4.2 (30 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
968 students enrolled
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A 7-day course to give you natural, effective, and fast techniques to help you sleep amazingly well--starting tonight!
4.2 (30 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
968 students enrolled
Last updated 12/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • Sleep is the only time your brain and body completely heals. Without it, you're at risk for disease, fatigue, and even weight gain.
  • Learn why your bedroom can be blocking you from getting to sleep and how to fix it
  • Discover how your diet can keep you wide awake at night and what to do about it!
  • Find out why the way you think can be your biggest sleep enemy--and make it your best friend!
  • Get 7 days of fresh, effective sleeping tools to get you back in control of your sleep schedule, heal your body and mind, wake up refreshed!
  • Sadie leads you through a Bedtime Yoga Practice you can do every night IN bed, to ensure you get to sleep more fully.
  • Gain breathing techniques that instantly calm and soothe the body and brain
  • Get Sadie's Signature Sleep Meditations that she personally uses to sleep deeply
  • You'll learn a Daytime Yoga Sequence with Sadie, a renowned worldwide yoga instructor, to get you toned and fit, and also helps you to sleep faster at night!
  • See why your relationships keep you from sleeping, and how you can remedy this without losing those you love!
  • Sadie reveals many more tips and tools for you to keep forever to finally master your ability to get to sleep, deeply, quickly, every time, without drugs, without other unhealthy crutches, and in a way you can direct--anywhere, any time.
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  • You'll need a journal, and the willingness to do some simple tasks on your own behalf this week!

Do you know that your bedroom could be blocking you from sleeping well?

Or that what you eat and drink can jolt you awake at 4 am, or ruin your deep sleep?

Are you over wondering if you'll sleep, when, how well every night? Wouldn't you like to know for SURE that you'll sleep like a dream tonight--and every night?

And, finally--are you sick and tired of feeling, well, tired all the time? I sure was.

Do you know that sleep is the ONLY time your brain and body can fully repair? And are you sleeping enough to prevent disease, make your fitness efforts count, and wake up feeling bright and alive and ready to handle all your decisions and responsibilities?

If not, then this course can totally turn all of this around--in just ONE WEEK! Plus, did I mention? You're going to have so much fun doing it with me?

I used to sleep terribly, and I got all the crushing tiredness, lack of focus, irritability and physical decline that goes along with it. I looked old, I felt old.

Then I took my years of yoga, meditation and feng shui expertise, and created a simple, uber-effective, 7 Day Process to get anyone to sleep fast, deeply and easily.

Thousands of my clients have done the same, and I'm about to save you, like them, so much time and money and potential illness by giving you what should be priceless --but what I'm going to give you is only $59. That's less than the cost of one good meal, to sleep great for a lifetime.

Grab it, and learn how to have excellent sleep, whenever you choose--without drugs, tons of time or energy.

Let's do this! It doesn't get any easier or work any better than this.


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who has trouble sleeping or who has chronic insomnia
  • Those who want to know how to manage their sleeping so it's the best possible quality, leading to healing, more energy, less weight gain and greater focus all day long!
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Curriculum For This Course
9 Lectures
DAY 1: Feng Shui Your Sleep!
1 Lecture 07:03

You're about to learn what the ancient masters of energy flow say about your space and sleep!


  • Clear Out: Clutter, Dirt, Old Energy Items (a bunch of old letters from your disliked exes under the bed).
  • Remove your work space from your sleep space.
  • Organize secret spaces--no shoving clutter into drawers and closets. Clean those, too!
  • Calming Feng Shui colors for the bedroom: blue, purple, rose, white, violet, silver.
Preview 07:03
DAY 2: Creating Your Best Sleep Ritual
1 Lecture 06:05

Now you've cleared out, put back in what will best support your sleeping space.


  • Bring in comfortable bedding
  • Add candles, low lights, Himalayan salt rock lamps for negative ions
  • Have music or sleep meditations on tape
  • Read books--not electronic devices in the bedroom
  • Keep a notepad by the bed in case of inspirations or To Do lists that you want out of your head.
  • What are your sleep rituals? Book-bath-yoga-breathing-meditation-sleep? Know what you must make time for, and then do it, each night, no exceptions. Sleep is everything. Make yours a priority.
Preview 06:05
DAY 3: Bedtime Breath Techniques
1 Lecture 10:24

Sadie teaches you 2 of her favorite breathing techniques to calm your brain and central nervous system, quickly, and therefore, make falling sleep much easier.


