Year Round Gardening
4.4 (54 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Year Round Gardening

Learn to extend your garden harvest season to 365 days a year, using row covers, hoop houses and cold frames.
4.4 (54 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
701 students enrolled
Created by Rick Stone
Last updated 2/2016
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What you'll learn
  • Grow vegetables 365 days of the year in your garden using Cold frames and Hoop houses to protect your crops
  • Extend your gardens growing season into the late fall using simple crop protection.

  • Start your spring garden 6 to 8 weeks earlier using cold frames and hoop houses.

  • Build your own Cold Frame or Hoop house to add to your garden.
  • Protect your garden vegetables using simple fabric row covers.
  • Grow the most productive and hardy crops for late season and winter harvest.
  • Just a couple of years gardening experience is all you need to get started

Plant and grow a year-round garden. Learn everything you need to know to extend your growing season to 365 days a year no matter where you live. Not only will you learn how to have peas in June and tomatoes in August, but you will also learn how to grow tasty veggies in your garden all year long. Including the dead of winter! All using simple, inexpensive structures like mini hoop houses and cold frames.

This is a very thorough look at everything you need to know about year round gardening. With over 3 1/2 hours of content broken into very manageable pieces. Learn what crops to grow, when to plant them and what you need to do to protect your crops so that you can have something to harvest EVERY day of the year.

Winter Gardening - Plant the right kinds of plants at the right time of year and you can have fresh picked veggies even in the coldest months of the winter. Carrots, lettuce, mache, spinach, Swiss Chard, kale and more can be ready for you to pick from your hoop houses and cold frames all winter long.

Spring Gardening - Use your cold frame or hoop house to provide a nice warm environment to get your seeds and seedlings started earlier in the spring than you ever thought possible.

Fall Gardening - Fabric row covers and hoop houses will help you extend your growing season well into the late fall. Adding 90 days or more harvest time to your favorite cool season veggies and even helping to add ripening time for your late summer tomatoes!

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Garden Bed Preparation
  3. Winter Crop Selection
  4. Planting Times
  5. Protecting your Crops from the cold
  6. Harvesting
  7. Spring Gardening
  8. Fall Gardening
Please join me to learn everything needed to add this new skill to your gardening tool box.
Who this course is for:
  • Intermediate & Advanced gardeners. You should have a year or two of gardening under your belt before you try this out!
Course content
Expand all 53 lectures 04:43:42
+ Course Introduction
4 lectures 20:10

Why on earth would you want to grow a year round garden??? Watch this lecture and find out!

Preview 04:26

Here's a quick look at the direction the year round gardening course will be taking

Course outline and objectives

Here's a quick little bit of info about me and my gardening obsession!!

A Little Bit About Me

According to the Greeks, Persephone and her eating habits are the reason we have winter. Get the real story here.

The Persephone Months
+ Bed Preparation
4 lectures 27:21

There are lots of different things you need to consider when you are deciding where to put your year round garden. Not any old garden bed will do.


In this lecture you will learn what the perfect size is for your year round garden beds.

Bed Size

Here's is a look at a year in the life or your year round garden bed to help you understand why it is so important to care for the soil.

Soil Preparation/Crop Rotation

Be sure to put your cold frames and hoop houses away during the summer to let your soil air out!

Air it out
+ Crop Selection
9 lectures 01:01:20

There are over 30 crops that you can grow in the spring, fall and winter year round garden. This lecture will give you a peak at most of them. You will also learn what are the 7 most important crops for you to grow.

Crops Overview

The first of our 7 base winter crops is lettuce. In this lecture you will learn everything you need to get your lettuce crop off to a great start.


One of the most hardy and useful crops you can grow in your year round garden. Most folks don't know that you can harvest spinach for almost 6 months of the year if you know when to plant it!!

Preview 06:25

Weather you use it as a cooked green, a salad ingredient or as a replacement for celery, Swiss Chard needs a spot in your year round garden.

Swiss Chard

There are three types of Asian/Chinese greens that grow well in the year round garden.

Chinese Greens

Carrots are a must have in your year round garden. You haven't lived unless you have tasted the candy like carrots you will be harvesting in January.


Most folks don't even know what Mache is let alone how to grow it. In this lecture you will learn why you need to have it in every winter garden you plant.

