WordPress From Beginner to PRO
4.8 (12 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,189 students enrolled
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WordPress From Beginner to PRO

Never spend a dime anymore hiring people to setup your WordPress websites! Learn how to Master Wordpress like a PRO
4.8 (12 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,189 students enrolled
Last updated 6/2013
Price: Free
  • 8 hours on-demand video
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  • 3 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
What Will I Learn?
  • Main goal: to become a pro in setting up WordPress websites
  • 5 Minute WordPress Installation
  • Understanding and Using the WordPress Dashboard
  • Posting made simple
  • Optimizing your WordPress website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Creating and Adding Pages
  • Customizing WordPress with Themes
  • The Power of Plugins
  • Using Gravatars
  • Adding Images, Audio & Video
  • And more!
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  • Stable high speed internet connection (to view the videos)
  • [Recommended] Your own domain
  • [Recommended] Web hosting (with PHP + MySql)

“The ONLY Course You’ll Ever Need to Become Completely Proficient in the World’s Most Popular Website Management System!”

NEW Step-by-Step Video Course Helps You Go from Wordpress Beginner to Wordpress Expert in Just 24 Hours – Guaranteed!

No Website and No Technical Experience Needed!
Just Watch, Do and Learn!

On completion of the course you can apply for a personal Certificate. Check (free) lecture 2 for details!

  • Do you feel like you’re chained to the whims and schedule of your web developer every time you want something changed on your site?
  • Have you tried to learn Wordpress in the past but simply felt too overwhelmed, frustrated and just plain lost?
  • Would you like greater control over how your site looks and performs without having to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars getting it done?
Announcing the ONLY Online Course Developed and Taught by Professional Instructors Who Know How to Simplify, Show and Walk You Through Wordpress from Start to Finish!

Forget about lugging around heavy and expensive textbooks, taking notes from poor quality video and spending hours of time wading through complicated code – and learn Wordpress the easy way: step-by-step using direct online video instruction!

My name is Steven, and I'm going to show you exactly how to not only master Wordpress, but do it in a fraction of the time of other courses.

Of course, that’s not to say we’ll be skipping over the vital “need-to-know” stuff. Instead, we’ve put together over 60 concise, easy-to-understand videos along with proven time-saving shortcuts so that you get more done in less time, with less stress – guaranteed.

In Just Minutes from Now, You’ll Be Able To:

  • Set up Wordpress in just 5 minutes using ONLY your favorite browser!
  • Optimize your blog for better search engine rankings right out of the box (forget paying thousands of dollars to some “SEO expert” – you can do this in just minutes!)
  • Customize the Wordpress admin area to suit your needs and work more efficiently while boosting productivity
  • Add images, audio, video and more – transforming your site into a rich media visitor magnet!
  • Add content to your blog just by writing a simple email (no login necessary - update your site from anywhere!)

And that’s just for starters!

Of course, this is where most Wordpress courses, even expensive video courses, drop you – leaving you "high and dry" to fend for yourself when it comes to the more complicated stuff, such as:

  • Protecting your blog from hackers, spammers and scammers
  • Updating, editing and customizing your Wordpress theme
  • Adding Facebook, Twitter and contact forms
  • Making your site mobile-friendly
  • And so much more…
With Wordpress How-To: From Beginner to PRO - We’ve Got You Covered!

The truth is, none of these points are truly complicated - and we believe that the difference is in how you’re taught. By watching, doing and learning, you’ll see first-hand exactly how the pros do it, along with easy, geek-free explanations on how and why it works.

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginning Bloggers
  • Internet Marketers whom want to setup their own sites
  • Students who want to to quickly setup their Portfolio websites
  • Anyone else who wants to setup a Professional website using WordPress
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Curriculum For This Course
81 Lectures
Installing Wordpress
4 Lectures 11:34
Course introduction document, please read this document carefully before you start the course. It outlines the course and gives you various recommendations about how to use this course.

