Yoga for Men: 8 Workouts to Build Strength and Flexibility
4.3 (10 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
85 students enrolled
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Yoga for Men: 8 Workouts to Build Strength and Flexibility

Easy to Follow Complete Yoga Program to Improve Your Performance on Every Level.
4.3 (10 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
85 students enrolled
Created by Sean Vigue
Last updated 10/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Practice and perform over 40 yoga poses
  • Do stretches and flows with proper breathing
  • Build strength and flexibility through proper form and control
  • Build endurance and power through 8 full workouts
  • Be able to continue your yoga practice after this course with confidence and strength
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  • All you need is a yoga mat, comfortable clothing and a place to practice and you can do these routines anywhere and anytime. No weights, machines or gym of any kind is required - only your bodyweight.

This course is for men of any age and fitness level who wants to increase their strength, flexibility and overall fitness level in every sport and activity. Yoga has long been associated mainly with women and it's time for men to discover how convenient yoga can be as a stand alone workout or by adding it into your current fitness routines. All you need is a yoga mat, comfortable clothes and a place to practice - no weights, machines or gym is required. The course is designed to take 8 days with a new routine each day but you may also take a day or two off depending if your body needs to rest - it's up to you. There are 8 full length yoga routines in this course which become progressively more challenging each day so your body has time to adapt and radically improve. The goal is that after 8 days you'll have first hand experience in the following yoga styles: beginner, standing, balance, core, power yoga, total body flow and deep stretching. You'll build strength, flexibility, balance and control after each routine and be able to continue your yoga practice with confidence in any yoga class and into any yoga based video. I've worked with millions of guys in my live classes and via my yoga videos - why not you?

Who is the target audience?
  • Men of all ages and fitness levels who want to improve their physical and mental performance in every sport, activity and movement. This course if probably not for you if you're not interested in building flexibility, strength, control and power. Always check with your doctor before beginning a new workout routine.
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Curriculum For This Course
9 Lectures
Introduction to Yoga for Men and beginner yoga routine
2 Lectures 18:19

Gentlemen, my name is Sean and I'm looking forward to our Yoga for Men series. It's a pleasure to introduce you to one of the most effective forms of movement on the planet and to show why men need yoga even more than women. Check out this introduction video to learn what this program is all about and all the fun we're going to have building a fitter, stronger and more focused YOU. I'm excited for us to share and practice yoga together!

There's a reason more and more professional athletes such as LeBron James, Victor Cruz, Ray Lewis, Russell Wilson, Shaquille O'Neal, Kevin Love, the New York Giants, the Miami Dolphins, the Seattle Seahawks and many many more practice yoga regularly - it improves your physical and mental performance on every level. You'll hear me say that a lot through this course but it's TRUE. Ok, hit play. It's time to begin.

Preview 04:20

This easy to follow, gentle yoga for men routine is for the total beginner that desires to enter the exciting world of yoga. There is nothing intimidating or potentially off putting about this routine (chanting, singing and "om-ing") so we can focus immediately on diving into the yoga poses. You will learn proper breathing, form, focus and posture as well as many of the classic yoga poses including side bend, forward fold, downward facing dog and more. This flow (like every routine in this course) will build flexibility, strength, control, endurance and release your body of toxins. We'll also build that strong mind/body connection for men that is essential for improved performance in every sport and activity.

Preview 13:59
Standing and Balance Yoga for Men Routines
2 Lectures 30:13

Gentlemen, get ready to plant your feet on the ground (or yoga mat) and start building strength in your muscles, bones and mind. This video covers many powerful standing poses including lunges, warriors, triangles and chairs. These uniquely named poses/postures may sound strange but after practicing them you'll wonder how you ever lived without them. You will find that hidden power within and cement your focus and stability. But as always these are just words. As Hamlet famously stated, "Words, words, words". Press play on the video and let's get moving, my friend!

Standing Yoga for Men Routine

This routine is all about balance and how you'll achieve it by combining your body and mind together into a single entity. You will learn many of the most popular yoga balance poses - tree, dancer, warrior 3, star and more - and discover how to activate your core and leg muscles, breath and mind together to find your strong center. Balance poses are deceptively difficult because while they don't "move" much they require a lot of leg strength and flexibility training with the ability to calm and maximize your focus. Don't worry if your standing leg is a little shaky - in my live classes I call that building character! Also the shaking of the body implies the muscles are being very challenged and close to fatigue. They will come back stronger and more resilient next time and every time.

Balance Yoga for Men Routine
Yoga for Men Core Routine
1 Lecture 21:18

Your core (abdominals, lower back, hips, gluteus) are the center of your strength. A healthy core supports your spine, provides balance and stability and improves your performance of every activity no matter how big or small. Think of your core as the central connecting point between your upper and lower body so when it's strong and balanced you smooth out your weaknesses. In my experience many men train only their abdominal muscles while leaving out the rest which creates a severe strength imbalance that works it's way into many other muscles. We don't want that.

