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Work Productive: Create A Lifestyle of Freedom & Happiness

Take Control of your life & Learn How To Dramatically Increase Your Productivity, Energy & Income!
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What Will I Learn?
Over 5 Hours of amazing content that will add value- Guaranteed!
Gain more energy, stamina and the right attitude
Develop a morning ritual that adds energy to your life
Develop a plan to eliminate your time robbers
Learn 9 amazing methods to supercharge your life, be more focused and eliminate distractions
Incorporate a foolproof system to STOP the mental chatter in your mind
Discover the 13 thought patterns that are keeping you from having a peace of mind
Learn my "expert model" template that you can use to create your own niche and become an expert in your field
Use the law of compensation to be more successful and ultimately earn a higher income
Learn how to have more confidence in your self and on your job
Discover a surefire way to earn more money doing what you love to do
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  • A willingness to learn and take action!

Do you find that you have a problem with procrastination? Do big tasks easily pile up and overwhelm you? Are you worried that your lack of productivity could be putting you in an insecure position at your job? And do you find that it even spills over into your personal life?

Learning effective work productivity isn’t just about responsibility; it’s about learning how to better your life in every aspect. Those who know how to manage their work effectively are able to finish tasks on time and see goals through to the very end. Think of your goals and current obligations as mountains to climb. Some are enormous; some are bunny hills in the backyard. But, regardless of their size, all are easier to climb when you aren’t trying to juggle while hopping up them on one leg.

And though this is a strange example, it easily shows you how important work productivity is. Ultimately, it will decide how far you get in life, from your level of career to how much money you make. And if you already have to climb up daily mountains, you should afford yourself every opportunity for it to be an easy hike.

‘Work Productive’ is an amazing course that will make you productive in every aspect of your life: how to maintain the needed energy; how to juggle the daily requirement of both work and personal responsibilities; and how to do it all with plenty of time to spare!

This is a course that is meant to prepare you for the future. Your potential is great and the places you can go are far above your current level. If your overwhelming tasks are keeping you from conquering daily mountains and climbing to new heights, sign up for my course. I will have you ready for whatever comes your way! 

Is Work Productive good for me?

·      Are you tired of living your daily life in a prison of clutter?

·      Are you locked into old cycles of this never ending chain of frustration?

·      Are you tired of being told that every step from here on out is going to be ‘long and                  drawn out’ when you know that there is a quicker way that’s just as effective?

·      Would you like to have more energy?

·      Would you like to be able to focus more?

·      Would you like to have more time to do the things you WANT to do?

·      Would you like to create a lifestyle that allows you to live your passion and get paid for             it?

·      Are you willing to put in the effort if only given the right opportunity for the right price?

Who is the target audience?
  • People who struggle with time management
  • Students who struggle with procrastination
  • Professionals who feel overwhelmed and burned out on their job
  • People who want to discover a niche in their field and make money from it
  • Students who want to focus more and get things done ahead of time
  • People who want to have more energy and stamina throughout the day
  • People in a helping field who have high case loads (counselors/coaches)
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 39 Lectures Collapse All 39 Lectures 04:56:42
Pre requisites (The 3 Major Roadblocks To Productivity)
3 Lectures 34:25

In video #1 you will learn the #1 roadblock that keeps people from being productive. You will learn a "key" method on how to deal with this roadblock and ultimately take control of your time! Please see the attached PDF's next to the video to do the Time Blocking Method.

Preview 15:23

Learn roadblock #2 and how you can use the "List 6 method" to help overcome procrastination!

Roadblock #2

Today you will discover the 3rd major roadblock to productivity- "Lack of Energy." Also, Will-power is a significant component for being more productve! In addition to video #3, please see the links below that explain this key concept in detail.

Roadblock #3
Week 1: Installing Your First Morning Ritual (Creating Healthy Habits)
5 Lectures 32:34

Welcome to your 1st video lesson of Work Productive! Today you will learn how to create healthy habits that stick and ultimately add value to your life.