We wish you all the best during this course, and if you ever have any questions or doubts please contact our instructors!
Course Introduction
2 pages

Please read this PDF document on how to apply for your "WordPress From Beginner to PRO" certificate.
How to apply for your Certificate
4 pages

 Installing WordPress using Cpanel and Fantastico.

Note that we recommend Bluehost as hosting company for small to medium websites. In case you are already sure your website is going to generate a lot of traffic we recommend a VPS hosting such as VPS.net . Setting up a VPS is much more advanced than Bluehost however they to offer special WordPress packages. 

Wordpress Install using Cpanel

Installing Wordpress manually via FTP.

Links used:
FileZilla download: http://filezilla-project.org/download.php  
Wordpress download: http://wordpress.org
Unzip software: http://www.7-zip.org/

Our recommended webhosting is: Bluehost

*This course has been updated at 13 Feb 2013

Wordpress manual installation using FTP
Preparing Wordpress for use
3 Lectures 07:34

 Wordpress always comes with some sample posts and pages which need to be clean-up before you can start your website. This video explains how and where to go. Doing this will also get you familiar with the Wordpress admin environment.

Cleaning up Wordpress

Like with every system all people have their own preferences on how to work with certain systems. One of the good things about Wordpress is that you can customize the dashboard in the way you like it to work in such a manner you are most efficient. As in the end the success (or failure) of learning to use a system is all about if you can work with it easy, fast and efficient!

Customize the Wordpress dashboard to your own likings

Setting the display options for your blog is important to make your blog more reader friendly. It is an quick and easy step that should not be skipped.

The number of blog posts you want to display on your site depend somewhat on how big your average posts are going to be. So think about that when setting the to display number of blog posts.

Setting posts display options on your blog
Using Wordpress
18 Lectures 01:35:23

 The most important feature from Wordpress making so called 'posts' or 'blog entries'! Writing the content for your website. You'll learn how to do it in this video.

*Updated 14 Feb 2013

Making your first Post or Blog entry with Wordpress

WordPress offers you the option to convert blog posts back to earlier drafts, compare different versions and write a little bit then just save it as draft and continue working on the post at a later time.

This way you never loose your previous work if you suddenly need to go or something happens with your internet connection.
In this video we will show you how to use this function in WordPress.

Reverting blog posts to previous drafts or continue writing at later time

 Wordpress pages are pages that operate independently from your blog and mostly contain more static texts (content that is not updated regularly as on your blog). You can use these pages for everything you want. Some popular examples are:
- Contact page (no need to create this yourself there are plugins)
- Portfolio page (no need to create this yourself there are plugins)
- About you page
- etc

*Update 13 Feb 2013

Creating Wordpress pages

 "An image is worth a thousand words"
A website without any visual aids wouldn't be a very successful website. People always first scan a website to see if it is interesting and their attention span is very very short. So in order to have your visitors read your text you need to make use of interesting images (and headlines)

In this lecture we will show you how to use images in Wordpress

Inserting images in Wordpress pages and posts

WordPress sites work with different user groups which can be given different rights on your site. Using this feature you can collaborate with other people so you don't have to write all the content of your website. But also you need to manage users if you want people to comment on your posts to create discussions which can again bring you some great content.

Creating a (loyal) following on your blog is vital to the success of your new WordPress website! Creating a loyal following is done by engaging with your visitors.

Managing users in WordPress

 In this video we explain you how to customize the top menu's and the side bar menu's. Your menu's are very important as they allow your visitor to navigate your website. This means your menu structure should be easy to follow and have no hidden content.

As a general rule you should never place content deeper then 3 levels but recommended is 2 levels max. Menu's should never have more then 1 level of submenu's.

Customization of the WordPress menus

Some people might be interested in adding audio to their WordPress sites. This could be in the form of an interview, a Podcast or some music.

Warning 1: Never, I repeat NEVER, make audio play automatically on page load. this is very annoying for your visitors. Audio should always only be offered as an option for you visitors and have them click the 'play' button to start playing.

Warning 2: Don't add music just for 'the fun of it'. Audio on your website should always have an added value to your visitors. For example if you are making a site for your band it of course has added value however if your site is about programming for example music really doesn't have any added value.