Mache/Corn Salad

If you love kale then you will love it even more when you harvest it in January. If you don't like kale then you need to try it again after it has been sitting in the cold for a few months!!


Now that you know all about the 7 base year round crops, here are 11 more crops that you need to try as well.

Other Crops
+ Planting Times
4 lectures 16:48

So you want to be a year round gardener, well the first thing you need to know is the dates of your first and last frosts.

Frost Dates

Winter gardening is less about growing in the winter and more about putting your veggies in cold storage!

Preview 02:10

When do you need to start planting your year round garden? Find out here.

Planting Times

An important part of year round gardening is learning to start your own seedlings indoors.

Starting seeds indoors
+ Structure & Protection
10 lectures 01:09:27

Learn what the 3 methods for protecting your crops from the cold are.

Intro to Protecting your Crops

Learn about the cheapest and easiest method for protecting your crops.

Fabric Row Covers

So when do you need to use row covers? And which weight should you be using?

Row Cover Uses

A mini hoop house is the perfect addition to your garden and can add months to your growing season.

Mini Hoop Houses

The basics of building a hoop house for your garden.

Hoop House Construction

Here's why I think cold frames are the best option for year round gardening!!

Cold Frames

Here are all the tools and materials you will need to build your cold frame.

Cold Frame Construction - What you need

Step by step instructions on building a garden cold frame!

Cold Frame Construction - How to build it

Now you have a cold frame or a hoop house. What do you have to do to keep things running smoothly?

Cold Frame Management

Here's a quick description of High Hoops and why I don't think they belong in a small garden.

A Little About High Hoops
+ Harvesting
3 lectures 09:01

So you have planted a bunch of the recommended crops. What should you be harvesting first??

Start with less hardy crops

Learn why you should never harvest after the sun has gone down.

Preview 02:29

A couple of other things to consider when you are harvesting your crops.

Protect when Bringing in
+ Spring Gardening
10 lectures 42:23

Here's an outline of what we will be learning in the Spring Gardening section!!

Spring Gardening Introduction

Here we are going to learn why soil temperature is so important and a quick trick to get your soil ready for planting weeks earlier each spring.

Soil Temperatures and How to Warm Your Soil Early

The best way to have early spring harvests is to overwinter a few greens!

Overwintered Crops - Spinach and Lettuce

Here's a few tricks for an super good crop of peas this spring!

Growing Spring Peas

Get an extra early jump on your brocolli, cabbage, kale and more!

Growing Spring Cole Crops

Have the earliest potatoes in the neighborhood by growing some potatoes in a cold frame!

Cold Frame Potatoes

Carrots, turnips, beets and radishes! Yum!!

Tips on growing root crops in the spring.

Here are some ideas to get your greens growing early this spring!

Spring Greens

This handy garden invention will get you a month or more head start on your tomatoes and other warm season crops.

Using Wall - O - Waters

Let's put it all together and get growing!

Spring Gardening Wrap Up
+ Fall Gardening
7 lectures 34:20

There are two things that are different about fall gardening. 1-The level of protection you must offer to your crops. 2- Which crops you can grow in the fall.

Preview 01:56

The temperatures in the fall are not nearly as intense (think cold). So what do I need to do to protect my fall crops so that I get a nice extended harvest?

Protecting your fall planted crops

There are several root crops you can grow in the fall. Beets, turnips, carrots, radishes and parsnips!

Growing root crops in the Fall

Something missing from winter gardens but plentiful in the fall are Cole crops. Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, Kohlrabi and even Collards do very well in the fall.

The wonderful world of Cole Crops

Many of these crops are cross overs of the crops we talked about in the winter section. In this lecture we will discuss growing leafy greens in the fall.

Growing Leafy Greens in the fall

Can you grow peas in the fall? Yes and no. Yes they will grow, no the harvest won't be nearly as good as in the spring. Learn more in this lecture.

Can I grow Peas in the fall??

So that is fall Gardening! The big take away here is that you can easily add 2 or 3 months to your garden by gardening in the fall!

Fall Gardening Wrap up

Let's test your knowllege of Fall Gardening!

Fall Gardening Quiz
5 questions
+ Course Wrap Up
2 lectures 02:27

A few final thoughts. Thanks so much for taking my course!!

Wrapping things up

Here's a few books and other resourses that can help you become a better year round gardener.