Worried about hackers - Take this course to secure WordPress
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Worried about hackers - Take this course to secure WordPress

Confused and worried about securing your WordPress site; this course provides the initial tools to keep attackers at bay
5.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
26 students enrolled
Created by Shon Gerber
Last updated 7/2016
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  • 3 hours on-demand video
  • 2 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
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  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Over 24 lectures and almost 3 hours of content!
  • Get the exact steps to secure your site in 30 minutes or less
  • Know what hackers look for so you can stay a step ahead of them
  • Understand the most common WordPress attack and step-by-step instruction on how to protect your site from hackers
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  • No prior WordPress Security knowledge is required
  • Basic familiarity and understanding of WordPress is helpful shon@wpsecuritydaily.com

Last Updated: 13 March 2016

Course Description

Are you or your clients WordPress site is going to get hacked?

Are you confused on what security plugin, setting or even what should you do to make sure you are not one of the unlucky ones getting hacked today.

Learn from my 15 years of experience in government and corporate Cybersecurity to help protect your WordPress site from hackers!

Come with me to fast track the security on your site as quickly as possible!

This course will walk you through step by step on how you can enact some quick changes (30 minutes or less) that will substantially reduce the risk of being hacked.

Not worried about hackers?

You should be! Forbes reported in 2013 that over 30,000 WordPress sites were being hacked each day! So do you feel lucky?

Today WordPress accounts for over 25% of all websites, so with a number like that you can only expect that you will be the target…..maybe not now, but eventually.

In this course you will see what plugins and configuration changes you can make immediately in a step by step format.

Do you have the same password for WordPress site as you do for your banking website?Ever thought about what if they get my WordPress site password, what else could they get?It happens all the time!

This video will walk you through how you can quickly secure and make those passwords unique to you.This alone is worth the cost of the course.

Do you hear that you should have a backup strategy around your WordPress site, but not sure how to set it up and what does it all mean?This course will walk you through step-by-step on how you should backup your site quickly and efficiently.

This is a down and dirty course on protecting your site….and as I produce more content on how to secure you WordPress site quickly it will added to the course- at no extra cost to you!This is a course that will continue to grow and expand.

As well as the Udemy 30 day guarantee, you have my personal promise that you will be delighted by what you'll learn in the next 3 to 4 hours.

What this course is not:

I do not cover in-depth coding practices to make changes to your WordPress site.This course is designed for beginners who are not well versed in changes to code.Many code changes can be accomplished via plugins and thus an experienced coder may see some of this course as basic and rudimentary.However, ignoring the basics is what will get you hacked….PERIOD!

I will not “look at your site” and “tell you what’s wrong”. Future courses will provide you an instruction on how you can DIY the security for your WordPress website.If you desire a service to provide security for your site, I can offer up recommendations (to include myself).

I will not teach you anything that breaks Udemy’s terms, rules, conditions, etc, whether they are written or implied.

This course is not backed or produced by Udemy - it's all my own work ... but the excellent Udemy staff are there to help you, too, of course!

But, if you want my personal “insider” information from being part of an elite group of hackers, protecting small and large enterprise websites, and just keeping you and your family protected – you need to get this course now….right this minute.

Every minute you delay, you are increasing the chances that your site will fall victim to a hacker somewhere......out there on the internet.

Enroll now!

DISCLAIMER:This DIY online video training course is for informational purposes. Every effort has been made to make the information accurate and easy to understand. However, in the scope and scale of this online video training course, we are unable to extend or provide warranty or direct support to each individual WordPress blog, owned or operated by our students. Lastly, any site can get hacked given enough time and this course makes no promises or assumptions that it can keep your site 100% safe. However, if you do the things in this video you will dramatically reduce your risk and hopefully the bad guys will move onto someone else!

What are the requirements?