Adding audio to your WordPress website via a plugin

 This lecture is part 2 of 2 about adding audio to your WordPress website.

Audio plugin customization

"A Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site?" - from Gravatar.com

In this video we will show you how people can use their Gravatars on your website to identify themselves and makes it easier to engange with your visitors.

Using Gravatars with WordPress

If you don't know Youtube you have probably been living under a rock, however what you maybe didn't realize is that Youtube is the 3rd most popular website in the world (according to Alexa.com).

Using videos in your blog doesn't only help your SEO it also engages your audience in a great way.

In this video we will show you how to embed Youtube videos on your WordPress pages and in your posts

*Updated 14 Feb 2013

Adding Youtube videos to your WordPress website

In standard WordPress configuration the blog post are shown on the front page of your website. However it is possible to change this and move your blog posts to another page and create a static 'welcome' page as front page.

In this video we show you how to set this up with some short super simple instructions.

Creating a static frontpage with WordPress

Ok this is a pretty cool feature, don't feel like logging in on your WordPress site to save some time. Just write emails!

In this video I'll show you how you can setup WordPress to receive your emails and automatically post them as blog post, sending HTML emails is also no problem if you want to make your blog post look good

WordPress Email to Blog setup

This is part 2 of 2 about setting up your WordPress website to receive your blog posts by email.
Please make sure you have seen part 1 before watching this lecture.

Email 2 Blog for WordPress part 2

In the latest versions of WordPress there is a new feature which you can use to embed single tweets from persons. Note that this is not about twitter feeds but about single tweets which you consider worth mentioning or quoting.

In this short video we will show you how to do it.
Embedding single tweets in WordPress

User Engagement (or social interaction) is very important for any website. Not only to interact with your visitors forming bands and creating returning visitors but also for your SEO efforts (being found in the search engines).

So for many website for various pages / posts it is a good idea to invite your visitors to reply to your contents using comments, however opening up your site for comments also brings a problem; that of spam.

This video explains how to control your visitor comments and do some basic settings on how to deal with spam. There are various plugin (which we will deal with in Section 7 in this course) to further help you with spam problems but these are basics that must be followed.

P.s. Outside the scope of this lecture but you can also replace your standard WordPress comments system with Facebook comments or Disqus comments using simple plugins. This is also great for SEO and social authority. Contact me (your instructor) if you need help on that!
Control How Your Visitors Comment

This is a feature sometimes somewhat overlooked, however creating a good menu for your page is vital for its' success. A good menu is your heart line of the website, if visitors can't find what they are looking for they will out-of-there in no time and they won't return.

This video explains you how to create the navigation menus and how to sort them.
Creating Navigation Menus and sorting them

Always wanted to create a good looking Image gallery in your Facebook? No you don't need any plugin to do this (however there are various, and some of them might make your gallery look cooler).

In this lecture I will show you how you can quickly create a gallery in a post (or page) from your WordPress website.
Create an Image Gallery in WordPress

 Running a website is a lot of work, creating good content even more. So if you are able to get one or more other people creating content on your website that is a huge advantage. As they say you should work ON your business not IN your business to be able to propel your business to the next level.

This video shows you the how and what of the different user permission in the WordPress system so you can limit other people's access to the different parts of the website and let them do their job on your website.

Understanding the different user permissions in WordPress
Installing / Updating Wordpress Plugins
3 Lectures 07:09

One of the reasons that WordPress is so popular and powerful is the open nature of the platform.
Every programmer can start writing plugins to add (or change) additional functionality to the system.

Warning: please do NOT install plugins from untrustable sources they can compromise the security of your blog!

Wordpress.org keeps a big database of plugins, all these plugins are free, however for some there are 'PRO' versions with more functionality where you need to pay for. Some plugins are almost vital for your blog and others are just really recommended also depending on the subject of your website.

Installing Wordpress plugins via the plugin dashboard

Sometimes it is necessary to manually install your plugins because either you don't want to fill-out your ftp details in the WordPress system or it is simply not possible (no ftp server access just sftp or ssh; don't worry about it if you don't know what they mean).

