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Wing Chun Self Defence

This is the second stage of your training; now that you know yourself you can begin knowing your Enemy.
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Created by SiFu Wong
Last updated 4/2016
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What Will I Learn?
Training your natural awareness to increase your perception of situations.
How to deal with a variety of scenarios
Understanding the mindset for self-defense
Positioning the body correctly, knowing where and how to stand
Common attacks and how to defend
Controlling your attacker
Understanding your power
Instinctive responses
Learn to protect your family and people you care about
Situational awareness prevents problems before they start
Dealing with multiple:
Weapon attacks
Attacking vulnerable points of the body
Conditioning your body into a weapon
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  • A good foundation in the Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao coure will make this easier & more effective
  • Ability to listen and follow instructions
  • Interested in fitness and self-defence
  • An open mind and willingness to learn
  • Take there time, don’t hurry, Be Patient
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes
  • Reasonable level of fitness

The Master Wong Wing Chun Self Defense training course is a complete guide to protecting yourself on the street. These EASY TO UNDERSTAND training videos are GUARANTEED to teach you everything you need to get yourself out of a difficult maybe even life-threatening situation if you are attacked while you are outside the safety of your home

Self Defense training is practical, filmed out on the street, in the environment you will encounter and works on applying techniques face to face with your partner. By practicing through a variety of scenarios and using drills to improve your reactions you will be able to act instinctively when you are under threat and do what needs to be done to protect yourself or those you care about.

Master Wong is your personal guide through the world of self defense and will put himself in dangerous spots and explain how to escape and make sure your attacker cant continue to bother you and will probably never want to bother anyone ever again.

The user-friendly style of this production makes Master Wong your real life personal trainer! He will be with you through out each scenario and training exercise to coach and guide you, helping you to complete each task. Not all Self-defense is created equal! This modern realistic approach to training provided in HD brings you the secrets of the ancient art of war applied to dangers you are likely to face today. This is your interactive step-by-step course, provided by Master Wong, making it easy for anyone, anywhere to learn Self Defense and gain confidence and awareness when the are out on the street.

Master Wong welcomes comments and questions from students and is constantly working to improve the quality of this instructional material. New videos will be regularly updated. So if there's a scenario you would like Master Wong to cover, contact us. You may well find this scenario included in our up coming content.

Who is the target audience?
  • Learn to protect yourself and the ones you love
  • Interested in learning how to be more confident and more self assured, interested in Martial Arts or Self Defense
  • Interested in learning Self Defense
  • Must be physically able to take this course.
  • Any medical issues, you must consult with a medical professional
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 205 Lectures Collapse All 205 Lectures 11:48:16
Free Training Lesson
5 Lectures 25:08

How to defend against a headlock - In this free training video, Master Wong is asked to demonstrate how to escape the headlock. This common grappling technique can cause issues for both experienced fighters and beginners alike. Master Wong explains how to eliminate this threat using correct body positioning, good technique and clean posture. 

Preview 07:23

How to remove someone from a bar without hurting them - Exercising restraint when dealing with an intoxicated or angry opponent is an important concept to learn. In this video, Master Wong demonstrates how to safely remove an unpredictable opponent from a night club or bar area without causing lasting damage. 

How to remove someone from a bar without hurting them

How to defend against a headlock 2 - This lesson explains in further detail the core principals and techniques needed to defend against the headlock technique. Master Wong explains the importance of 'pain compliance techniques' and correct body positioning to make defending against the headlock as simple as possible. 

How to defend a headlock

How to fight someone without hurting them - As mentioned in previous videos, exercising restraint during a physical conformation is an important concept to learn. 

In this video, Master Wong demonstrates his unique form of self defence and the difference between defending against your opponent and hurting your opponent. The importance of your skill level regarding the amount of damage you deal plays a major role in this lesson. 

How to fight someone without hurting them

How to attack the kneecap - In this free training video, Master Wong demonstrates a common self defence technique that relies on the practitioners basic understanding of their own combat ability. Learning how to use the leg to attack the kneecap is one of the most accessible self defence techniques in the Master Wong System. 

How to attack the kneecap
Introduction to the Wing Chun Self-Defence
3 Lectures 05:27
Welcome to Wing Chun Self-Defence

Wing Chun Self-Defence Introduction

Master Wong Message
Master Wong Live Class
10 Lectures 28:23

As an introduction to the course, Master Wong has provided some specific snippets from his live seminars that are directly relevant to this Wing Chun Self Defence course. Not only do these lessons have great tips and advice that you can implement and use instantly but it will also give you insight into how to conduct yourself when teaching larger groups of people – particularly students that aren’t from the same martial arts background that you teach.