The Internet, a computer, access to your administration section on your WordPress website and at least 30 minutes of time to spend on securing your site

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 24 lectures and 3 hours of content
  • Substantially increase your knowledge around securing your WordPress website
  • Understand how the basics around security can dramatically impact your WordPress website
  • Learn what is an incredibly strong password and why should you use it
  • Learn to utilize a password manager to protect your greatest WordPress asset….your passwords
  • Learn the quickest techniques limit the avenues an attacker can break into your site
  • Learn the quick start guide to the best security plugins for your site
  • Learn what a security scan is and why you should do them
  • Learn the best backup strategy and what you should do to make sure you don’t loose all the work you have created

What is the target audience?

This course has awesome content for any level of WordPress owner/user, but it is primarily geared toward the beginner of a WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone with a WordPress website
  • Anyone who wants to protect all the time, energy, and resources invested in setting up a WordPress website
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Curriculum For This Course
24 Lectures
Are you afraid of bears? It is important to Just run faster than your neighbor!
4 Lectures 37:41

Watch out for the Bear! It will get you if you don't watch out!

Preview 08:32

Do you think securing your WordPress site is worth it?

This lecture will go over who are these people and why they are attacking you.

Preview 12:16

Every wanted to know what are the most common attacks that hit your wordpress site....this lecture is for you!

Preview 10:47
Do you want to be Hacked! These next lectures will help stop them.
13 Lectures 01:16:05

This is the first lecture in a series on how you can securer your WordPress website in 30 minutes or less! Obviously, the lectures take a little longer than 30 minutes to complete, but when you finish this series you will be protected from 90% of hackers attacking your WordPress site.

Lets begin securing your WordPress site in 30 minutes

Is your password....Monkey...or should I say PASSWORD! Even worse....you definately need to look at this lecture!

Usernames and Passwords are the keys to the kingdom when it comes to your WordPress website and it is so importrant to make sure they are long and strong! Making these chanes will help you keep hackers from taking advantage of you!

Go long and complex when dealing with Usernames and Passwords

Do you have over one password?

Is it the same one that is reused over and over?

You really need a Password Manager! You may wonder what this is, but it is just a place that you can store all of your passwords in a safe and secure location! It is awesome!

If you take nothing else away from this course it is the importance of making sure that you have a password manager to store and maintain all of your passwords and critical information.

You will enjoy this lecture…it will walk you through step by step on what you should do!

Preview 14:12

Do you still use Admin to log into your WordPress site?

Pleeeeeeease change it!

This lecture will walk you through how easy this is an how you can do it in about 2.5 minutes! Ok, it may not be quite that precise, more like 3 minutes, but you get the idea.

It is easy and will substantially reduce someone taking over your site!

Creating something new, lets make it your Admin Account - DEMO

Now delete the old Admin!


As you can see I am pretty passionate about this. This is such an easy step and it can really help protect you from bad people trying to hack into your site.

In the security space we talk all about these items as foundational things that you really just need to do immediately upon setting up your site.

Now it is out with the old and remove your Admin account - DEMO

Are you Updated?

Another foundational aspect that you really need to focus you attention on is updating your site….frequently!

There are times, such as certain development environments, that you may not want to update as soon as the patch comes out. However, if you are not one of those people (you know who you are!) then update and do it often!

Auto Updating your WordPress, it is easy peezy - DEMO

So your WordPress site is updated…how about your themes and plugins?

This is lecture will be an additional piece that works in conjunction with the previous lesson on updating your WordPress site.

Just update, just do it…..I dare you!

Auto Updates of Themes / Plugins and the deletion of plugins - DEMO

Are security plugins confusing?

They can be and this lecture will go over the basics around security plugins for you WordPress site and how you can install them.

We will have future lectures on security plugins and do a deep dive into their operations.

These are the basics to get you secured quickly….in 30 minutes or less!

Installing Security Plugins, the right thing to do! - DEMO

Security Scans….what is the world are these?

This lecture will go into the various aspects of security scans (internal/external) and what you should know to make your site more secure.

Scanning your website for vulnerabilities, it must be done! - DEMO

Do you want to be the downfall of the web!

This isn’t that bad…seriously! However, if you make this small change on your WordPress site you will keep bad guys from using your site in attacking someone else.

It is easy and is just a plugin….it can take as little as 3 minutes to complete!

