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About This Course

Published 5/2015 English

Course Description

Empowered Mastery's Chris Berlow, Paul Melella, Nick Palumbo and Rick Wollman share their passion using a proven step-by-step process in this powerful On Demand Program. Using the experience they gained from successful careers in Finance, Sales, Marketing and Martial Arts, they don't just talk about TRANSFORMATION, they are the only ones to put it in a trademarked Doctrine. What makes this program uncommon is the authors' willingness to share their failures to help others develop the confidence that they too could succeed. Their belief is, "If we could do it, so can you!"

Expected Results:

  • Implement powerful and unique concepts to think uncommonly
  • Confront what's really holding you back from getting the results you deserve
  • Empowered Mastery's 8 simple words that have transformed the lives of many successful professionals
  • Learn the Creative Process: an incredible tool that successful entrepreneurs and visionaries constantly use
  • Discover and live through your Worthy Ideal: When doing so you will live a life filled with passion and purpose

What are the requirements?

  • Numerous personalized exercises you can apply to overcome challenges are included
  • You'll be able to Create your own personalized Life Alignment Blueprint™
  • Students will need to download the workbook at the beginning of the program and fill out with each appropriate chapter
  • All Exercises and instructions will be referenced in the lessons
  • Students will also need to download and fill in their own personal LAB Report which will be a culmination of all the work accomplished in the program
  • The lessons will include hard hitting questions to enable students to look introspectively to help students get the most out of the program

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Implement powerful and unique concepts to think uncommonly
  • Confront what’s really holding you back from getting the results you deserve
  • 8 simple words that have transformed the lives of many successful professionals
  • Learn the Creative Process: an incredible tool that successful entrepreneurs and visionaries constantly use
  • You will be impacted and inspired. You will see a positive change in your self-image, outlook and attitude.
  • You will improve and simply be better. You will discover or rediscover your true passion and purpose.
  • Implement powerful and unique concepts to think uncommonly

Who is the target audience?

  • No matter who you are, blue collar, white collar, stay at home mom, this program will have a positive impact on all areas of your life.
  • No matter what your challenges are, you will be able to utilize the tools we teach you to overcome them
  • No matter what you want to accomplish, this course will help you.

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Section 1: Introduction to the TRANSFORMATION Doctrine

Welcome to You Have Infinite Power on Demand. This is an interactive course to help you get the results you are looking for. Please download the workbook and utilize throughout the online course.

Section 2: Transformation: Thought

Author Rick Wollman takes you through the first part of the Letter "T" in the TRANSFORMATION Process. In this chapter you will learn the Eight words that will literally change your life! Students will also engage in the stickman exercise as they learn how their mind works.


Part Two of the letter "T" for thought in the TRANSFORMATION Process will dive deeper into the stickman as well as learning about Empowered Mastery's Success Formula. This lecture will also include lesson one in the workbook that will need to be completed to move forward.

Section 3: tRansformation: Replacing Emotional Scars

We all have emotional scars that we have lived with for many years. These scars are Paralyzing Paradigms that prevent us from achieving the results we want. In the next two lessons you will learn what a Paralyzing Paradigm is, discover your own paralyzing paradigms and create empowering paradigm statements to help you gain back control of your thoughts.


A continuation of Replacing Emotional Scars. The letter "R" in TRANSFORMATION where students will learn about the "Power of Five". Students will partake in an exercise creating their "Power Paradigms" that will be the first tools to reconditioning their subconscious mind.

Section 4: trAnsformation: Awareness

Letter "A" in TRANSFORMATION is Awareness. In the next two lectures you will learn about the different levels of awareness and identify what level you are currently one. The Awareness chapter will also take students through the "Worthy Ideal" Process where students will discover the true meaning of "Why" they do what they do.


Part Two of the letter "A" in TRANSFORMATION, Awareness. Students will engage in one of the most powerful processes of the program to discover their "Worthy Ideal". At the end of this lecture, students will also partake in writing their eulogy which really solidify's why they do what they do.

Section 5: traNsformation: Never Give Up

Letter "N" in the TRANSFORMATION Process is Never Give Up. There are two elements that everyone must have to achieve the "Never give up" mindset. That is Will and Burning Desire. In this lesson, students will learn about these two crucial elements and how to apply them to their lives.

Section 6: tranSformation: Self-Image

"S' for Self Image, the fifth step in the TRANSFORMATION Process. In this chapter, Author Nick Palumbo takes you through some hard hitting questions about how you look at yourself. Students must be true to themselves as they go through this chapter. Truth is, if you have a strong Self Image, you could accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Section 7: transFormation: Focus

Author Paul Melella takes students through the Focus Chapter, letter "F' in the TRANSFORMATION Process. In this chapter, students will learn some positive tools to keep their mind sharp and positive. This is also a crucial step in the four step LAB Report where they students will identify the core four areas of live they need to focus on to achive harmony and balance in their lives.


Part two of the Focus chapter in the TRANSFORMATION Process will take students through discovering their "Core Four" areas of life that they need to focus on to achieve success in their lives. Students will also create action steps for the specific areas they will focus on. Again, this is an interactive exercise so please refer to the workbook pages accompanied with the program.

Section 8: transfOrmation: Opportunity

Opportunity is the next step in the TRANSFORMATION Process. In this chapter, students will learn how to eliminate the word "Problem" from their vocabulary. They will also learn how to take any so called "Problem" and turn it into a "Challenge" which the most successful people could turn into an "Opportunity".