Live class explanation

Taking safety precautions during any kind of combat training is crucial to avoid unnecessary injury. In this video, Master Wong explains to several experienced martial artists the importance of adjusting your technique during training to avoid unnecessary injury 

Preview 02:24

In this class footage, Master Wong explains the importance of utilizing your legs to control your opponent whilst engaged in the ground fight. Master Wong also explains the importance of utilizing the legs to deal with multiple attackers. 

Controlling your opponent using legs

In another section of class footage, Master Wong demonstrates how to utilize basic self defence techniques to defend against the push attack and the punch. Master Wong explains how each technique is used in a step by step explanation. 

Preview 03:05

In this video, Master Wong demonstrates basic defence against the straddle punching technique commonly known as the 'ground and pound'. Learning how to defend against attacks whilst knocked down or forced to the ground is a skill each student should learn to remain safe. 

Ground and pound defence explaned

Master Wong explains how to overcome the feeling of fear and sense of dread that comes with being thrown into the real combat situation. Master Wong also explains in further detail what type of training the practitioner should practice to prepare themselves for combat.

How to overcoming fear

In this class footage, Master Wong demonstrates the correct ground fighting technique to defend against the throat grab. Master Wong continues to demonstrate to students how correct technique, pain compliance and a good understanding of your martial art all collaborate to make a skilled fighter. 

Trouble shooting throat grab

This video explains the importance of 'pain compliance techniques' and their role within the Master Wong system. Master Wong demonstrates how effective these techniques are to control and manipulate the opponent. This video includes a clear demonstration of how to 'takedown' the opponent. 

Understanding pain compliance

In this lesson, Master Wong demonstrates his unique cover style of defence against the jab and cross punches. The posting of the 'cover' and the utilization of the waist are explained in detail to ensure that students understand how to correctly defend against multiple punches. 

Understanding the angle of cover

The last video in this section shows how to deal with an armed opponent. Master Wong demonstrates how to make use of basic self defence techniques to defend against an opponent armed with both a blade and a firearm. 

Master Wong also touches upon the 4 basic rules of combat and mentality in the Master Wong system, and explains how these unique set of rules guide the practitioner’s actions during combat. 

What to do when you discover a weapon
The Difference Between Self Defense and Martial Arts
1 Lecture 03:57

Master Wong explains the key differences between martial arts systems and self defence styles. Master Wong divulges how martial arts training can enhance self defence training, and compares the mind sets of both the martial arts trained fighter and the self defence trained fighter. 

The Difference Between Self Defense and Martial Arts
Prevention is Better than Cure
2 Lectures 03:14

Master Wong explains the 'traffic light style' of information, and how it is used to educate students on each aspect of the self defence module. The idea of preventing instead of entering the combat situation is also discussed. 

Prevention is Better than Cure

Your first piece of homework. This lesson includes a fact filled 12 paged E book explaining the 'traffic light style' of safety used within the Master Wong system. The E book explains how to stay safe in times of low to high levels of threat, and explains the four pillars of mental progression within the Master Wong System. The E book is your guide to staying safe throughout your day to day life. Follow the booklet, stay aware and stay safe. 

Self Defence- Fighting without Fighting
12 pages
Awareness and Mind set for Self-Defence
4 Lectures 11:46

Master Wong explains the correct mentality each student should develop for the self defence module. The 4 basic rules of the Street Fight and Self Defence Module are explained in detail. 

Awareness and Mind set for Self-Defence

Master Wong discusses one of the 4 basic rules in the Self Defence Modules, Know your Enemy. This concept is designed to teach students how to gain an enhanced awareness of their potential threats and to identify their 'enemies' outside of their 'safe zone', in day to day life. 

Know your Enemy

Master Wong discusses another basic concept of the Self Defence Module, Know your Ability. This concept is designed to make the student question if they can realistically use their skills and abilities in a real world situation. This idea enables the student to truly understand their combat capability. 

Know your Ability

Master Wong discusses the last of the basic concepts relating to the Self Defence Module, Know your Surroundings. This concept is designed to to teach the student how to make use of the objects and surroundings they come into contact with on a day to day basis to give a significant advantage during combat. Do you dress in suitable clothing? Can you make use of your phone, your keys or the change in your pocket? Do you know how to utilise your immediate surroundings? These are some of the questions that you have to answer as a student of the system.

Know your Surroundings
What is Reasonable Force in Self Defense
1 Lecture 03:02

Master Wong explains the idea of reasonable force, and how this idea works during combat. Master Wong expands upon this idea by explaining the concept of 'equal force', and how these concepts can be applied in different countries and scenarios.

What is Reasonable force in Self Defense
Key Points of Body Positioning
4 Lectures 13:52

In this training video, Master Wong demonstrates the deceptive, seemingly casual fighting stances of the self defence system. The unique nature of these stances, telegraphs a passive, non-aggressive method of defence to the opponent. Master Wong then demonstrates basic self defence techniques from these positions. 