Protecting the web from you!

You gotta have it, just gotta have it!

A solid backup strategy for your WordPress Site is probably number 2 in the top 10 things you must do!

Please set up a backup immediately. It is crazy simple and will never regret it!

Backup strategy for your WordPress site

Here is the E-book on securing your WordPress site in 30 minutes or less!

All of the video content in text format with bonus information!

Securing WordPress E-book
17 pages

Here is the Checklist to secure your site in 30 minutes or less.

Secure Wordpress in 30 min or less - Checklist
6 pages

This quiz will reinforce the lessons taught in Seciton 2 on how you can secure your WordPress site in 30 minutes or less!

How fast can you secure your WordPress site?
3 questions
WordPress Security Extras.....You gotta have them!
2 Lectures 23:32

Does Encryption confuse you?

Have you heard the terms SSL/TLS and then think to yourself….what is this??

Does it all overwhelm you!

This lesson will walk you through the basics allowing you to gain a understanding of what are these acronyms and how you can use them to secure your WordPress Site.

Encryption Certificates, SSL and TLS...just do it!

A secure and solid hosting provider is essential in keeping your site safe and protected.

This lesson will go into the details around this topic and what you should look for when considering a hosting provider for your WordPress site!

Do you want a secure hosting provider or the one in a hostel?
Backups....Please just say yes, because backups will save the day!
4 Lectures 31:58

Backups are useless, right!?

No, they are crucial but yet so many people chose not do them. It is crazy simple to set up and you will be sooooo happy that you did.

Just do it, it is so easy!

Backups are useless....just kidding! You will regret the day you dont use them.

Location, Location, Location!

You hear this all the time around real estate, but do you hear it about backups? It is just as important, especially if you have spent months or years building your site and brand.

Find a safe, secure place and park your data there.

You have food on ice, but where do you store it? Backup Locations are key to WP!

A backup plugin is your friend, embrace them!

This lesson will go into various backup plugins that will help you backup your site quickly and efficiently!

Backup Plugins will save the day, week, or even your entire year!

OH NO! it just happened your site went down, now what?

This lesson will walk you through step-by-step on how you can restore your site from backups.

That of course is assuming you have them!

Oh No....your site is down, now what? Step by step on how to recover - DEMO
This is all.....for now!
1 Lecture 00:43

We are concluding for now….but there will be more.

I promise!

Thats all Folks.....more to come!
About the Instructor
Shon Gerber
5.0 Average rating
1 Review
26 Students
2 Courses
Chief Information Securiity Officer and WP Security Expert

Shon Gerber, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), CISSP and WordPress Security Expert

Shon Gerber “WordPress Security Daily” (wpsecuritydaily.com) – Providing Security Insight for WordPress websites


Chief Information Security Officer - Current

I am currently working as the CISO for a privately held global manufacturing company that deals with a wide range of security challenges form manufacturing to strong online web presence.

Security Operations Center – Supervisor - 1 Year

Worked as a supervisor within the Security Operations Center of one of the largest privately held companies in the world.Daily, our team worked to protect our company from hackers attempting to gain access to our various computer systems globally.

Senior Security Architect - 2 Years

Working for an IT service provider which customer base ranging from medium to large companies, with varying levels of security needs.Provided security consulting and from Web Applications to recommendations around secure coding practices.

Commander / Member, Air Force Red Team - 11 Years

I worked for over 10 years as a member of an Air Force Red Team (Aggressors) to target/attack government and military installations from both a network and physical perspective.Basically, I was allowed the opportunity to hack into locations and then go on site and physically break into buildings….IT WAS AWESOME! Eventually, I was given the opportunity to become the Commander of this squadron and traveled the world showing the government how to best protect their systems from individuals trying to steal their sensitive information.


Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

GIAC Legal Issues in Information Technology & Security (GLEG)

Adoptive Father of a very large family

Truly blessed to be the father of 7 children who have graced our family from the US, China and Uganda.My wife and children are my life and I my goal is to create content that can be used by anyone from having a WordPress website to their online banking!