Write to Ignite: Master the Art of Persuasive Online Writing
4.4 (40 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,450 students enrolled
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Write to Ignite: Master the Art of Persuasive Online Writing

Develop killer copywriting skills. Boost your digital marketing strategy. Learn to write sales copy that gets the click.
4.4 (40 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,450 students enrolled
Created by Steve McDonald
Last updated 9/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Move readers to action with your words.
  • Connect with your reader on a deep emotional level.
  • Find the strengths of your product and even convert weakness into selling points.
  • Use the 3-Part Sales Copy Formula to structure your writing and give you confidence every time to sit down to write sales copy.
  • Learn how to write killer headlines.
  • Use one of my 7 top headline styles.
  • Tell a compelling story to make your writing more persuasive.
  • Show social proof in your copywriting to break down buying barriers and give people the confidence to buy.
  • Learn formatting tips that make your copy a joy to read.
  • Write an effective call to action.
  • Understand how to show the benefits of your product like you never have before.
  • Take your online marketing and online advertising to the next level.
  • Learn many more writing tips to make you a better copywriter.
  • Improve the effectiveness of you digital marketing, including email marketing and other web marketing.
  • Beginning writers workshop.
  • Tons of writer's tips.
  • Learn to improve SEO for writers.
  • Overcome writer's block.
  • Learn effective sales writing skills.
  • Learn copywriting secrets normally reserved for the pros.
  • Improve your business writing or sales writing skills.
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  • This course does not teach English grammar. It focuses on how to make your writing more persuasive. Bring a willingness to learn and a desier to make more money and get more results from your writing.

Did you know that in the Internet Marketing world your writing skills often determine your income?

That can be kind of scary, but the great new is that ANY improvements in your copywriting can improve your sales. This course is designed to help you master the fundamentals of copywriting so you can dramatically improve your results. 

My goal is to help you get more clicks, more subscribers and more sales with your writing.

This course is designed for:

  • Digital marketers
  • Online teachers
  • Self-publishers
  • Freelance writers
  • Digital entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Copywriters
  • Advertisers

*** Includes Lifetime Access and a 100%, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee ***

*** If You Don't Master the Art of Copywriting with This Course, I WANT You to Get Your Money Back ***

I’m going to show you how to move people to action with your words. Not by using fancy sales jargon. In fact, just the opposite. You'll do it by using simple language that connects with your reader on a deep emotional level. 

I LOVE writing, and I LOVE teaching!

Just look at some of the reviews on my Udemy courses and you'll see that my passion comes through in what I teach. Here is what my students are saying about my courses:

"The topic and the delivery is inspirational and noteworthy." - Star R.

"Good information and motivation to act. It flowed and was easy to get through...." - Jon R.

"This course was phenomenal. It was an eye opener. I learned a lot from this course and the instructor was awesome." - Jean N.

"This is the most informative and motivating course I have ever taken from Udemy. When you complete it, you'll say only one thing: "Hey, I can do this--easily!" Thanks very much, Steve." - George K.

I make a full-time living from eBooks, niche websites and online courses. All of these things are based on quality content.

90% of my success is because of the writing behind the content. 

In Write to Ignite, I'll teach you my strategy. 

I'll show you my simple 3-Part Sales Copy Formula that you can use for all the sales copy that you write. It takes you step by step from your headline to your call to action. It will give you more confidence every time you write and will quickly eliminate common issues like writers block.

Here are 5 other things I'll show you in the course:

  1. How to quickly get to know your customer on an intimate level.
  2. How knowing a few key things about your product can drastically improve your copywriting.
  3. How to include social proof in your copy to give readers the confidence to buy.
  4. How to format your sales copy so it is a joy to read.
  5. How to set your writing on fire, and motivate readers to take immediate action.

You'll learn tons of additional tips and tricks along the way.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to write persuasively and effectively.

If you want to set your writing on fire and get massive results from your sales copy, this course was designed for you.

I've created a special preview for you: 3 FREE lessons in the course show you 3 quick tips that you can use right away to improve your copywriting.

Click on the free preview lectures and become a better copywriter today.

See you inside the course!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed for beginning copywriters. It will teach you how to write effective ad copy, email, and other digital marketing content.
  • Experienced copywriters will still find valuable writing tips in the course. There are some advanced techniques, but it is primarily designed for the beginner or intermediate copywriter.
  • Freelance writers, web marketers, advertising salespeople, social media marketers, direct responce marketers, and other online marketing writers will all benefit from this course.
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 36 Lectures Collapse All 36 Lectures 02:19:19
Introduction - Write to Ignite
3 Lectures 07:43

Learn 3 quick ways to become a better copy writer today. This lecture also includes an overview of the course.

Preview 04:18

Here's quick writing improvement tip #2. How to use product reviews to find powerful topics to write about in your sales copy. 

