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How To Write an Effective Sales Messages That Will Skyrocket Your Sales and Conversion Rates.
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About This Course

Published 11/2014 English

Course Description

Searching for an Easy to Follow, Up-to-Date Copywriting Course?

Angry at The World Because You Have Such a Nice Product, Yet Get Less Sales Than Competitors with Lower Quality Products?

Don't You Want To Be Able To Tell Your Product’s Story At Its True Potential?

If that's you, then you need this copywriting course more than you need air.

Look, I’m a normal guy, just like you and most people you know. I don’t like to think of myself as a “copywriting guru” as many experts call themselves. Then only thing that I have been privileged with, is to work for about 5 years in the advertising industry and test out dozens of copywriting ideas in tens of markets and see what works and what doesn’t.


Well it’s simple…instead of you spending thousands if not more on advertising to learn from your own mistakes, you will skip all the headaches I had and my years of trial and error. Consider this copywriting course your head-ache pill that you take before even feeling any pain.

And just to make sure…

Do you think I never had failed campaigns? Of course I had.

Here are some other failures as well…

Michael Jordan lost over 300 games in his career.

Dyson had 5,000 failed prototypes before making a vacuum.

Edison failed 10,000 times before creating the light bulb.


But since we live in this information age, everything is now accessible and you can skip parts if not all of the trial phase by learning from someone who has been there done that.

I’m not saying, you will be a world class writer after taking this copywriting course, but if you follow the rules and guidelines I laid out for you I guarantee you will be a damn good copywriter.

Better than most copywriters I’ve seen at top 5 ad agencies anyway…


    ·At least double your conversion rate

    ·At least double your sales

    ·At least double your Click-Through-Rate

    ·Make you get results and turn heads



If in 30 days you don’t get all and more of the results I said, feel free to ask for a 100% refund.

It’s totally within Udemy’s refund policy. And I will ask it for you, that’s how sure I am of the quality and value of this course.

BUT considering I have 3000 students so far with 45 reviews with an average of 5 stars I think my word means more than an empty promise to you.


    ·Essential copywriting elements

    ·Creating head turning headlines

    ·Writing the perfect sales copy

    ·Tweaking your message to perfection


    ·5 years of personal advertising experience

    ·Classic knowledge from the founders of copywriting (Ogilvy, Caples, Scwab)

    ·Updated knowledge from modern experts (Bencivenga, Makepeace, Kern, Godin)


What this course will do for you?

    ·-get you more sales

    ·-make your message more effective

    ·-allow you to tell your story the way it deserves to be told

What this course won’t do for you?

·-write sales copy by itself

Besides following the lectures, taking notes, you have to PRACTICE.And you won’t have to do it alone.

You can ask me anything in the discussions section.

I offer constant support along the way.

I answer all questions within the same day to all my courses (Facebook, Twitter, Copywriting). (Weekends as well…yes I am a workaholic).

So whenever you feel stuck, want feedback or just need a push in the right direction feel free to reach out.


I put a lot of effort in creating video animations so you will find this easy to follow and remember because of the fun and relevant visuals.

Also you have additional resources in case you want to become even better at some of the topics covered.

Print ready snapshots of the lectures that you can easily look at without having to scroll through the full videos.

And quizzes that you can take and solidify your understanding of the principles and concepts of copywriting.

Seriously NOW? What are you waiting for?

This is a no risk shot at making more money promoting what you love!

So either click TAKE THIS COURSE at the top right of this page or continue to accept standard results. It’s Your Choice.

Sincerely (and hopefully not too blunt),

Doru Catana

PS: I really care about the quality of my courses and put a lot of work in research, formatting and also design (that’s why I publish one every few months) but what I do care even more about is getting people across the finish line and getting them to take action. So if you really want to get better at copywriting, I honestly encourage you to take this course.

What are the requirements?

  • Willingness To Learn
  • Passion For Their Business/Product/Brand

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn How To Write Great Copy
  • Double Your Sales In Minutes
  • Tell Your Product's Story As It Deserves To Be Told
  • Increase Conversion Rates Over Night

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone Who Wants More Sales
  • Anyone Who Wants To Get An Idea Heard
  • Entrepreneurs Looking For Glory
  • Small Businesses Who Want To Not Be Small Anymore
  • Advertising Enthusiasts

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: The Mindset

How important is copywriting to your life and business.


What to focus on when preparing to write blockbuster copy!


AIDA - the steps to any sales and what do they mean. It is important that in any sale you don't skip any of these steps otherwise the selling process won't happen. Start with attention, go to interest, achieve desire then take action.


How to get yourself in that state of flow and unleash your creative self.


What are you really selling? What emotions does your sales copy and product trigger? Are you using those emotions to your advantage or are you just writing product specs?


Proof that the more things change the more they stay the same as far as human wants and needs go.


What are you really selling? Have you maybe considered that there are more layers of value to your product than just features?


Learn how to sit down and really understand your prospect and discover the true reasons behind his purchase.


Find out what are the needs of your prospect and what has priority in detriment of what. Easy and simply explained.

4 questions

See if you got the basics from chapter 1. If you don't pass this, better check again the lectures.

Section 2: The Headline

What is the main role of your headline. Most people try to sell in the headline, but that's a big mistake. Above anything your headline needs to grab attention and convert viewership to readership.


