Windows 10 for Seniors
4.2 (14 ratings)
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Windows 10 for Seniors

The complete A-Z system for getting the pain out of Windows 10
4.2 (14 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
233 students enrolled
Created by Vonnie Hudson
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Confidently control Windows 10
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  • You will need to have an intermediate understanding of older version of Windows such as Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.1

This is the proven system for attacking the biggest problems you are experiencing with Windows 10 right now.

This course isn't for everyone.

If you're looking for a comprehensive reference that addresses every Windows 10 issue under the sun then your time and money would be better used elsewhere; there are numerous reference books online that are quite good.

This course is for people over 50 years old who want to get going with Windows 10 fast without fumbling around relearning the basics or dealing with tools and features they would never use anyway.

This course doesn't waste any time and almost immediately jumps into walking you through the transition from older versions of Windows to Windows 10. After watching the first few videos you'll already feel more comfortable with Windows 10 (especially if you've never seen it before).

After a week of going through the content you'll become a more agile and confident Windows 10 user. 

After three months you'll be helping others and a year after completing this material, you'll be a completely different person; deftly clicking open Windows and unabashedly taking on the newest update Microsoft forces on you.

You see, this course isn't just about Windows 10 - it's about creating a transformation in your life.

This of this course as in investment in yourself.

An investment in the change you're about to bring into your life and an investment in the lives of your friends and family as you make a positive impact in their lives.

There are certainly other Windows 10 courses online and many are free. If you're just looking for a simple answer to a few questions then those courses might suit you.

But if you're serious about understanding Windows 10 and rooting out the pain then this course is for you.  

I simply haven't found another system that's:

  1. Custom tailored to the unique challenges of Seniors
  2.  And is made for Seniors who have prior experience with Windows and simply want Windows 10 to work in a natural and intuitive fashion.

Instead of wasting your time on Google, Youtube and other sources, make an investment in yourself today and become a proficient Windows 10 user today. I promise you won't regret it.


Who is the target audience?
  • People age 50 and older who have prior experience with Windows but need help getting comfortable with Windows 10
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Curriculum For This Course
43 Lectures
4 Lectures 17:31

Welcome to Module 0: Introductions! I've got a short introduction to this module that I want you to watch before we jump in. Please take a moment to check it out

Preview 00:32

Now is a good time for me to introduce myself to you.  Check out this quick video I made so you can learn a little bit about me before we jump into the material.

Preview 07:26

I wanted to take a moment to share what you're going to learn in this course.

What you will learn in this course

And here's what you need to get prepared to maximize your learning experience in this course.

What you need to prepare
6 Lectures 01:18:06

So the first thing we need to talk about is this: Why on earth did Microsoft name it Windows 10 instead of 9? Doesn't Microsoft know how to count?  They skipped over 8!  In this entertaining video lesson i'll offer my best theories but ultimately leave you to decide.

Oh and by the way, if you could share your feedback with this lesson I would really appreciate it - that way I can work to make it better! Please click this link to share your opinion.

Welcome to Windows 9! I mean... 10

Okay okay, I get it.  Windows XP is arguably one of the most stable and beloved operating systems around but there are several good reasons to abandon it.  In this lesson, I'll iron out the facts.

Oh and by the way, if you could share your feedback with this lesson I would really appreciate it - that way I can work to make it better! Please click this link to share your thoughts.

If you're still using XP...

Alright, so now we're going to get into some meat.  In this lesson you'll learn about how Windows 10 differs from Windows 8.1 and 7.  We're going to look at:

  • the new Start Menu
  • Universal Apps
  • the new Settings App
  • and the Windows Store app
Windows 7 and 8.1 vs Windows 10 (Round 1)

Round 2 is all about:

  • The new Notification Center
  • Cortana
  • and TaskView (aka virtual desktops)

You don't want to miss it.

Windows 7 and 8.1 vs Windows 10 (Round 2)

Alright, so this is the final lesson in our three part series on getting comfortable with the new (and seemingly strange) features in Windows 10.  You're going to learn about:

  • Microsoft Edge: the IE killer
  • All about Microsoft Accounts
  • Security features
  • and a little surprise at the end :)
Windows 7 and 8.1 vs Windows 10 (Round 3)
7 Lectures 01:28:06

It's time to tackle some of the most annoying issues with Windows 10: Activation, updates and upgrades!  


The way Microsoft does licensing can be confusing so first we're going to get a firm understanding of Microsoft's licensing model then I'll take you through a super quick walk through of a clean install.

Please share your feedback about this video lesson by clicking here.

Negotiating the pitfalls of licensing and activation

If your machine is still running Windows 7 or 8.1 this video lesson will show you how to stop Microsoft from forcing you to upgrade to Windows 10. Tell me what you think about this lesson by clicking here.

How to block the forced upgrade

Most upgrades are smooth; however, here's what to do if things go south.  Leave your thoughts about this lesson here.

What will the upgrade break?

And now ladies and gentleman for our main event: the upgrade!  Here's a quick walkthrough of a complete upgrade.