Which-ever reason you have for not automatically installing the plugins via the system in this video we show you how to do it manually. Even if you do not plan on doing this manually we still recommend you to watch this lecture just to get a better understanding on how the system works.

Installing WordPress plugins manually using FTP

As well as updating the WordPress system updating Plugins is very important. Not just to get the latest features and fix the bugs but also for security reasons (fixed security bugs). Most WordPress sites nowadays are getting hacked not through WordPress but one of its Plugins installed.

On that note we also show you how to delete plugins

Updating and Removing WordPress Plugins
Installing / Updating / Customizing Wordpress themes
7 Lectures 28:56

 Themes control the way your WordPress website looks from the outside to your visitors. If you have the technical skill you can make themes yourself, however there are SO MANY themes available (both free and paid) it is way easier just to install a theme you like.

In this video we show you how to install a theme for WordPress.

Customizing the look / layout of your WordPress by using Themes

 As with the plugins and the WordPress system itself you can also install the themes manually. This can be extra useful if you first want to make some edits before installing the theme.

Installing WordPress themes manually

In general themes should also be upgraded when new versions come available.

However: if you have made any changes to the layout of your WordPress website you should be very careful and read the update changes of the theme. As very likely you will loose the changes you've made. Check the 'what is new' of the theme and if there is no important new functionality or security updates it would be better to NOT upgrade your theme!

Updrading WordPress themes

To edit themes within the WordPress editor you need to change the rights of the files that need to be edited.

In this video we show you how to make changes to the files to be able to save the changes and edit them online.

Important note: by making the files writable you are lowering your security. It is NOT advisable to leave the files like this. After editing change them back to 755

*Lecture update 13 Feb 2013

Editing WordPress themes (turning on editing)

 Already mentioned in a previous lecture, you can (and will find yourself wanting to) customize your chosen WordPress theme.

This video will show you how you can customize your WP Theme

Customizing WordPress themes

Of course we all want to give credits where credits are due, however for a business site you might want to remove the line 'Powered by WordPress' on your site. It just gives that extra feel of professionalism to your website.

In this short and fast video we explain you how to remove this.

*Updated 15 Feb 2013

Remove 'powered by WordPress' line at the bottom of your site

Website aesthetic are very important to convey your message to your visitors. If your design doesn't work for your visitors they will leave and as with everything the eye also wants to be pleased!

Choosing the correct theme is thus a very important piece of the puzzle to get make your WordPress website successful. This video will help you finding your perfect theme.
Choosing a theme
Using Specific Wordpress plugins & Widgets
9 Lectures 48:35

Widgets are small 'items' or 'blocks' you can place on your website (or use in your admin dashboard). They can provide a great variety of functionality on your site.

For example think about 'cloud tags' (a 'cloud' of words which you specify as search word, so called key words, with the posts you make) or a 'tell your friends' widget to socially promote your website, a calendar etc.

In this video we explain how to use widgets in WordPress

*Updated 15 Feb 2013

Using widgets in WordPress

This video show you how to work with widgets more advance. Standard most widgets show up on same place on every page in your WordPress website, however you might not want that and just show some widgets on one page and not on other pages.

This video will show you how to do this.

WordPress Widget Logic (advanced Widget use)

You're probably going to want to have a contact form on your website (if you don't you can skip this lecture). However a contact form is a great tool to get yourself spammed if it is not build / configured correctly.

For that reason we will show you in this video how to install and configure the best contact form plugin available for WordPress.
This lecture is part 1 of 2 videos. The second video will be shown in the next lecture.

Creating a contact form on your WordPress site

Part 2 of 2 about the WordPress plugin 'Contact Form 7' about configuring your Contact Form 7 plugin and adding custom fields to the contact form.

Follow up lecture on WordPress Contact Form 7

If you are running a business (either offline or online) testimonials can give you credibility that will help your sales.
In this video we will show you a Testimonial plugin to create a WordPress page to show your business testimonials.

