Coaching From The Body - Vedic Framework For Transformation
4.3 (29 ratings)
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Coaching From The Body - Vedic Framework For Transformation

Learn, coach and explore from the inner wisdom that exists right now in your body! Guided meditations & visualizations!
4.3 (29 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,090 students enrolled
Created by Thushyanthan A
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Deepen your coaching and training skills.
  • Integrate a holistic approach with your clients.
  • Connect with your inner wisdom and the expression of your PRESENCE.
  • Relax with guided visualizations to connect you to the wisdom in your body.
  • Learn the nature of your relationship with the elements.
  • Explore and reflect through movement.
  • Deepen your understanding of yoga and your personal practice.
  • Discover new wisdom and intelligence that is always available to you.
  • Connect with your own inner purpose and intuition.
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  • The invitation is to honor yourself as a learner; bring your full presence to the material in this course.
  • Additionally, the invitation is to be gentle with yourself and learn to be grateful for the gift of your PRESENCE.

“Your body is an intelligent organism!” Learn how you can tap into that wisdom contained within your body through the lens of the Vedic Frameworks. And then apply that learning to embody it into your muscle memory.

Learn to connect to the essence of who you are. Elevate your daily practice and ritual and coach yourself to think and act in congruence with your inner being.

  • Discover your inner relationship with the elements.
  • Connect with your inner being and essence.
  • Learn to show up in PRESENCE.
  • Perceive the interactions of cycles of human experience.
  • Integrate a holistic approach with your clients.
  • Deepen your coaching practice.
  • Strengthen your emotional foundations.

Discover a framework for transformation

I want to offer you a framework, a new perspective of timeless, human wisdom through the Vedic Frameworks. This perspective may help to incorporate several concepts that you have come across in your quest for personal transformation and development.

The underlying concept is that of movement; movement through actions, movement through thoughts and the resultant expression of that movement.

On this planet, at this time, we were gifted with a body. That is our PRESENCE. How can we relate to presence? Are we aware of our presence? How can we shift?

Course Contents And Overview

This course contains over 30 lectures and 6+ hours of content! It is designed for you if you are curious about learning to coach yourself and others from the deep, inner wisdom of the human body.

I strongly believe in 3 key ideas: #1) Education - learn about what matters to you; #2) Coaching - practice and embody that learning; and #3) Leadership - show up "fully and in presence" with others.

Every section in this course is connected and invites you to embody the learning. Wrapping up each section are “Reflections and Enquiry” to help you notice what shows up in your body.

The more you can practice and apply what you learn in the sections determines the results you'll get.

Section #1 – “Introduction To Vedic Sciences” – We begin this course with an invocation for learning to help us set the stage for the unfoldment within. Then we move to inquiry about “learning” itself and identify the Vedic Frameworks in play.

Section #2 – “Guṇas, Bhūtas & Kośas” – These are the more subtle Vedic Frameworks and concepts. You are much, much more than a “9-holed bag of skin!” You are a divine being on an Earthly experience J Discover the indriyas, the organs of action and wisdom that every human being is gifted with. Learn key ideas about ritual and the sacredness of taking action. How do you connect with “ritual?”

Section #3 – “Guided Meditations and Visualizations” We get into the "good stuff" of guided meditations here. Follow along with the 10-15 minute guided meditations and allow yourself to notice. Take conscious control of your awareness and learn to dive within.

Section #4 – “Resources & Supplementary Materials - Suggested Books, Worksheets, Vocabulary” – Plenty of bonus material here including Sanskrit vocabulary and several suggested books to deepend and enhance your learning.

Course Bonuses!

I am including audio (MP3) versions of the course as a bonus to help you along your inner journey. Listen to the course while walking, or having a cup of tea. Meditations are a separate audio that you can listen at your own pace and leisure.

Take Action & Enroll

Click "Take This Course" now and make the commitment to jump straight into “Coaching From The Body” for yourself. I know the Vedic Frameworks created shifts within me and resulted in a rewarding personal and professional life.

See you on the inside and check out the preview videos to see what you'll be getting!

Wishing you much success in your journeys,


Who is the target audience?
  • If you are a life coach, leadership coach or executive coach who wants to develop competency in the often-overlooked domain of somatic learning, this course is for you.
  • This course is intended for you to explore and develop a new framework of understanding and connect it to deeper meaning and purpose in your life.
  • If you are interested in deepening your yoga and spiritual practices, this course is for you.
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Curriculum For This Course
37 Lectures
Introduction To Vedic Sciences
9 Lectures 44:19

A downloadable PDF document briefly introducing the material in this section. Sanskrit vocabulary with English meanings are included in the PDF. This will help you to follow the content of this course. The following sections are briefly mentioned:

  • Vedic culture
  • Vedas
  • Karma and dharma
  • Jyotiṣa, yoga, āyurveda defined
Introduction To Vedic Sciences - PDF Handout
2 pages

This lecture begins with an invocation from the Taittirīya Upaniṣad of the Yajurveda; it is popularly known as "Sahanaa Vavatu". The meaning of the lines are explained and harmony is sought for the learning.

