Zero Cost Marketing Secrets.

  • Dushyanthi Indivari Pieris
    Typical sales video

    I think the content could have being summed up to five minutes

  • Sam Boyer
    Only part-way and already very impressed!

    Even though I haven't completed it, I've found that the info here is crazy valuable! So glad I came across it. Wish I had long, LONG ago!

  • 30 day money back guarantee!
  • Lifetime Access. No Limits!
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