  • Double-Down Breathing:
    • Inhale -PAUSE- then exhale twice as long. PAUSE.
    • ex: inhale for 3, pause until you feel like exhaling for 6.
    • Continue for 2 minutes.
    • No stress. The count doesn't have to be perfect.
    • Allow yourself to relax away stress with each exhale.
    • Each inhale, don't breathe up into the chest but keep the ribs still and instead, relax the belly and let it gently fill with more 'breath'.
  • Alternate-Nostril breathing:
    • Block off the right nostril, and inhale-exhale through the left.
    • Switch sides.
    • Continue for 2 minutes
    • Inhale-exhale through one nostril, then switch sides.
    • Breathe downward into a relaxed belly, not upward into the chest.
Bedtime Breath Video Instruction with Sadie
DAY 4: Bedtime Yoga Practice
2 Lectures 19:28

Be led through an in-bed yoga sequence designed to work out excess tensions, detox you & get you to sleep.


  • Wear your sleep clothes.
  • Have a bolster or stack of pillows handy
  • Breathe slowly and gently as needed through the nose into the belly during this sequence.
Bedtime Yoga Practice Intro Video with Sadie

A yoga practice, done in bed, great before sleeping!

Bedtime Yoga Practice
DAY 5: 2 Sleep Meditations
1 Lecture 07:06

Join Sadie for her favorite meditation ideas that you can use as part of your new Sleep Ritual!


  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Breathe easily and naturally but through the nose as you meditate.
  • Lie down if you wish, or stay in a comfortable sitting position.
  • Best done immediately after the Bedtime Yoga Practice and Breath Techniques.
Sleep Meditation Video with Sadie
DAY 6: Deny Drama
1 Lecture 08:06

See how Sadie Denies Drama in her own life, and how you can use this crucial tool to remove sleep-busting stress from yours!


  • Discussion about Drama
  • Clear space in your life from toxic people no matter what
  • Make your health and well-being more important than drama
  • Do your own work internally to ensure you are not defaulting to the rush of drama as a way to keep from taking adult responsibility for your own actions...and interactions with others.
Deny Drama Video with Sadie
DAY 7: Finding Your Soul Fuel Stops
1 Lecture 06:28

Join Sadie in the bathtub for a final inspiration about living the Sleep-tastic Lifestyle.


  • Sleep comes more easily to a full, vital, satisfied and centered person.
  • Look for Soul Fuel Stops all around you, throughout your day.
  • Take every opportunity to breathe, nourish and inspire yourself.
  • If you don't...who will?
Soul Fuel Video with Sadie
Full Daytime Yoga Workout with Sadie
1 Lecture 59:43

This is a great sequence to do as part of your workout routine.


  • Sadie designed this sequence to tone body and mind
  • The moves will detox you fully
  • You'll squeeze out excess muscle tension, and avoid that restless-leg and body feeling at night
  • Stretching keeps your mind and system calmer, studies show
  • Working out releases endorphins and serotonin, which both help keep you happier, more centered and grounded, and more drama free all day and night long.
  • Do this sequence, or 30 minutes of Sadie's Yoga on YouTube at lease 3 times a week for best results.
  • Enjoy!
Daytime stress-relieving yoga sequence!
About the Instructor
Sadie Nardini, Founder, Yoga Shred & E-RYT 300
4.5 Average rating
1,608 Reviews
24,011 Students
17 Courses
World-Renowned Authenticity, Anatomy and Yoga-Fitness Pro!

Sadie is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, and The Yoga Shred, a powerful mix of anatomy-based yoga and fitness movements that gives you twice the benefits from any workout with her--in less time!  

She travels internationally bringing a real-world mix of eastern and western techniques to her yoga and lifestyle teachings. Yoga Journal calls her a “star instructor” for her ability to inspire real transformation in body mind and heart.

Her TV show, 'Rock Your Yoga' is playing across the USA and Internationally on the new Veria Living Network.

Sadie's 20 years of study in the yogic arts, energetics, eastern and western philosophy, nutrition, anatomy and Ninja training, attract students of all styles seeking to draw the powerful energy of Center into their yoga practice and their lives. 

Sadie’s signature Core Poses amplify the benefits of any practice, as she directs her students to access and express themselves from that deep connection.

Her fierce personality, accessible teaching style, down-to-earth yoga tips and centered-living tools are regularly covered by the national media including Elle, Glamour, Self, the New York Times, CNN, Yoga Journal. She’s a regular blogger and columnist for national magazines like Yoga Journal, Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Magazine, the Huffington Post and the Elephant Journal. 

Sadie is also the author of the life-shifting books, the 21-Day Yoga Body (Random House, 2014) and “The Road Trip Guide to the Soul” (Wiley, 2008).

Sadie is a prolific presence online with free videos on her You Tube channel, 19 million views and hundreds of thousands of regular subscribers, as well as millions of fans on Facebook. 

She lives in Los Angeles.