The Power of Will Power

Learn the steps that you need to take to create your morning ritual. Identify the ONE thing that most people fail to do when creating their goals. 

Installing Your First Morning Ritual

I'll share my Top Secrets that I do everyday to gain more energy, stamina and the right attitude!

What I Do Every Morning To Feel Alive, Focused and Ready To Conquer!

t's your turn! Taking action is the most important element for effective change. Use what you learned in today's lessons to create your 1st morning ritual. This will be the foundation for the remainder of the program. In other words, this is how you will begin your day for the next 6 weeks.

Take Action Now!

Please Leave your answers to week 1 writing reflections in the comment area and/or email them to me  (remember: if you are obtaining Continuing Education Credit you will need to complete these short assignments as part of your requirement.*

Week 1 Writing Reflection
Week 2:Eliminating The Time Robbers For Good
5 Lectures 27:17

Do you know what you are investing your energy in to? Everything that you Think, Feel and Do have energy consequences. In other words, your thoughts today, your feelings today and your behavior today will either add energy or take energy away. 

Preview 14:21

Identify the 34 Time Robbers. Learn how to minimize or eliminate your top Time Robbers that are causing you the MOST distress. Eliminating just One Time Robber can significantly increase your productivity by 50%!

34 Time Robbers (Assessment)

Don't you know that there is a difference between what we plan to do with our time and what we actually do! Find out exactly how you are investing your time by strategically mapping out your week using the Time Tracking method.

Time Tracking Method

  • Now it's your turn! Do your TIme Robbers Assessment & Time Tracking. 
  • Remember managing and/or elliminating 1-2 time robbers can increase your productivity by 50%
  • When doing your time tracking write down the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that you are doing not what you      plan on doing!
Take Action Now!

Please Leave your answers to week 2 writing reflections in the comment area and/or email them to me  (remember: if you are obtaining Continuing Education Credit you will need to complete these short assignments as part of your requirement.*

Week 2 Writing Reflection
Week 3: How To Stay Focused, Organized and Energized
12 Lectures 01:29:46

We live in a society that encourages multitasking. However, you will learn in this video that it is impossible to focus on more than one thing at a time. Enjoy!

Preview 05:33

Use the GANNT Chart method to break down large tasks in to bite size manageable steps. This method has truly helped me establish my goals, stay focused and accomplish my task ahead of time!

Method #1: The GANNT Chart Method

  • Self Care is the most important factor in any personal or professional development program. How are you taking   care of yourself today?
  • in the book The One Thing, the author asked the question what is the one thing that you can do such that by            doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary. This is a great book and really breaks down the power of         FOCUS. 
  • Often times when we FOCUS on improving ourselves 1st our world around us improves!
Method #2: Just Say No!

Write down the 6 most important things you have to do tomorrow. (complete them in order, one at a time)

Method #3: Do Things In Order of Their Importance

If you have a problem solve it then and there! Taking action is the BEST way to overcome your fears, anxiety, procrastination and lack of energy. You will always get result from the actions that you take. They may not be the results you want. But remember, "there is no such thing as failure, it's all feedback."

Method #4: Do This ONE Thing To Always Get Results

Method #5: Never Touch The Same Paper Twice

  • Use the 333 story to stop negativity!
  • Undersatnd the law of opposites to have a new perspective on things.
  • Who is your worst enemy?

Method #6: Shut The Debbie Downers Up For Good (The 333 Story)

In Method #7 we will discuss:

  • 6 Mental Faculties
  • Dale Carnegie
  • Gratitude List
Method #7: Make Your Work Interesting

Do the check in method 5x daily and feel the results! I would suggest doing this:

  • first thing in the morning
  • mid morning
  • lunch time
  • afternoon
  • night time
Method #8: 5X Check in Method

I heard it said that the 3 biggest stressors in life are:

  1. Time 
  2. Money
  3. Dirt

Lest talk about #3!

Method #9: Clear The Clutter

Take Action Now!

