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How to get 10,000 Views Per Month using YouTube Video SEO Content Marketing Tools and Secrets Mastery Strategy
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  • Lectures 29
  • Length 2 hours
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About This Course

Published 7/2015 English

Course Description

YouTube Video SEO Content Marketing Mastery Secrets

How to get 10,000 Views Per Month using YouTube Video SEO Content Marketing and Secrets Mastery Strategy

YouTube SEO Mastery NewsFlash

We now have almost 3,000 students enrolled in the course, which is enjoying a 5 star rating through all the reviews. 

About YouTube Video Mastery 101 - Video SEO Secrets

Sick and tired of posting to YouTube and nothing really happens? Help is at hand. YouTube SEO Mastery 101 shows you how to structure, post and rank your videos within minutes. That's right – you can post a video and have it show up on page 1 of your YouTube search keywords in as few as ten minutes! And traffic? We're experiencing as many as 1,000 views per month per video. That's 10 videos = 10,000 views a month through search, alone.

So how do we do it?

The key concept is that YouTube is an SEO system. When you understand what YouTube is looking for and you line everything up with that in mind, your video will get organic traffic. It's that simple. And if you have the right structure, your video will convert into clicks, views and comments that drive your web site. And that's what YouTube Mastery 101 will give you.

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What am I going to get from YouTube Video Mastery 101 course?

Five modules - 29 Videos with well over 2 hours of material

Module 1 – Getting Started & Key Concepts

  • What is traffic?
  • Why is it important?
  • What is YouTube? 
  • What is YouTube Video SEO?
  • How do you get found on YouTube?

Module 2 - Video Conversion Structure

  • What is the core conversion structure of an ideal YouTube video?
  • What can you do in the edit phase to get people to click?
  • What can you do to optimize your retention curve i.e. make people watch?
  • How do you structure your video for YouTube annotations?
  • How can you build your calls to action right into the video?

Module 3 - YouTube SEO Marketing Preparation

  • What are the half a dozen things you need to get ready before you post?
  • How do you hunt down the right keywords for your video?
  • How can you prep your listing for the best YouTube rank?
  • What is the secret magic trick that boosts your rankings a few hours in?
  • How can you get everything ready so that posting is quick and simply?
  • Can you show me a few examples?

Module 4 – YouTube SEO Posting Secrets

  • Now that you're prepared, how do you post?
  • What's the optimal sequence for posting?
  • Can you show me a few examples?

Module 5 - Tracking the YouTube SEO Results

  • Now that you've posted, how can you find out how well you've ranked?
  • How do you find out how much traffic you are getting?
  • How can you track your results easily over time?
  • An amazing example of ranking within 10 minutes of posting
  • An amazing example of progress in the next few hours

Module 6 – Wrapping It Up & Next Steps

  • And you're done! Well done, you. Let's bring it all together.
  • What would be some ideal next steps?
  • And, a sneak peek at YouTube Video Mastery 201 and 301 where we show you how to get to 5,000 or 10,000 people looking at each of your videos each month.

What are the requirements?

  • A computer with internet access
  • A (free) YouTube account
  • A business or idea you want to promote
  • That's it! Everything else we outsource at need

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Build massive traffic for your business, web site or project
  • Hunt down the best possible keywords to drive 1,000s of views each month
  • Create ideally structured YouTube videos in a simple, repeatable format
  • Post your videos to rank as highly as possible on YouTube (within minutes)
  • Build a truly successful YouTube channel with thousands of views, comments, clicks and optimal conversion

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who can pick up their phone, switch it to video and click 'record'!
  • Anyone who would like to build a YouTube channel with thousands of views, clicks, comments each month
  • Everyone who is frustrated by a lack of Google SEO results
  • Everyone who has had enough of lacklustre Social Media results
  • Everyone who would like to gather thousands of people every month to their business, web site or project

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Getting Started + Key Concepts

Welcome to YouTube Mastery 101!

In this video I'll introduce myself, give you a quick summary of my background and leap into an overview of our courses. We'll dive into a breakdown of this course, giving you a great sense of what's to come. Sharpen your pencils, grab some coffee and get ready to take some notes because ... it's ON.


In this video we'll go over the ground rules of the course including the golden rule; what you put in, you get out. We'll get you set up and on your way.


Aaah, traffic. We love you so. Then again - if you're new to the game, it might be worth taking a moment to explain what traffic actually is, why it's so important in general and why it's mission critical to you and your business. This video explains.