Yoga is a very effective program to work and develop your core while building total body strength and flexibility at the same time. Why just focus on "core only" exercises when you can treat yourself to a complete workout and walk away feeling taller and in much better control of your body? Your core will thank you for doing this routine.

Yoga for Men Core Routine
Yoga for Men - Power Yoga Beginner and Full Power Yoga Routines
4 Lectures 01:26:36

Ah, Power Yoga! Power Yoga for Men has arrived. I've written books, taught thousands of classes and filmed hundreds of videos featuring this uniquely western version of yoga. Here's where we really begin to embrace the "flow" of yoga with this more athletic and fat burning version of yoga. Don't worry, this easy to follow beginner Power Yoga routine will ease you into the practice - like sinking into a warm bath - and have you flowing from one pose to the next with ease. Don't be afraid to pause the video and practice these sequences before moving further. This is YOUR program.

Power Yoga will teach your body to move in new ways with efficiency and focus. It is a fantastic way to combine the physical, mental and physical aspects of yoga into a vigorous workout. I always use the word "vigorous" when describing Power Yoga because it can move quickly and raise your heart rate after just a few minutes of practice.

Well, enough talk - it's time to move. Practice this routine and move onto the Full Power Yoga routine when you feel ready.

Yoga for Men - Beginner Power Yoga Routine

Ok, it's time. Make sure you're hydrated and had a good nights sleep because this one really moves and shakes. In true Power Yoga fashion we'll be flowing from one pose to the next with minimal rest in between to maximize muscle engagement, calorie burning, rhythm, stamina and lean muscle mass creation. You'll be flowing through down dogs, lunges, warriors etc with ease. Of course you'll be feeling and experiencing a lot more feelings and emotions as you go but that's for you to discover. Embrace this routine and make it a constant presence in your life.

Practice this routine. Practice and study it. Modify as you need to and pause when you must. Once you master this routine everything other activity will be that much simpler and controlled. Let's reshape our body as well as our mind!

PS - I love combining Power Yoga with strength training. Once you become proficient with this routine you may add these flows in between your weight training sets. It's a monster combo of strength training and total body power and flexibility training. Trust me on that.

Yoga for Men - Full Power Yoga Routine

It's time for your comprehensive course review! This routine combines most of the poses, flows and sequences we've done so far. My goal is for you to have a solid grasp on the various yoga styles in this series so you may continue to practice these routines and to move onto new classes and videos (hopefully mine) with confidence, control and precision. Feel free to repeat this routine (and all the others) when you come to the end...if you still have some energy left over.

With every pose you practice your knowledge and understanding of yoga increases. And, the more poses you have under your belt the more yoga becomes an essential part of your daily routine. Remember: yoga fits so effortlessly into any other fitness routine from weight lifting to cycling...from football/soccer to rick climbing. I can't say it enough how yoga improves overall physical and mental performance in every sport and activity. Ok, I'll be quiet now and let you hit play.

The Official Yoga for Men Routine

The benefits of regular stretching for men are legendary including: increased flexibility and joint range of motion, improved blood circulation, better posture, releasing the mind, more body control, deeper sleep and dramatic stress relief. I've included this routine as a stand alone routine to the course or to do after any of the previous flows. At around 30 minutes it's the longest video in this series and one that can be done everyday at your convenience. My clients always respond positively to deep stretches and achieve the greatest increase in their flexibility and performance by staying consistent.

It's been an absolute pleasure, my friend. I hope you stay dedicated to your yoga practice and stay in touch so we'll continue working out together. Please share these routines with your workout buddies so you may all do them together. Don't keep it a secret. And, practice. Practice makes perfect.

Deep Stretch Yoga for Men Routine
About the Instructor
Sean Vigue
4.3 Average rating
10 Reviews
85 Students
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Yoga and Pilates/Core Fitness Instructor at Udemy

Sean, along with his brand Sean Vigue Fitness, is Colorado’s premier Yoga and Pilates instructor and was recently named one of the "Top 50 Workout Resources" by The Huffington Post. He is the author of "Power Yoga for Athletes" from Fair Winds Press, "Pilates for Men", "30 Days of Planks" and "30 Days of Flexibility Training". He is the creator of Pilates Style magazine's “Best Male Workout of 2011” for his original "Pilates for Men" DVD. Sean is pleased to be the official guest Instructor for YouTube giant HASfit. In his former life he worked for 13+ years worldwide as a professional singer/actor/dancer, trained as an opera singer and is a member of the Actor’s Equity Association. He's been known to sing opera arias while doing Planks and Burpees.

Recently featured in Yoga Digest, Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Ultra Running magazine, Lifestyle for Men magazine, Curious, Fox News, Pilates Style magazine, The Denver Post, Fit Bottomed Girls, The Broadway Blog, and much more!

Sean has had the honor of teaching over 6000 live Yoga, Pilates, Power Yoga, Cardio, Boot Camp and Spinning classes and personal trains single clients and small groups...and keep an eye out for him as Juliette Binoche's Pilates instructor in the movie, "Elles".

Sean Vigue Fitness is a StyleHaul partner and is honored to be the Most Watched Yoga & Pilates Guy on the the Planet!