Please Leave your answers to week 3 writing reflections in the comment area and/or email them to me  (remember: if you are obtaining Continuing Education Credit you will need to complete these short assignments as part of your requirement.*

Week 3 Writing Reflection
Week 4: How To Have A Peace Of Mind
6 Lectures 58:31

How do you look at the events in your life? Lets take a look at a simple model that can help us  understand how we come to experience our emotions.

The ABC's of Thinking

  • Learn how 2 people can experience the exact same event but have two different perceptions.
  • The truth about positive and negative emotions.
Case Study of Mark & John (The Truth About Positive & Negative Emotions)

In the next two lessons you will learn how to identify the 13 distorted thoughts that people often times have pertaining to events in their life and how to overcome them. Change your thoughts and you change your world.

If you enjoyed the 9 methods last week, check out the SELF-ESTEEM COMPANION below! 

The Self-Esteem Companion is a step-by-step guide filled with straightforward and effective techniques to help you dramatically improve the way you think and feel about yourself. (check out the five finger exercise- that one is my favorite)

13 Thoughts That Are Holding You Back (1-6)

13 Thoughts That Are Holding You Back (7-13)

Discover the 25% Rule! This is a game changer!

Take Action Now! (Bonus: The 25% Rule)

Please Leave your answers to week 4 writing reflections in the comment area and/or email them to me  (remember: if you are obtaining Continuing Education Credit you will need to complete these short assignments as part of your requirement.*

Week 4 Writing Reflection
Week 5: Become an Expert & Earn More Money!
6 Lectures 46:53

Learn the 5 things that educational psychologist and human-performance coaches have discovered about competence.

The Competence Confidence Loop

Identify 3 things that it takes to earn a higher income and the ONE thing that you have to focus on to outperform the rest!

The Law of Compensation

Learn how to become an expert in your field and create a "key niche" that can earn you more money

My Expert Model

Discover the many ways that you can do what you love to do and get paid for it! Get paid for what you know and build your "EXPERT BRAND"

Money Mind Map

Take Action Now!

Please Leave your answers to week 5 writing reflections in the comment area and/or email them to me  (remember: if you are obtaining Continuing Education Credit you will need to complete these short assignments as part of your requirement.*

Week 5 Writing Reflection
Week 6: Reflection Week
2 Lectures 07:16

OK we are almost done with Work Productive! This week is all about reflecting on the past 5 weeks. My philosophy is life is take what works and make it better. If it's not working then stop doing it- it's not working! Lets take a look at what worked for you over the past few weeks.


Congratulations!! You made it. Im so proud of you. Every end has a new beginning. This may be the end of Work Productive for you but not the end of your development. Please use what you learned and keep growing and ultimately evolve into the helping person you were meant to be.


Good Luck and God Bless! 

See you soon


Final Thoughts and farewell!
About the Instructor
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Counselor and Professional Speaker

Beau Laviolette, LMSW,LAC

Beau is a highly qualified and compassionate person with 10 years of experience working in mental health and substance abuse counseling. He has extensive knowledge in addiction counseling, motivational interviewing, conducting workshops, professional speaking, conducting psychosocial assessments and working with a multi-disciplinary and diverse team.

As a former United States Marine and president of the Student Veteran Association at Tulane (SVAT), he has learned how to lead and serve any team that he has had the pleasure of belonging to. After Beau was honorably discharged from the Marines, he decided to continue his career in serving others. Beau has worked for various addiction treatment centers in Jefferson Parish including Responsibility House, Resources for Human Development (RHD), and Gateway Recovery.

Beau received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Tulane University in 2011 and a Masters of Social Work from the Tulane School of Social Work (TSSW) in 2013. Beau completed his internship at the University of New Orleans Counseling Center. There he conducted individual counseling sessions, career testing, workshops, didactics and outreach services. Beau joined the Jefferson Parish District Attorney's office in February 2014 and finally launched Therapy Teacher in 2015!

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