There are plenty of ways to get traffic, so why is Getting Found on YouTube (a.k.a. YouTube Search Engine Optimization) such a ridiculously good answer?

  • And how does it work?
  • And what is the iron filings model?
  • And why does it beat the stuffing out of Google SEO, which everyone seems so addicted to
Section 2: Video Structure

Here's the 411 on the Module Overview. It's an overview of this module. Cool, right?


While this is not a course about video production, in this video I give some sneaky tips and tricks we use to get it done. I talk through the kinds of equipment we use as well as where we go for great graphics, editors and staff.


OK - so let's break down the ideal YouTube video structure in detail - in this video.


Enough talking about it - let's look at an actual example of a video structured ready for YouTube.


So where do we go for amazing resources for graphics, 3D modeling, editors, creative support - everything? This video explains.

Section 3: YouTube Preparation

In this Module Overview, we give you a clear overview of the module. OK. I'm thinking you have the idea by now.


The practice of hunting keywords (a.k.a. hunting traffic) is mission critical. It allows you to build videos that people are already looking for. It's like finding a ready-made audience for your work before you've even begun. Neat, right? This video shows you how. Pay attention, now - this one is important.


It turns out that YouTube can't watch your video. People, of course, can watch your video but YouTube is just a bunch of computers running an algorithm trying to figure out your video. The transcript, then, is like giving YouTube (and Google) a massive clue written in 100 foot letters burning in the sand. This video shows you how to get it done for as little as a fiver.


Of course, you already have two thumbnails to go along with your to lovely thumbs but we're not talking about that here. Instead, we're talking about the little graphic that YouTube generates to visually summarize your video. We can do WAAAAY better than YouTube - this video shows you how. And did I mention we have some super cheap tools to make it happen?


By now you know that we're doing our best to leave as many clues as possible for YouTube's algorithm. this video lays out three more sneaky things we can do to boost our rankings before we've even begun.


Just in case you missed anything in the lectures above, I've gone back and given a completely fresh example running through the entire preparation procedure. Enjoy!

Section 4: YouTube Posting
Module Overview

Once you've completed the prep, you've actually done all the hard work. Uploading is a snap - as detailed in this video.


Once you've uploaded, you'll want to fill in the title, description and tags in a VERY specific way. We spell this CRUCIAL step out in glorious detail in this video. You may want to watch this one more than once.


BEFORE you publish your video, you need to upload your thumbnail - which we prepared before. That prep pays off here, making this process simple and quick - as shown in this video.


Next, you'll want to upload the transcript we sourced in the last module, matching the timing and making it into Closed Captions. There can be momentary delays as you do this part (waiting for YouTube to figure it out) so grab a snack. Chocolate? Coffee? Scotch? Of course, I'm assuming you're over 21.


Just in case you missed anything in what is truly a detailed, left-brained process, we've gone back and whipped up another tasty delicious example for you.

Section 5: Tracking the Results

Aha! Another module overview video giving you a sense of what's to come in this module. Or do we call them sections? It's all very confusing.


Could it be done? Are we published and live on YouTube as we speak? If you've done everything detailed in the course so far then - you bet. HOWEVER. It's all for nothing unless your video is being found by an eager audience. How do track that? In this video we jump in and generate a ranking snapshot at about the 5 minute mark.


Of course, your rankings will change over time - most likely for the better. Here we build another ranking snapshot around about two hours after posting.


What if the example I gave you above was a tricky one-off? Giving you another, separate example brings further insight.


Of course, you get a bump in YouTube SEO a few hours in. Here's a further example.

Section 6: Wrapping it Up + Next Steps

And we're done! Here's a quick summary of everything you've done so far.


Now that we're done with YouTube Mastery 101, what would be some helpful next steps? This video explains.


Care to go deeper down the YouTube Mastery rabbit hole? This video gives you a quick view of YouTube Mastery 201 and 301 which take you deeper into the game.

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Instructor Biography

Tim Levy, YouTube SEO and Content Marketing Master Strategist + Coach

Tim Levy is a Youtube SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing Master Strategist, trainer and coach. He run an strategic marketing agency out of Austin, Texas.

Tim Levy is an author, speaker, consultant and coach working with CEOs and entrepreneurs on clarity, strategy and mindset. He routinely speaks for leading organizations like Vistage International, CEOSpace International and Secret Knock. His clients consistently report transformational shifts and rapid growth in their business and personal lives. Tim's intention is to radically accelerate and enable highly purposeful CEOs and entrepreneurs in their business and personal lives.

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