Warning: please don't get tempted to write fake testimonials. This is not only highly unethical but most likely it will hurt your business. People often see through fake testimonials. You can collect testimonials by asking them from your customers after buying your product via direct email or using your website contact form

Display testimonials of your business on your WordPress

Facebook now has 1 billion active users, so it is save to say that almost all, or anyway a significant amount of people visiting your site will have a Facebook account. By now you have learned that interacting with your visitors on your WP blog is a very important thing to do to create a successful website. Giving your visitors to option to place comments on your site as if they were on Facebook gives a whole new level or interaction with your visitors.

This video will show you how to add the option for users to add comments to your WP blog as facebook users.
Facebook Comments on your WP site

Mobile internet is going to outgrow the 'normal' internet as we know it, this is a fact. When this is going to happen is debatable. Some say as early as 2014 other talk about more years to come from now. However the fact is you should be moving along with the developments if you want to keep your business and / or website alive!

This video will show you how to make your WordPress website mobile friendly with a very easy plugin. No need for technical details or programming just follow the easy steps and have your WP site mobile ready!

Make your WordPress site Mobile Friendly

If you are running a website you are going to want some insight on how many visitors you get, who they are where they come from etc. Google Analytics is easily said the most powerfull Analytics software out there, and its 100% free.

Google Analytics also offers some very powerfull features as 'split testing', conversion tracking and more.

This video will explain you how to install the normal tracking code to start getting stats from your website.

Besides installing this plugin I would also recommend you to open a Google Webmaster account here:

And linking it to your site. If you need any help confirming that the site is yours for Google Webmasters feel free to ask here or contact me via my Facebook.
Adding Google Analytics for statistics on your site and more

A sitemap page is a page where you give an quick overview of the whole site making it easier for visitors to find all your content fast. A nice extra is that this also works for search engines, and a general rule of thumb is the easier you make it for search engines to crawl your website the better they will rank.

Making such a sitemap with a good plugin as shown in this video is easy and fast so there is no excuse for not doing it!

Adding a sitemap for your visitors and for SEO
Controlling Wordpress spam
3 Lectures 12:35

Spam is a HUGE problem on the internet, especially with free standardized systems such as WordPress. Spammers take advantage from badly configured WordPress installations to spread their messages. This doesn't only bother your real visitors but is also very bad for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In this lecture we will show you how to configure your WordPress installation to minimize spam.
Note this is NOT YET enough to fight spam! Spammers and their systems are pretty advanced so you need more protection. In the next lecture we will show you one of the most (maybe the most powerful) plugin to block spam

Controlling spam in your WordPress website

This plugin is one of the or even the most powerful plugin to block spam. To use this plugin you need to register on their website to get a free so called 'API key'. All this will be explained in the video.

There are several other plugins to fight spam which can work side-by-side with the Akismet Plugin we talk about in this video.

Essential WordPress plugin in the fight against spam

It is not unthinkable you want to publish an email address on your website so your visitors / prospects can contact you directly. However when you do this automatic so called 'bots' who search the internet can grab your email address and add it to their spam lists.

In this video we will show you how to protect your email address against such bots and software and still publish it for your customers / visitors

Protecting your email address against spam
Wordpress SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
16 Lectures 01:56:56

Standard Wordpress setup is using 'weird' looking links for internal navigation within the website. It is highly recommended to change this to something called 'permalinks' what this means is basically you have 'pretty' url's. There are several ways you can set this up (based on short tags (most SEO friendly) or with date tags).

*This course has been updated 12 Feb 2013

Creating better looking URLs in Wordpress (permalinks)

WordPress has build-in an option to inform search engines about your new content. This is done using a technique called 'pinging'.

In this video we will show you how to set this up in your WordPress installation and start getting the search engines to crawl your website.

*This video has been updated 12 Feb 2013!

Informing the world about your new content automatically (pinging)

Creating custom 404 error pages (page not found error) is very important for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is impossible to avoid search engines and / or visitors to sometimes run into this error with any website after a while of using the site. To not let your visitors down and / or frustrated with your error page you should always offer some content on this page and try to help them as best as you can to get to the content they were looking for!

