Xamarin: Build Android and iOS Apps with C#
4.2 (323 ratings)
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Xamarin: Build Android and iOS Apps with C#

Learn how you can build both Android and iOS (Cloud-Powered) Apps with C# reusing up to 100% code between platforms.
4.2 (323 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,134 students enrolled
Created by Eduardo Rosas
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Code using the C# Language
  • Build Android and iOS Apps with up to 75% code reuse between platforms
  • Implement Cloud Services into Mobile Applications
  • Build Android and iOS Apps that share 100% code using Xamarin Forms
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  • Download Visual Studio 2017, but don't install it! We'll cover this during the course.
  • You don't need to purchase any Xamarin License, the Community edition is free and enough!

Course updated August 18th 2017!

Learn the basics of creating both Android and iOS applications using Xamarin, for reusing up to 100% code. Plus, empower your apps with cloud-based services!

Build Android and iOS apps that are empowered by cloud services with up to 100% code sharing between platforms.

  • The Basics of the Xamarin Platform
  • Learning the C# Programming Language
  • Learn Xamarin.Forms for reusing 100% functionality, AND USER INTERFACE!
  • Building iOS Apps with C#
  • Building Android Apps with C#
  • Share code between platforms!
  • Facebook Authentication
  • Cloud-based Databases
  • Facebook Integration

Powerful apps that your users will love

Using Xamarin to build your iOS and Android Apps can save you and your team a lot of effort and money. Think about it, instead of coding two apps, you are coding one and deploying it to both android and iOS. All of the time and money you are saving is just amazing!

Get Hired!

Looking for a job? Picture a company that is looking for an Android AND an iOS developer (as separate positions). Now picture yourself going to an interview and telling the recruiter that you can build BOTH apps in the same time as it would take two people to build them, achieve that by reusing code with Xamarin!

Content and overview

Suitable for beginners or anyone who is barely starting on mobile app development. You'll learn the basics of the C# programming language, the basics of iOS and Android app creation and you'll even create real-world apps connected to the cloud.

Also suitable for experienced developers who want to learn what they can do by sharing code between platforms and integrating powerful cloud services in their apps. You'll learn how you can share C# code between Android and iOS projects, access cloud-hosted databases (and create those databases), authenticate your users with Facebook or other services and more!

Who is the target audience?
  • Any Mobile Developer who wants to learn how to reuse up to 75% code when building iOS and Android Apps
  • Any Developer who wants to save time and money when building an iOS and Android app by using a cross-platform solution.
  • Any Developer who wants to learn about the absolute best cross-platform solution for Mobile Development (Xamarin is truly native)
  • No prior programming knowledge is needed. This course is probably not for you if you're looking to learn more advance and complex Xamarin usage.
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Curriculum For This Course
159 Lectures
What is Xamarin
5 Lectures 10:12

Welcome to this Xamarin course! Create Android and iOS apps sharing C# code!

Preview 00:50

Where does Xamarin come from? Why does it exist? What is it's goal in life?

Preview 01:17

Let's talk a bit about Xamarin Test Cloud, one of Xamarin's services.

Preview 01:55

Let's talk a bit about Xamarin Insights, one of Xamarin's services. The one that let's you know important things about how your apps are used.
Preview 02:36

Let's talk a bit about Xamarin Test Cloud, one of Xamarin's services. The one that let's you build apps for iOS, Android and more by coding stuff in C# and sharing the stuff! It's all just like a code sharing party among platforms....
Preview 03:34
The Xamarin Platform
3 Lectures 09:10

A brief introduction to the C# Language, the one we will use to create our iOS and Android apps using Xamarin.

Preview 03:15

A brief explanation on how the code sharing is going to happen between iOS and Android.

Preview 03:16

Code away, either with Xamarin Studio, or Visual Studio on Mac or PC, you can build iOS and Android apps with Xamarin.

Preview 02:39
Getting things ready
7 Lectures 12:39

Download the Xamarin Studio tool you will need.

Preview 02:58

Get Xamarin Studio ready on Mac OS X.

Preview 01:31

Making sure Xamarin Studio is ready on Mac OS X.

Preview 01:21

Getting Xamarin ready on a Windows PC. We will be getting the tools for us to use the Xamarin Platform with Visual Studio 2015.