What are the priorities of your prospect and how to place your own product or service inside that realm of interest.


Why we prioritize urgent things in the detriment of long term problems with more rewarding benefits and how selling has more to do with psychology rather than logic.


Victor Schwab's 10 Most Favorite Headlines that will help you get started in case you don't have any ideas to begin with. Also make sure to check the full list of 100 ideas.


Four headline idea starters that will help you get going when ideas are scarce. Once in the zone, ideas will just start flowing. Consider this your morning coffee when it comes to writing copy.


Find out if your headline is ready for the world's eyes according to a test developed by the founding fathers of copywriting, David Ogilvy.


In this video we talk about 3 strategies that will multiply your marketing efforts. First remember that your coy needs to be specific, then remember to make things easy for your customer (easy to understand, easy to read, easy to buy) and last but not least make sure that your copy is credible.


The 16 point checklist to which you can put your headlines against and see if it has potential. While this list is a guideline, following it has proven to get better results when writing copy.


17 headline idea starters that will get you out of a jam where you are all out of ideas for your next award winning headline. The principles behind these suggestions have been proven and tested countless times so you don't have to.

3 questions

Let's see how much you know about your headline.

Section 3: The Body Copy and The Sale

Find out where in your prospect's mind are you with your sales pitch? Are they interested? Do they have something else on their mind? How exactly should you approach this situation.


The 8 preliminary sales you need to make prior to making the actual sale. Once these are out of the way the sale comes natural with no headaches to either you or the buyer.


What are the 10 core components of every sales copy. Find out if you are using the right roadmap to generate the sale in the easiest way possible.


Find out all the steps you need to take in order to streamline any sale process. You can start by making the process more fun, building trust, showcasing benefits, creating a sense of urgency, solving objections and last but not least you will learn how to close.


Find out in just a few minutes if your copy has all or any of these crucial qualities that all great copy shares.


The 9 ways to boost the selling power of your copy endorsed by the no other than John Caples, one of the founding fathers of copywriting. Learn the power of a headline, being specific and endorsed by studies and industry authorities. Make sure your improve your copy using these 9 tips.

3 questions

Let's see how your doing...

Section 4: The Finishing Touches

Find out the best 18 ways to keep your copy simple and to check mistakes and things that you can improve.


Find out what are the 24 most powerful words in the English language. The research was done by Yale University and one of the founding fathers of modern advertising Victor Schwab, each bringing 12 words to the table.


5 Interesting ways to say more with less in your copy. Use the power of metaphors, idiots, similes and last but not least illustrations. Reach the peak of the copywriting game with these essential tips.


3 Simple and yet very effective ways to spot weak copy before hitting that PUBLISH button. Make sure to always check them before going live. These few minutes early on can save you a lot more down the road.


Learn the basic principles of graphic design. And this is not Photoshop training, I am talking about the bigger picture. Things like formatting, sizing, colors, proof elements and so on.


Discover all the other tips and tricks that didn't exactly fit any other category all grouped-up in this interesting training mix. Discover the additional skills that make the difference between winning the copywriting game and being close.


You finished. Congratulations.

As my departing words I want to remind you that many start, few finish, and today, you are one of those.

May you finish with the same effectiveness and swiftness all your life goals.

Section 5: Resources & PDF Summaries
2 pages

PDF format summary of the first lecture.

3 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 2.

1 page

PDF Summary of lecture 3

3 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 4

4 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 5.

15 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 6.

3 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 7

4 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 8.

1 page

PDF Summary of lecture 9.

4 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 10.

6 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 11

6 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 12.

11 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 13

4 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 14.

7 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 15.

3 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 16.

16 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 17.

16 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 18.

2 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 19.

8 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 20.

1 page

PDF Summary of lecture 21.

13 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 22.

1 page

PDF Summary of lecture 23.

9 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 24.

19 pages

18 Ways To Kiss - PDF Summary of lecture 25.

1 page

PDF Summary of lecture 26.

6 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 27.

1 page

PDF Summary of lecture 28.

1 page

PDF Summary of lecture 29.

7 pages

PDF Summary of lecture 30.

1 page

PDF Summary of the final lecture.

179 pages

Full Course PDF Summary

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Instructor Biography

Doru Catana, Digital Marketing Specialist & Productivity Enthusiast

I’ve always been passionate about growing businesses

Started out working in a marketing agency, then went to freelancing, grew that into my own agency with a team of 6 managing hundreds of campaigns both big and small, then decided I can’t reach enough people that way.

So I decided to teach, but not just information void of practical application. But things you learn and then put to use the same day and get results.

Few years later the courses I created helped thousands of businesses and professionals all over the world, with Udemy alone having over 10,000 satisfied students.

My mission remains the same as it was when I started out, to impact in a positive way as many businesses and people passionate about results as I can.

And you can TEST my commitment to that mission quite easily!

 Simply reach out to me.

There is no question asked or comment unanswered by me personally within 24 hours of it being sent. Even if you are not a student I still try to help out as much as I can.

Watch my courses chronologically.

And see how they only get better and better both in expertise and format. Better design, cleaner audio, more research put in. MORE WORK.

Or my favorite

Put into practice what I teach and you will see the results I want all my students to get.

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