In this video we will show you how to create a custom 404 page as a first step of doing this.

Creating a custom 404 error page (Not found page) for WordPress

To determine success (or not) you will need to track your visitors. There are many tracking products around on the internet however there is only one that is free and so incredibly detailed that some people are actually making courses on just how to work with the service and that is: 'Google Analytics'.

In this video we will show you how to create an account and set it up within Google Analytics and on your website so you can start tracking your visitors and see which pages are successful and which pages need improvement.

Tracking your WordPress website statistics with Google Analytics

Creating a XML sitemap is an important step for your WordPress site SEO.

A XML site map is like a road direction map specifically for search engines. Officially a sitemap is meant for 'hidden' pages which search engine spiders can't find (due to flash links, JS links etc) however as we all have seen in the past playing in the hands of the big search engines is definitely recommended, the easier it is for their bots to spider your site the more they'll like it!

*lecture updated 15th of Feb 2013
XML Sitemap creation

HeadSpace 2.0 SEO plugin is a powerful all-in-one plugin. In this video we will show you how to use it and configure it for optimal SEO performance.
HeadSpace 2.0 SEO plugin

The all-in-one SEO plugin is a handy plugin to help you improve your on-site SEO by filling out forms and settings in this plugin.

There are a few similar plugins like this, it is important you do not go and use 2 of these plugins at the same time as this will create conflicts. However I do recommend installing one and the all-in-one plugin is a very good candidate!
Using the all-in-one SEO plugin

The world is a big place and has many languages, client in all kinds of different language are looking for information and buy products online. That is why it is a good idea to start internationalizing your WordPress website. However doing human translations is a costly job.

In this video we will show you how to do it for free! This is a perfect beginning to get more international visitors and customers and grow from there to human translated content when needed.

This video is part 1 out of 3.

P.s. also have a look at the 'extras' with this course.
Internationalize WordPress part 1

Part 2 of 3 from the WordPress internationalization lecture. This part is all about SEO and provides you with a GREAT SEO strategy to attract visitors World Wide. This methods works and has been tested!
Internationalize WordPress part 2 (SEO strategy)

LSI Keywords are a fancy way of saying 'keywords that relate' to each other. Nowadays Google is smart enough to relate groups of keywords (when using keyword tool you already see this). This means if you are talking about tennis Google knows that a racket is related to your keyword 'tennis'.

You can take advantage of this for your SEO efforts on your WordPress website. In this video we explain you how to do this by naming your blog categories smartly.
Creating LSI friendly Categories

Ever saw search results in Google with a small head shot photo next to the search listing?
Most likely you did, you know why because they spring out! These photos not only get your site listing more attention but also instant trust. A good head shot next to your search result is a huge trust factor in the search results.

In this video I will explain how to get this photo next to your (WordPress) website listing in Google!
Get your Picture next to your Google Search Result of your WP site!

Do you want to know Google's ultimate trick to get good rankings?

Well it is actually super easy; create a website with awesome value for real people in your target market. So helping visitors navigate and find relative content is a very useful feature to have on your site. Luckily with a simple WordPress plugin this is very easy to achieve!

This video will show you how to do just this.

Help your visitors find related content on your website

RSS feeds is just another tool which can help you in your SEO ranking and getting traffic to your website. In this short video we will show you where to find your RSS feeds on your WordPress website.

This video is part 1 of a 2 part lecture.
Using RSS for SEO and Traffic Part 1 - Finding your WP RSS feed

Part 2 of the using RSS for SEO and traffic generation lecture.

This lecture will show you how to best syndicate your RSS over the web. You can either do it manually or I would recommend using fiverr to have somebody do it for you for 5 bucks.
Using RSS for SEO and Traffic Part 2 - Syndicating your RSS Feed

Yes if you want to do SEO the right way you even need to take your images you use on your website in account. In this video we'll explain to you on how to do this. It is a simple but other crucial SEO step to bring your WordPress website to the next step.
Optimizing Images for SEO

Creating authority for your own website is more and more important to rank your website high in Google. During the last year Google has shown that sites with authority are more and more important.