Casual Stance Explained

This video covers the second of three casual stances used in the Self Defence Module. Master Wong explains the advantages of the second stance, the 'Doorman Stance' and demonstrates simple self defence techniques from this position. 

Doorman Stance Explained

This training video covers the third casual stance, the 'Interview Stance'. The most deceptive position of the 3 stances, Master Wong explains how to utilise your body positioning to create an effective defence. This video demonstrates the importance of utilising a whole body movement to avoid attacks. 

Interview Stance Explained

Key Points of Body Positioning Summary
Targeting Vulnerable Points of the Body
7 Lectures 28:45

Master Wong explains which areas of the body are more susceptible to attack, and discusses what techniques deal the most damage on various parts of the body. It's important for the student to learn how to damage the opponent in the simplest most effective way possible. 

Targeting Vulnerable Points of the Body

In this training video, Master Wong demonstrates how to locate and attack the sensitive pressure points of the upper body. Master Wong explains how to attack these pressure points from the opponents first initial attack, and goes on to demonstrate why these pressure points are so crucial to control and overcome the attacker. 

Attacking using Pressure Points Explained

This video gives a step by step demonstration of how to incorporate the chop and palm strike into the same self defence movement. Master Wong also explains the importance of body positioning and hand placement to enable the student to deliver a significant level of force.

Attacking using the Chop-Palm Explained

This lesson explains where and how to use the standard punch and the hammer fist technique on your opponent. Master Wong demonstrates variations of the basic punch, and explains how to apply these punches to the vulnerable parts of the body. Advantages of the hammer-fist strike, it's variations and it's use during combat are also explained. 

Attacking using Punching and Hammer Fist Explained

This video explains how to use different variations of the elbow strike correctly. Master Wong explains where the most effective targets for each elbow strike are located, as well as demonstrating how to apply the elbow strike against an opponent’s initial attack. The elbow strike can be extremely useful in close quarters combat. This lesson teaches students how to make use of this versatile technique.

Attacking using the Elbow Explained

The knee strike is another attack that can be extremely effective in close quarters combat. In this lesson, Master Wong explains how and where to use the knee strike on the vulnerable parts of the body to dominate the fight situation quickly and effectively. Variations of the standard knee strike are also discussed and explained. 

Attacking using the Knee Explained

In this video, Master Wong discusses the key points regarding this section of the training course. Master Wong explains safety precautions, the reasoning behind targeting vulnerable areas and encourages questions from you, the students.

Targeting Vulnerable Points of the Body Summary
Kicking Vulnerable Points of the Body
5 Lectures 16:58

In this brief introduction to the next section, Master Wong discusses the main benefits of target training. Master Wong also explains the ideal way to train with a partner, and relates back to the second rule of the Self Defence Module, 'Know your Enemy'. 

Kicking Vulnerable Points of the Body

In this lesson, Master Wong demonstrates key applications of the round and side kick, two of the strongest techniques at a students disposal for long range fighting. Master Wong shows how to effectively utilise these two kicks to attack the vulnerable, weaker areas of the opponent. 

Kicking at Long Range Explained

Master Wong demonstrates the effectiveness of both the front kick and the chop kick. This lesson explains where and how to target the opponent to deal maximum damage with each kick. Master Wong also explains the importance of developing accurate kicking skills. 

Kicking at Mid Range Explained

This lesson shows how to dominate your opponent in the close range with both the foot stomp and the low ‘hook’ kick (Inside Heel Kick). Master Wong demonstrates how to utilise each kick to cause heavy damage to the opponents lower body, giving you a significant advantage in close range combat. 

Kicking at Close Range Explained

Master Wong discusses the key points of this section and invites questions from students to give a more comprehensive overview of the training where needed. 

Kicking Vulnerable Points of the Body Summary
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About the Instructor
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Kung Fu Master - Sifu Wong is the creator of the MWS

About: Sifu Wong The ability to gain access to the best teachers in China and a personal unrelenting dedication to being the best makes Sifu Wong the ideal candidate to share true Mastery of the Martial arts with the rest of the world. 'As a martial arts instructor it is my sincere desire for all of my students worldwide to gain the skills they need and improve the quality of their lives, by following the principles of my system. It is possible for any one whatever your starting point is to achieve a more balanced mind and a stronger body by adopting the core principles of the Master Wong system'

The 4 keys to mental understanding

  • The purity of your intent The focus of your will The level of your awareness The quality of your character

The 4 pillars of physical training

  • Know yourself Know your enemy Know your ability Know your surroundings

This system provides the knowledge to achieve genuine skills in martial arts and a mind set for success throughout your life. Take the opportunity to access our free content on YouTube and for more information go to our website Specialties in: Wing Chun - Tai Chi - JKD

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