This writing technique helps you to quickly get to know your product and your customer. It enables you to connect with your reader's pain and pleasure points quickly and easily.

Preview 01:00

Here's quick writing improvement tip #3. This video shows you the importance of creating a call to action in all of your sales copy. All you have to do to create a call to action is to tell your reader what to do next. Most people forget to do this, and it's one of the most important ways to get more results from your sales writing.

Preview 02:25
Get to Know Your READER Quickly and Intimately
6 Lectures 21:25

Customer research can be slow and boring if you don't know how to do it. Let's look at how to get to know your customer in a fast, fun way.

Preview 00:49

In this lecture you'll learn 3 rapid research strategies for getting to know your customer. 

The 3 strategies are: 

  1. Forums
  2. Asking your customer directly
  3. Reading Amazon reviews. 

I'll show you how to use each of these strategies to improve your copywriting skills quickly and easily.

Preview 05:11

As the saying goes, "If you write for everyone, you write for no one." This lecture will show you how to identify the specific people who NEED your product and write for them since they are the most likely to buy.

Know Your Customer - Who NEEDS Your Product?

A common mistake is trying to sell people what YOU want to sell them. That doesn't work. You have to sell them what THEY want. A big part of doing that is learning exactly what they want and speaking to that desire.

Know Your Customer - Sell Them What THEY Want

It may seem obvious that you have to represent your product accurately in your sales copy, but it's harder to do than it sounds. Many people over-sell or under-sell their product because they don't understand the product or the customer intimately enough. Here's how to get it just right.

Know Your Customer - Represent Your Product Accurately

It's time to grab that piece of sales copy that you need to write and do this activity. Go to Amazon and look at reviews about the product (or a similar product or book related to your product). Look for things that people love and hated about the product. Look for their frustrations. Look for the things they praise about the product. When you're done, you'll know your customer a lot better than you did when you started.

Know Your Customer - Action Steps
Get to Know Your PRODUCT Quickly and Intimately
4 Lectures 15:29

How well you know your product can make or break you when it comes to writing sales copy. No marketing plan succeeds without intimate knowledge of the product being sold.

Preview 02:24

If you have prior knowledge of your product, writing effective sales copy will be a lot easier. This is why, as a copywriter, it's important to always be learning, so you have a wider range of knowledge and experiences to draw from in your sales writing.

Know Your Product - Prior Knowledge of the Product

What do you do if you have to prior knowledge or experience with your product? 

This video tells the story of how I took a subject that I previously struggled with, Excel, and turned it into a hugely successful e-course, using my original struggle as a selling point.

Know Your Product - No Prior Knowledge of the Product

Here's an action step so you can start putting what you've learned about copywriting into practice right away.  Grab the copy that you're working on and get curious about your product. Explore it more deeply and you'll find new and better things to write about it.

Know Your Product - Action Steps
3-Part Sales Copy Formula
8 Lectures 40:53

The goal when writing any sales copy is to get your reader to buy your product. 

Preview 01:56

Your title or headline is the most important part of your sales copy. If the headline isn't good, no one will get past it to your sales copy.

Preview 07:03

The body copy is where all of your actual writing lives. Body copy includes your initial connection with your reader, benefits of your product, your offer, social proof, and your guarantee.

2. Body Copy - Introduction

Your offer is where you tell the reader what they're getting and what they have to give in return.

2. Body Copy - Offer

We are social creatures. We like to take behavior cues from people around us. Social proof helps to break down a reader's resistance to purchasing your product. It shows them that other people use and like your product.

2. Body Copy - Social Proof

Your guarantee tells your reader that you believe in your product and that you'll stand behind it. It's as important as social proof for breaking down the reader's resistance to purchasing. Use a strong guarantee in your sales copy and see your conversions improve.

2. Body Copy - Guarantee

After your headline, your call to action is the second most important part of your sales copy. This is where you tell your reader what you want them to do. This is where you get them to click, subscribe or buy. This is where you see the results of all of your copywriting efforts.

3. Call to Action

It's time to put what you're learning into action. Do a Google search for your favorite hobby and analyze it based on the 3 main parts of the Sales Copy Formula. Look for a good headline, solid body copy with a transition, benefits, an offer, social proof, and a guarantee, and finally, an effective call to action.

Action Steps
5 Copywriting Strategies to Set Your Writing on FIRE
7 Lectures 23:21

Learn these five ways to set your writing on fire.

  1. Use verbs to create action in your writing.
  2. Put the punchline first to engage your reader early.
  3. Speak human by using simple language that readers will understand.
  4. Paint a picture with your words to captivate your reader's attention.
  5. Tell a story in your sales copy to connect with your reader on an emotional level.
Preview 00:59

Verbs create action. Use them well in your writing and you can light a fire under your reader. Use them poorly in your writing and you'll lull your reader to sleep.