Section 9: transfoRmation: Realization

"R" for Realization, another step in the LAB Report and the 8th step in the TRANSFORMATION Process. In this powerful lecture, students will learn how to create their "Life Purpose" statement which is a crucial step in completing the Life Alignment Blueprint. Students will focus on who they need to "Be" so they could "Do" what they love to do and "Have" the things in life that they will make them happy.

Section 10: transforMation: Meditation

Author Chris Berlow takes the students through the letter "M" for Meditation of the TRANSFORMATION Process. In the next three lectures, students will learn what Meditation is (or isn't), the benefits of meditation and learn how to meditate effectively. Students may also come to realize that they have been experiencing the benefits of meditation and didn't even know it. Watch these lectures in a quite room with no distraction to get the full benefit.


Part two of Meditation, the 9th step in the TRANSFORMATION Process will show students how to perform sitting meditation in an easy manor which even if you have never practiced meditation, students will succeed.


This lecture includes a guided meditation for you to practice. Again, be sure to do this lecture in a quite distraction free location. Students could also download the meditation music to use at their leisure.Downloadable meditation audio track is available.

Section 11: transforamAtion: Attitude

The tenth step in the TRANSFORMATION Process is the letter "A" for Attitude. In the next two lectures, students will be taken through numerous exercises to reinforce what it means to have a positive attitude. Be sure to complete all exercises as you go through this lecture including a very powerful story to show you the power of positivity and an assessment of your positive and negative emotions.


Part two of the letter "A" for Attitude in the TRANSFORMATION Process takes students through utilizing memorable moments to overcome a challenging day, a pre-game warm up to ensure success as well as a very powerful gratitude exercise.

Section 12: transforamaTion: Track Your Goals

The Eleventh step in the TRANSFORMATION Process is the letter "T" for Track your goals. In the next two lectures, students will go through a very powerful goal setting process that not only helps you create the goals, but align the goals with your Worthy Ideal so the goals will stick. A goal without purpose is just a wish, a goal connected with a reason is as good as accomplished.


Part two in the letter "T" in the TRANSFORMATION Process, Track your goals. Students will take their top five goals and align them with their Core Four areas of life and their Worthy Ideal. This process ensures that goals will be met because they have a stronger meaning.

Section 13: transforamatIon: Imagination

"I" for Imagination is the 12th step in the TRANSFORMATION Process. In this lecture, students will learn about the Creative Process, a powerful tool to tap into your imagination and turn your dreams into reality. This lecture will also include some very powerful audio's to help the students pain the picture of what if they do and what if they don't.


Part one of a very powerful audio to utilize your imagination to achieve a life you only dreamed of. You can download the audio track to listen and be inspired anywhere. Students will look introspectively in this guided meditation where they will utilize their imagination in looking to the future if they do not make the necessary changes.


Part two of a very powerful audio to utilize your imagination to achieve a life you only dreamed of. This is the section where you get to go back and start over to envision your life with the improvements you want to make to pain the picture of your ultimate life.

Section 14: transforamatiOn: Organized Planning

Letter "O" of the TRANSFORMATION Process is Organized Planning. Now that students have successfully completed twelve chapters, what now? Students will go through a re-cap of all twelve previous chapters. Lecture one will start with a reflection of the top ten benefits that students has received from the online program, re-cap thought, replacing emotional scars and raising up their level of awareness.


Lecture two of letter "O" of the TRANSFORMATION Process, Organized Planning will dive into the Worthy Ideal Process in the Awareness chapter, Never Give Up, Focus on their Core Four Areas of Life finishing up with Opportunity.


Part three of the letter "O" of the TRANSFORMATION Process, Organized Planning takes you through Realization and reviewing the Life Purpose Statement, Meditation, Attitude, Track your goals and Imagination.

Section 15: transforamatioN: New You

Letter "N" in the TRANSFORMATION Process, The NEW YOU! In this lecture, students will learn conditioning for success exercises that they could do daily to keep the YHIP principals alive and well in their lives. It is Empowered Mastery's goal that students get a permanent benefit, not short term. This chapter is devoted to giving the students the tools to "Stick" with it.

Section 16: Conclusion

Congratulations! You have successfully completed all the steps in the TRANSFORMATION Process. Now, your next action step is to download the LAB (Life Alignment Blueprint) Report, print it out, fill it out and keep it as a constant reminder of accomplishments in this course. Again, congratulations on a job well done and always remember, YOU HAVE INFINITE POWER!

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Instructor Biography

Empowered Mastery, Your Life Our Passion One Purpose

Empowered Mastery was created by four successful entrepreneurs. Chris Berlow and Paul Melella are successful Martial Arts Professionals and co-owners of a Martial Arts Franchise. Nick Palumbo is an owner of a successful Financial Services Company and is a true leader and inspiration in his industry. Rick Wollman had the fortunate ability to retire at the young age of 39 years old. The only challenge is that although he experienced financial success, he wasn't happy. It is through applying the concepts that Empowered Mastery teaches where Rick found true happiness.

Fortune has it that the four of them came together and formed Empowered Mastery. They brought their unique talents, successful business experiences and a healthy and vital lifestyle together for one common vision; their Worthy Ideal to impact and inspire professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve ULTIMATE success personally, professionally, spiritually and physically so they can live a life full of passion and purpose.

How they do this is through their Life's Purpose. By being the best leaders, teachers and coaches they can be for their family, friends and clients. They will do this by incorporating all aspects of Empowered Mastery's principles and philosophies into all aspects of their daily lives. Everything they do each and every day is to work together with you to achieve this same purpose.

Their goal/what they do, is to continue to create innovative uncommon coaching programs for professionals and entrepreneurs.

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