Preview 02:41

Android and iOS Projects on Visual Studio thanks to Xamarin.

Preview 01:44

You can download the C# code (GitHub repository) for each section (starting on section 5) in the resources of the first lecture of each section. This way you can follow the creation of Android and iOS Apps with the Xamarin project open, or you know, just compare.

Preview 00:52
Version Control with Visual Studio Team Services and Github
5 Lectures 21:36

Create a free account on Visual Studio Team Services and Github to be able to use those tools.

Preview 03:35

Clone the repository from Team Services to your PC, add an existing solution or create a new one, sync the solution to the repository and see your code directly from Chrome (or other browsers).

Preview 07:01

You have the code on the cloud, let's download it onto a Mac computer so you can code from Xamarin Studio.

Preview 04:07

[NEW ON JAN 2017] Issues you may find
1 Lecture 04:40

Issues with the JDK version installed, and the JDK version used to compile packages or projects.

Major Version 52 is Newer than 51
An Introduction to the C# Language
10 Lectures 01:02:17

C# Hello World, getting started with the C# programming language!

Hello World

Declaring variables on C#.

Declare variables, not war.


Making a float into an integer, or a double into a float, or...you get the idea, stripping the identity out of variables.

Casting values

Defining methods (little beings defined as blocks of code that can be called whenever we want, sometimes to do what they do they ask for some values, sometimes they also give values back to whoever called them) with C#.


If (you are reading this)


share how you are liking this lecture descriptions.


If Statements

If (you are reading this)


tell your friends to enroll on this course!




well, do whatever you want.


If / else with C#.

If-Else Statements

When we are evaluating more than just true or false, switch blocks are very useful.

Switch Statement

Object Oriented Programming with C#. Creating some classes and objects.

Object Oriented Programming

This method is legen.....Wait for it......

Don't do anything until you return a value from this async method.

Asyncronous Programming: Async operator


Now, do whatever you need to do, you have awaited the method, you have received some value. Async programming with C# is so easy!

Asyncronous Programming: Await operator
Starting with an iOS Project
4 Lectures 21:27

Our first iOS app using Xamarin and C#!

Creating an iOS app with Xamarin

Defining the UI for an iOS app on Xamarin Studio is just like doing it on Xcode!

Defining the UI in Xamarin Studio

Coding an iOS app with C#, how about that!

Coding the iOS app with C#

Some extra details to make the user experience better.

Changing Keyboard type and hiding the Keyboard
Starting with an Android Project
3 Lectures 16:10

Our first Android app with Xamarin and C#!

Create the Android app on Xamarin Studio

I don't always code Android apps, but when I do, I do it with C#.

Code an Android App with C#

The frickishly slow Android emulator.

Running the app on the Android Emulator
Android & iOS Emulator Options
4 Lectures 22:36
Visual Studio Emulator for Android

Google Emulator with HAXM from Intel

The Xamarin Android Player

Remoting the iOS simulators from a macOS computer, to Windows, with the Xamarin iOS Simulator for Windows.

iOS Simulator for Windows
C# Tutorial - Properties and Methods
5 Lectures 36:10

Learn about out parameters, that let you "return" more than one value from the execution of a method.

Methods that return two values.

Creating custom constructors, and overloading methods.

Constructors and Overloading methods


Generics (a better way to collect)
14 More Sections
About the Instructor
Eduardo Rosas
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Software Engineer, Xamarin-certified Mobile developer

I am a Software Engineer, Xamarin Certified Mobile developer. But I'm also studying Finance and Banking.

I have developed mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows. But I've also designed marketing strategies for some local businesses and my own company.

I'm a cofunder of an Internet of Things startup, in which my role goes from software developer, to cloud expert, to project lead, to inventor. But my role also goes to Chief Financial Officer, to CEO, to marketing, to designer and sometimes even teacher.

I have learnt a lot in school and at work about software development, cloud computing and the internet of things. But I've also learnt in my new school and during my amazing journey creating startups and small businesses about finance, banking, marketing, design, leadership and other very interesting stuff.

Above all however. I am human and I'm here to try to make the world a better place in any way I can, one is creating Internet of Things devices that will make life better, another is teaching stuff so you can be better at work, or even create your own company!