Preview 03:41

This is a fun technique for getting a reader's attention fast. By putting the punchline of a story at the beginning of the sales copy, or even in the headline, you ignite the reader's curiosity and draw them into your sales copy.

2. Put the Punchline First

Speaking human just means using clear, concise language. It means favoring smaller words and shorter sentences. It means not adding extra fluff or words to your sales copy. Speaking human is a great way to built trust and to keep your reader engaged.

3. Speak Human

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. But if you know how to use your words well, you can create a powerful mental image with less than 20 words. This is an essential copywriting skill that will continue to improve your sales copy the more to practice it.

4. Paint a Mental Picture

The ability to tell a story effectively is one of a copywriter's greatest skills. Practice this until you can weave a compelling story into your copy seamlessly.

5. Tell a Story

Action Steps. 

  1. Find something that you've written in the passive voice and re-write it in the ACTIVE voice, like I demonstrate in the Use Verbs lecture.
  2. In 20 words or less, paint a mental picture that would make someone want to buy the model of cell phone that you use, like I demonstrated in the Paint a Mental Picture lecture.

Share your results in the course questions.

Action Steps
Format Your Sales Copy so It's a JOY to READ
6 Lectures 27:42

Formatting is crucial for easy readability. Follow these simple formatting strategies to make your writing look great on the page.

Preview 01:26

Often LESS is more. Less clutter, fewer images, and shorter words and sentences can amount to better sales copy. In these areas, use less to get more out of your copywriting.

When LESS is More

On occasion MORE is more. This is true when it comes to white space on the page, bigger font size for easier readability, and, in some cases, longer copy.

When MORE is More

How to use headings and subheadings in your copywriting to improve readability and SEO.

Headings and Subheadings

Bulleted lists help to break up your page, draw the reader's eye into the text, and make it much easier to read your sales copy. A general rule is to use a maximum of one list for short copy and a maximum of two lists for longer copy.

Bulleted Lists

Bold and block quotes are two more ways to improve the readability of your copy. These formatting options allow you to draw the reader's eye to important parts of your copy and make it easier and more enjoyable for them to read.

Bold and Block Quotes
Recap and Thank You
2 Lectures 02:48

Thank you and congratulations on completing the Write to Ignite course! 

In this course, you've learned:

  • How to know your reader and your product
  • The simple 3-Part Sales Copy Formula
  • How to set your writing on fire
  • How to format so it's easy to read

Now it's time to take your own copy ideas and start to apply the strategies that you've learned to that copy. Go back through the actions steps at the end of the sections for quick practice. Then, put all of the strategies to work in each piece of copy that you write.

Preview 02:14

Bonus - Content is King
About the Instructor
Steve McDonald
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Learning is easier if you are given the right tools and instruction. In every one of my courses I take my students step-by-step through the tools and knowledge they need to accomplish their goals.

Whether I am teaching How to Publishing Kindle eBooks, How to Learn Excel, or How to Create Killer Content for the Web I always share an inside view of my knowledge about the subject. You get access to all of my secrets.

For over 10 years I have studied strategies to create passive income and how to use passive income to vastly improve the quality of your life.

I have tested many different strategies from investing in rental real estate to building niche websites about my hobbies to publishing Kindle eBooks. I have studied what works and what doesn't work, and I have narrowed my research down to the strategies that work the best for creating financial freedom and an improved quality of life.

Each of my courses is designed to share my hard-earned secrets with you. 

I hold nothing back. I won't bore you with all of the strategies that didn't work. I'll get right into the exact steps that I have taken to be successful so that you have the opportunity to replicate them.

Of course, it's no secret that one of my favorite ways to generate truly passive income is through publishing Kindle eBooks. I have published over 100 eBooks and published five of those in print. Many of my books have been bestsellers including my own pottery book The Despicable Five.

Once I developed my Kindle publishing system, learned some formatting secrets, and learned how to use some simple SEO skills, publishing eBooks became remarkably simple.

Even hiring writers, which would seem scary at first, is really easy and even fun when you follow my system. 

Using my system, you can publish one or two books and then roll the profits from them into hiring people to write more books for you, so you aren't taking any money out of your pocket.

It starts out as a little passive income snowball and as you add the profits back into the snowball it grows and grows until you are seeing a surprising and exciting amount of passive income.

I retired in 2014 thanks to my eBook publishing success. Now, I'm using my spare time to find the best ways to create passive income. As I find great ways to make money from home I'm more than happy to share what I learn with you.

You'll notice that my new favorite way to create passive income is teaching courses on Udemy. Check out my Udemy Course Creation course to see why I love it so much!

I am here to guide you on your way to success. You can contact me at any step of the way for assistance, even if you're unsure whether my course is the perfect fit for you. Let me know your concerns and I'll point you in the right direction, even if it's to someone else's course.

I'm always happy to help.

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? It all starts with knowledge, and my courses make that part easy for you.

Sign up for a course today! I'll see you in there.