Preview 02:41

Are you a scientist? Do you consider yourself to be one? This lecture asks you to take a look at how you learn. What methods of learning are easy for you? What are not? This lecture covers:

  • The scientific method
  • Becoming aware of the intelligent observer you are
  • Invitation to embody your learner by associating with your observer
Preview 05:51

If you are a yoga student, or a yoga teacher or are interested in Eastern philosophy, Hindu philosophy, or Buddhist philosophy then understanding Sanskrit is a great assistance.

Sanskrit Words And Terminology

The Vedas are a collection of four companion scriptures of roughly 20,000 Sanskrit verses. The oldest portions of the Vedas have been dated to- between 6- to 8,000 years old. The Vedas are the foundation of the Upaniṣads and the source of the Vedānta. Both have dominated Indian and Vedic thought for thousands of years.

  • 4 Vedas
  • Upaniṣads
  • Vedāṅgas
The Vedas

The Vedic Sciences unfold from the Vedas and are illumined from the first of the Vedāṅgas, jyotiṣa. Essentially, the Vedic Sciences are healing systems. Yoga is a healing system and it's companion science of āyurveda is also a healing system. Together these are the Indian, the Hindu holistic health systems.

  • Jyotiṣa
  • Yoga
  • Āyurveda
Vedic Sciences - Holistic Healing Systems

If you have attended any yoga classes, you may have come across the terms, "Sanātana Dharma," "Hinduism" and the "Vedas." Learning about the Vedic Sciences and how you can learn from your body requires an in-depth understanding of the Sanātana Dharma.

  • Sanātana Dharma
  • 4 Denominations of Hinduism
  • Śaivism, Śāktism, Vaiṣṇavism, Smartism
  • Common beliefs
Sanātana Dharma

The Vedas have two concepts: that of dharma and that of karma. Karma is the expression of dharma in an individual's life. In the highest sense, karma is a law similar to the law of gravity and is a natural law of the mind. Karma and dharma are two concepts that allow for the cycle of birth, death and rebirth to take place.

  • Karma is a law of the mind
  • Learning, growth and soul evolution through experience
  • Actions and their concomitant reactions
Karma - Law Of The Mind

Summarizing the section and the framework of the Vedic Sciences. The premise of this course is that each of us has ONLY this body to experience and learn. This is what is available to each of us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Bring pen and paper to this lecture and write down any observations you make from the several questions in this lecture...

  • How do you make use of your body?
  • How aware are you of your body?
  • How will you show up in conversations with other human beings?
Preview 06:25
Guṇas, Bhūtas & Kośas
8 Lectures 40:37

A downloadable PDF document that explores deeper into the Vedic Sciences. Sanskrit vocabulary with English meanings are included in the PDF.

  • Guṇas
  • Bhūtas
  • Kośas
  • Yajñas
Guṇas, Bhūtas & Kośas - PDF Handout
2 pages

Once you've watched the lectures, the invitation is to take a moment or several, or days even, and reflect upon the material, the learning you are engaged in and the kind of learner you are.

  • How do you learn?
  • What kind of learner are you?

You are welcome to share feedback in the community and to keep track by taking notes. Keeping track of stuff--that really works for me. And perhaps it may work for you as well!


The Sanskrit word “guṇa” means “that which binds.” There are three guṇas and they all inter-relate and inter-twine with each other.

  • Tamas
  • Rajas
  • Sattva

It's not just things of form and structure that are made up of guṇas. Our thoughts also can be classified as predominantly one guṇa or another. What are the energetic qualities of your thoughts?

Preview 08:08

In this video I want to share a little bit about the five great elements that are common in the Vedic Sciences. In fact, they are the foundational principles of the healing systems of jyotiṣa, yoga and āyurveda. The elements are described in a certain order. Beginning with the most dense element to the most refined we have:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Space / ether / ākāśa

Which is the most important element? Watch this lecture to find out!

5 Bhūtas

Within the Vedic Sciences each of the elements has two organs. In Sanskrit, they are called “indriyas.” The first indriya is the “jñāna indriya” which of the “organ of wisdom” and that corresponds to one of the physical senses. The second indriya is the “karma indriya” which is the “organ of action.” It corresponds to a physical expression of the body such as the hands or feet.