Upgrading to Windows 10

In this lesson we're going to investigate the steps you can take to make sure you have a clean upgrade.  I'll also show you waht to do when the errors start to swarm your screen. Please share your thoughts about this lesson here.

When the upgrade fails...

Yes yes yes! Finally, there's a way to control updates in Windows 10.  I'll show you everything I know n this lesson.  Oh, and tell me what you think about this lesson by clicking the link here.

How to control the Update Process
5 Lectures 53:41

It's time to maximize the speed and efficiency of your Windows 10 box!


Is your CPU hot enough to fry an egg? I hope not - in this video lesson I'll show you how to investigate an overheating CPU.

By the way, please tell me what you think of this video lesson by clicking the link here.

Is your CPU overheating?

Is your CPU hot enough to fry an egg? I hope not - in this video lesson I'll show you how to investigate an overheating CPU.

By the way, please tell me what you think of this video lesson by clicking the link here.

Preview 13:28

This lesson is all about removing stubborn software. Tell me what you tihnk about it here!

How to completely remove a program

Here are my five favorite tips and tricks for keeping Windows 10 running at maximum speed. Let me know what you think about this lesson here.

5 tricks to speed up Windows 10
5 Lectures 01:18:29

Privacy.  The word is the antithesis of everything Microsoft stands for.  When was the last time Microsoft actually respected your privacy? 


Do you know what my initial thoughts were when I first saw Windows 8? 

"What the heck is this?"

It was shocking.  The screen looked so garish, so immature, almost like it was designed for children. In this lesson I'm going to show you my best tips for making hte user interface feel like it was made for grownups.

Tell me what you think about this lesson by clicking here.

Making Windows 10 feel like it was made for adults

Windows 10 is unquestionably the most intrusive operating system created yet.  I feels like Microsoft wants to know everything about you!  In this video lesson I'lll take you through a brief walk through the most important parts of the Privacy statement and most of your privacy settings.

This is one of the longest videos in the course so get comfortable because I have a lot to share with you.

I also want to hear from you: please share your opinion about this video lesson here.

Preview 29:32

In this lesson we're dive into Microsoft accounts.  I'll explain what they are and how you can lock them down and protect them.  In the second half of the lesson we talk about how to tweak some of the privacy settings in Microsoft Edge

Preview 21:50

In this last part journey into protecting your privacy in Windows 10, we'll finish up with the rest of the privacy settings and round things out with a brief explanation of BitLocker.

Tell me what you think about this lesson by clicking here!

Securing Windows from Microsoft's prying eyes (Part 3)
6 Lectures 59:46

It doesn't matter how new your Windows 10 PC is, or how well you take care of it; inevitably, it will slow down and suffer from performance issues.  In this lesson I'll show you how to speed up your PC and get it running like new again.


Here's a quick tip to get Cortana in your country if she isn't available there yet.  Let me know what you think about this video lesson on my survey form here.

Cortana in your country

This was one of my favorite lessons to build.  You'll learn why PINs trump passwords and the beauty of a little known (and used) featured called picture passwords. Tell me what you think about this lesson by clicking this link!

PINS and Passwords

A few years ago I was working on my coworkers grandmothers PC and before my butt hit the chair I saw the problem: her toolbar was something like 4 rows deep.  She had so many junk extensions installed that her browser was basically beggin' for mercy.  

In this video lesson you're going to learn how to smash this problem.

Tell me what you think by filling out the short survey here.

How to remove those pesky toolbars

Moving your Libraries (such as your Photos, Videos, Documents and Music) to a separate hard drive can yield significant performance advantages.  In this video lesson I'll walk you through setting this up.

And please tell me what you think about this video lesson by clicking the feedback link here.

How to move your Libraries to a second drive

Backups are one of those things that very few people do and out of the few who actually do backups, many of those backups were done inefficiently.  That's why in this video lesson I wanted to quickly show you a a trick for triumphing over your backup strategy. Let me know what you think about this lesson here.

The only backup strategy you need
Odds and Ends
5 Lectures 17:15

This module is a miscellaneous module covering everything from dealing with the "Preparing for Automatic Repair" error message some people see and installing Windows 10 on legacy hardware.  Think of it like a quick reference you can consult when you experience an issue.


One of the most common errors people experience with Windows 10 is the infamous "Preparing for Automatic Repair" reboot loop.  You might want to use this video lesson as a reference that you can consult if you ever experience this issue.

P.S., and please tell me what you think about this video lesson here.  I'm always looking for ways to improve this course.

Preparing for automatic repair...

Sometimes the idiosyncracies of Windows 10 are too much to ignore.  If you ever discover applications automatically open simply because your mouse cursor is hoving over them, then this one is for you.  

Share your feedback on this video lesson by clicking here.

How to stop things from opening on hover

Don't you hate it when Windows get's in the way of itself?  For example, you're trying to complete the benign task of saving a file... and well it barks at you.  Or you're trying to close a document but it refuses to let go of the application.