The best way to create authority for your site is getting other authority sites to link to yours. This video explains you how to use authority sites. Remember sites like facebook / Youtube etc are super high authority sites!

How authority sites can improve your SEO
Maintenance & Tuning of WordPress
7 Lectures 44:50

As with your computer after a longer time of use also WordPress will get clogged after using it for a longer time. To secure fast operations on your website and also security of your website you need to tune up your website every now-and-then.

In this video we will show you how to tune up your WordPress website.
We recommend to do this once every month or 2 months. Depending on how much visitors you have and how active you are on your website.

WordPress Tune-up

Making a back-up of your WordPress website is VITAL for your business, really you should do this at least once a month or better yet, every week. You data is very valuable and you have or will put a lot of time and work into it and it would be very regrettable if you would loose all this work.

In this video lecture we will show you how to back-up your WordPress so you always have your data safe!

Backing up your WordPress website (VITAL Lecture)

After making a back-up of your WordPress website in our previous lecture you might need to use this back-up. To use the back-up you of course need to know how to restore your WordPress using a previously made back-up.

In this video we will show you how to restore your WordPress back-up.

Restoring WordPress back-ups

In case you are not happy with your current hosting company (trust me not so uncommon choosing the wrong one the first time, read the course introduction document for a hosting recommendation) or you want to move to another domain (unless you have some very good reason for this we do not recommend it) you will need to move the whole page which could seem like a very complicated task.

In this video we show you how to do it in easy steps.
Important note: In the video you need to change the directory rights on the server where you are going to move WordPress to 777. When the moving is done and you tested everything you MUST change this back to 644! Leaving it on 777 would be a security risk!

Moving your WordPress website to another domain / hosting

In case you have some old WordPress website on your server 'hanging' around with which you don't do anything any more it is recommended to remove the blog completely. This to make some space on your hosting server or more important old websites which you don't update anymore could be a security risk.

If hackers manage to hack your old, dormant website chances are they can easily access you new active sites on the same server.

If you don't want to loose all data from the website just make a back-up as explained in a previous lecture and then login to your server with your FTP software and download all the content of your back-up folder to your computer.

Deleting a WordPress website via Cpanel

 As follow-up on our previous lecture also a video on how to remove a WordPress installation manually.

Delete your WordPress website manually

When writing post in WordPress the system automatically saves your work and thus revisions. Every time you make a change to any post on your WordPress forum, the system will save a revision. This is nice to have however after some time all these revisions will start to clog up your system and even slow down your site (your database to be exact).

This video will show you how to handle revisions and make sure they don't slow down your website.
WordPress revision controle
WordPress Security (protect yourself from hackers!)
2 Lectures 18:55

Because WordPress is one of the (or perhaps THE) most popular content management systems it is targeted a lot by hackers. And you don't want to expose your (business) website to hackers do you?! 

In this lecture we will show you how to secure your WordPress website using a free plugin which will show you step-by-step on what to do to protect your WordPress website.

Secure your WordPress site (Important Lecture!)

This WordPress security follow-up lecture shows you how to further protect your WordPress installation against hackers using a free plugin called Bulletproof.

We highly recommend following this lecture.
Secure your WordPress site Part 2
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M.S. Steven v.d. Peijl
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Born in The Netherlands in the year 84 in a small city in the south. Always having had a computer and internet in the house (starting with a 56K modem; remember that :) ) I started making websites around 1998.

I received my Bachelor in Communication & MultiMedia Design from the University of Rotterdam and then did my Master in IT with eServices minor in Brisbane Australia (Griffith University).

In 2004 I started my first web shop using my own build shopping cart system. In 2006 my business skyrocketed in the mobile phone niche and this business is still going strong. I now own various websites and do business in a multitude of different niches as product owner and affiliate marketeer.

Being a programmer by heart with a lot of marketing background I combine the power of both those worlds to create successful products.

I'm a worldly citizen and have lived in over 4 continents and over 6 countries for longer period of times and love extreme sports like Snowboard, wakeboarding, fly-boarding etc.