Bhūtas & Indriyas

The kośas are sheaths which cover up our self-effulgent being. These sheaths are related to the elements, to the guṇas and to the diverse forms and beings in the world. The 5 kośas are:

  • "Food-made" sheath
  • "Vital" sheath
  • "Instinctive-Intellectual" sheath
  • "Cognitive-Intellectual" sheath
  • "Bliss-Consciousness" sheath

What I am coming to understand now is that ritual is connection. It connects us to other people and to the things we surround ourselves with. Ritual is how we connect with the world. The invitation is to approach this lecture with an open mind, a pen and paper; there are several questions in this lecture including:

  • What are your daily rituals?
  • What is your relationship with ritual?
  • And more...
Preview 03:07

This second section was about setting the context for a deeper level of learning and summarizes the building blocks of the Vedic Sciences:

  • Guṇas (qualities of nature)
  • Bhūtas (elements)
  • Kośas (energetic sheaths)

Bring pen and paper to this lecture and write down any observations you make from the several questions in this lecture...

  • How do you see yourself deepening your conversations with this knowledge?
  • How are you able to connect with yourself and others in conversation?
  • What patterns do you want to create?
  • And more...
Reflections & Enquiry
Guided Meditations and Visualizations
9 Lectures 01:17:16

I’m going to introduce you to meditation through a series of guided meditations and visualizations based on the elements you learnt about in the previous section. There are five guided meditations and visualizations for each of the elements of:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Space
Introduction To This Section

Meditation is like a fine art likened to a long journey, a pilgrimage into the mind. In classical yoga, meditation is the seventh step of eight steps and is built on a framework and foundation of Vedic principles. The process of meditation is an natural unfoldment of the individual striving to permanently altering established patterns of understanding. This is why a spiritual preceptor is needed to gently guide the individual.

Meditation - An 8-Fold Path

This video will introduce the ways to prepare awareness so that you can consciously direct it into attention and concentration. Practising and perfecting these two will naturally lead to awareness moving into a state of meditation.

Preview 03:38

The element of earth is related to the bones in your body, to the support structure, the skeletal structure. It is what gives form, rigidity, structure. "And now bring your awareness to your breath. Don't do anything just yet. Don't deepen, don't lengthen. Just notice your breath...."

Enjoy this short guided meditation and visualization to bring alive the element of earth.

Preview 14:53

The element of water is related to the emotions which is the transportation system for your mind. Enjoy this short guided meditation and visualization to bring alive the element of water.

WATER - Guided Meditation and Visualizations

Fire is about digestion. It's about absorbing, immersing, feeling and moving, fulfilling desire. Fire consumes. Enjoy this short guided meditation and visualization to bring alive the element of fire.

FIRE - Guided Meditation and Visualizations

The element of air is related to the sense of touch. It is related to the organ of your skin. The organ of action of the element of air are your hands. Air is related to thoughts and the quality of your intellectual mind. Enjoy this short guided meditation and visualization to bring alive the element of air.

AIR - Guided Meditation and Visualizations

Your awareness is so small and yet so big. You can instantly perceive the totality of your whole body and the totality of a drop of water. This is the quality of space. This is the power of space. This is what is around you. Enjoy this short guided meditation and visualization to bring alive the element of space.

SPACE - Guided Meditation and Visualizations

In previous videos, I posted some questions for you. I'd like to invite you to reflect on what you learnt about yourself during these guided meditations and visualizations.In my experience, when we learn, we change. So where is the learning showing up for you?

Reflections & Enquiry
Resources & Supplementary Materials - Suggested Books, Worksheets, Vocabulary
6 Lectures 10:28

123 Sanskrit terms to help you along with your meditations. Each of these terms has ITRANS spellings, transliterations with diacritics and appropriate definitions for use in this course. Knowledge of Sanskrit is not necessary but will greatly aid your understanding and comprehension of the Vedic Frameworks and underlying principles in this course.

[PDF] Sanskrit-English Vocabulary - 123 Sanskrit Words & Definitions
10 pages

There are several books that I can recommend about the Vedic Sciences because it is such an interesting subject for me. However, here are a few that may help you get started.

Suggested Books To Deepen Studies

Here are a list of a few books that will help you to deepen your understanding of the Vedic Sciences. These books will help to develop the frameworks that were elaborated on in this course.

List Of Book Resources

[TRANSCRIPT] Section 1 - Introduction To Vedic Sciences
26 pages

[TRANSCRIPT] Section 2 - Guṇas, Bhūtas & Kośas
23 pages

[TRANSCRIPT] Section 3 - Guided Meditations and Visualizations
26 pages
[MP3] Downloadable AUDIO Lectures
3 Lectures 02:43:47
[MP3] Section 1 - Introduction To Vedic Sciences

[MP3] Section 2 - Guṇas, Bhūtas & Kośas - MP3

[MP3] Section 3 - Guided Meditations and Visualizations
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2 Lectures 02:02

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