In this video lesson we'll takle these issues and more. Tell me what you tihnk about it by clicking this link.

When you can't close or save your files...

The great thing about Windows 10 is that it doesn't ask for much so installing it on limited or old hardware isn't so bad.  In this super quick video lesson I'll give you everything you need to get going.

Click here to share your thoughts about this video lesson.

Installing Windows 10 on limited or legacy hardware
5 Lectures 22:18

Resources, resources resources!  Check out my favorite websites to learn more about Windows 10 and gain additional support.


Resources! These are my favorite resources for learning more about Windows 10.  If you know of any other great Win10 resources please share them with your peers by entering them in the comments below!


3 Windows 10 Resources

In this video lesson you'll step behind the curtain into my private studio to see how I created these lessons.  We'll review the hardware gadgets and software I used and I'll even show you the creative process I took to design and layout the material.  Enjoy.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Behind the scenes

Congratulations! You've completed the core course material.  In this lesson I'll show you what's next and where you can go from here.  As always, please tell me what you think about this video lesson here.

Where to go from here

Less than 1% of Udemy students actually leave reviews but this makes it harder for everyone as they try to decide which course is right for them.  If you could take a moment to leave a review below that would be awesome.  You'll be helping your peers and helping me improve the course in the future! Thank you

Don't forget to leave me an honest review! Thank you
About the Instructor
Vonnie Hudson
4.2 Average rating
14 Reviews
233 Students
1 Course
Ethical Hacker and Teacher

I'll never forget the day I first got hacked.

I was fooling around in an AOL chat room downloading little hacking programs called proggies and punters. I thought I was special, or leet as they call it, simply because I had a lowercase screenname which made me a bit mysterious since AOL didn't let ordinary people create lowercase names (called icases); my icase indicated that I knew how to "hack" the system.

I also commanded a vast array of punters including Fate X, HaVok Platinum, Firetoolz and Area51. Punters were tiny programs that let you violate AOL's terms of service by booting innocent people off AOL. If someone made me mad I would just click a button and send them into oblivion. The victim would almost immediately be forced to logoff and go through the painful process of dialing-up and reconnecting.. These proggies also let you scroll text super fast which would prevent other people from chatting and force them to leave the room.

Now that that I think about it, I was was probably at the apex of immaturity but I was barely in middle school and booting people offline was simply too much fun.

But one day I met my match.

I downloaded a program that was purportedly a new punter that had a bevy of features that my other tools lacked. Everything was fun in the beginning but after a few days weird things started happening to my computer.

For example, my CD-ROM would randomly open on its own, my mouse cursor seemed to move without my input and strange programs would sometimes leap onto my screen and then instantly vanish.

I was freaking out! It's really hard to describe just how scary this was.

I had no idea what was happening but I had to find out. Apparently whoever, (or whatever) had seized control of my computer didn't make any effort to hide his or her antics. After a few weeks of complete frustration, a chat box popped on my screen from an unknown name. I was the guy who hacked me. He started to taunt me by saying things like "i got you" or "your password is 1234567"

This is when I made it my mission to figure out as much as I could about this person and his methodology. After several interactions I learned he was using a remote access trojan called SubSeven. I quickly scoured the internet looking for this tool and once I found it I found my new love.

That's how I got into cybersecurity and ethical hacking. I was hacked and wanted to learn how it happened.

Unfortunately, back in middle school my motives weren't so pure and I used my new skills to hack other victims; however, after graduating from high school and with a little prodding by my dad to explore programming, I decided I wanted to major in Computer Science to do good in the world.

Since then I've never looked back.

So who am I? My name is Vonnie Hudson and I have over 13 years of hands-on experience maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing computer software and hardware. I actually started my career as a technical support analyst at a satellite internet company and eventually landed a job at IBM as a security engineer. From there I became the IT director of a large multimedia enterprise based in Time Square, New York.

I'm currently a Senior CyberSecurity Analyst at a large D.C based firm and I regularly contribute to the information security community by attending information security conferences and webinars and sharing my knowledge on my blog and email list.

My blog, fixedByVonnie, gets about half a million visitors per month. The articles span topics ranging from speeding up your browser to ethical hacking with Kali Linux.

I'm also an author and have published a highly rated Windows 8.1/10 Kindle book on Amazon. And always being an avid learner myself, I hold numerous industry standard certifications in good standing including the A+, Network+, Security+, CCNA, CCNP, CISSP and GCIH.

I have a lively Youtube channel, loyal Twitter following and a bunch of book and video ideas which I can't wait to implement. Thanks for reading my profile and checking out my videos - it's going to be a fun ride!

I think my teaching style is a bit unique. I try to respect your time by quickly getting into the content but I also let my personality bleed into everything I do. My videos sometimes feel like you have your very own guru sitting next to you showing you step-by-step how to learn. I promise you that you'll not only get your solid fill of content from my videos but also take away few laughs alone the way. I can't wait to see you inside!

Thanks again