What your children want to know from you before you die.

Answers to the the most important life questions you have on capturing your love, wishes and memories for your children.
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About This Course

Published 7/2015 English

Course Description

[updated November 2015 with new skills] I hope you don't die before your time! And I bet my mom and dad hoped for the same thing when they were alive...but life is unpredictable and sad things happen unexpectedly.

Your children also NEED something from you, but don't know how to ask you for it....so how can you tell them what they want to know from you?

This course is totally unique and is not found anywhere else. This is your one chance right now to access our research of the last 15 years into what people want to know when they are about to die, and what they wish they had done and said to their loved ones.

If only my mother had done this course... then she would have known what to do and say that would have satisfied this deep longing I have for knowing who she was and what she felt about me.

This is a short (watch it in one go), inspiring and powerful course that supports you in capturing and creating your Conscious Memories that answer:

  • The 6 questions you need to answer for your children before you die.
  • The 5 answers you should explain about your experience of being a parent.
  • The steps to creating a LIVING MEMORY WILL.
  • The process to create a personal legacy for your children.
  • ..and much more

And it is not about death. Its actually about LIVING and creating incredible memories for you and your children to access in Life, and in case of dying.

I wish I could say you have nothing to lose in doing this course... but in fact, you have EVERYTHING to lose if you don't because if you die early, your children lose your memories of them, and as you grow older your memory also deteriorates and you lose those as well.

After watching this course, you will know how to capture and record that which is the most important thing we come to treasure.

What are the requirements?

  • This course is not about death, but actually about capturing what we value in life.
  • This course is not about instilling fear or worry in you, but in supporting you to create a lasting legacy.
  • No prior knowledge or preparation needed

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Answer the 6 most important questions your children want answers to in case you die early.
  • Create a "LIVING MEMORY WILL" in case you die early.
  • Create a strategy to 'cheat death' so your legacy carries on for your children.
  • Know the 5 questions to ask your child so they are ready to record their own conscious memories.
  • Create the steps to share your 'parenting journey' so when your children are parents themselves, they will understand why you parent how you do right now.
  • Capture and record your most valuable thoughts and memories for your children.

Who is the target audience?

  • Every loving parent and grandparent
  • For parents of any age who have kids of any age
  • For the beginner parent or teacher to the professional parent coaches and counsellors.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
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Get rewarded.
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Section 1: This course will give you something you have never had before.

Welcome to a different kind of course!

This is not the normal kind of "learning course."

In fact, this course is more about inspiring you to ensure you can give your children something that money or time can't buy.

Giving your children YOUR moemories of them, capture in real time opens up a whole new definition of 'leaving a legacy'.

  • We cover the things your children will want to know from you before you die.
  • We speak about how you can pre-write letters for their important future events.
  • We then cover how valuable it would be to record the answers to questions about your child on their birthdays so that they could see themselves through your eyes as they grow up, and also how you can remind yourself of how you saw them when they were younger.
  • We then go on to look at how you can also record your parenting memories. And this could be so your child could also understand more about you as they grew older, and of course, to remind yourself what it was like to be a younger parent.
  • This is something you can take on and explore with your siblings, your friends and anyone whom you would like to connect with.
  • And last but not least... we provide you with a simple solution to remembering WHEN and HOW to record your conscious memories.
Section 2: What you need to do before you die.

“The business of life is not the acquisition of assets, but the acquisition of memories and in the end that is all there is.”

Here is a question for you:

"If you just found out you have a terminal illness, what would you want to tell your child before you died?"

An uncomfortable question?

Well it is.

This lecture explores the ways in which our society gives us a false sense of time and stability.

And when we are confronted with how little time we may have left, we suddenly see things in a different perspective.

And we want our children to know how much we love them, and in what unique ways we love them.

This is our legacy we leave for them.


Can we cheat death?

Well not exactly.... but we can put things in place in spite of not being able to determine how long our lives will be.

You probably have put a will in place to look after your 'estate' and 'assets' in case you die. You probably even have life insurance... but little is done to share your love for your family or loved ones after you pass away.

This lecture looks at how to plan for your children's future events, how to keep those memories updated and how to share things with them as though you were right there with them.


As you progress through this course, please feel free to ask any questions and I will be happy to answer them. You can do this within the course, or via the personal messaging system.

And many parents and teachers often ask the same kinds of questions,
so I created a ‘free resource course’ where I answer many of the great
questions from all my other courses put together.

This free resource on “The top 20 questions and answers to become a better parents covers these kinds of questions:

  • Know how to stop your child's whining and sulking behaviour
  • Use alternatives to yelling and shouting, keeping your child's dignity in tact
  • Put in place effective boundaries with the 3 D's to intelligent boundaries
  • Understand why some children listen to you, but don't do what you ask
  • Know how to apply the developmental stages of child development
  • Learn why 'TIME-OUT' chairs do more damage than good
  • Deal with your child's school separation anxiety

  I am sure you will find insights, skills and possible breakthroughs by browsing through this new course. As I get new questions from you, I keep adding new lessons. Look for the course title and link in the last lesson in this course and enroll to see if it answers your question.

Section 3: Capturing your conscious memories of your child.

Our modern technology has enabled us to capture and record our thoughts and memories just as they are happening.

This lecture explores ways to capture more and more of your child's special moments, and your thoughts and memories of those events as they are happening.

We cover:

  • note taking on smart phones
  • smart phone video
  • smart phone audio recordings
  • sending e-mails to a special conscious memory account.
  • setting up calendar reminders and annual updates

One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is an oppurtunity to see themselves through the love of YOUR eyes.

Imagine that tonight, you found out that your parents had recorded their memories and experiences of you as you were growing up. Not just a photo of you, but their THOUGHTS, and MEMORIES of you while you were a child. You could watch them as their younger selves sharing their care, their love and their wishes for you. Imagine reading, watching or listening to those recordings of their memories right now.

And if they had done this over a period of years, you would be able to watch yourself through their eyes as their love and care for you changed and was expressed in different ways.

You would be able to see their love for you change and transform over time. This is no longer a snapshot of your life, but an emerging process that has never really been eplored as part of your parenting journey.


Here are the questions that we have found are the most valuable, thought provoking, and powerful to answer.

This lecture explores why these questions capture your love and perspectives of your children.

And in this lecture, Robin, shares his own personal recording he made for Cailin a few years back.

1) What is my favourite memory/ experience of you this year?

2) What have I learnt from you this past year?

3) This is my wish for you this coming year…

4.) These are the ways in which I love you….

4) In this year ahead, what does your child wish you could do more of with him/ her?

5) What are your child's three greatest strengths?

6) In this last year, what do they feel their greatest achievement was?


The capturing of conscious memories it not about storing things in a safe box.

They create opportunities to explore your emotions and experiences of the past.

They remind you of what you valued and what you held dear. It can show you how some things change over time, and how some things don't change at all.

In this lecture, Rene also shares one of her personal conscious memories recodings she did with Cailin together.

And here's a hint... you will notice that they get distracted by watching the screen of the camera...

this would have been more powerful if they did not look at the screen but spoke more to each other.....

Section 4: Capturing your memories of what it is like to be a parent.

We usually suggest that you capture your conscious memories on your child's birthday. But as this will be your first time, we suggest you actually do one as soon as possible... even now before you move onto the next section. We have attached a copy of the questions in Microsoft word format.

Why not just spend 5 minutes now going through the questions and drafting your answers. Just having completed this will make a difference to you, and will make it seem easier to record at a later time if you wish.


In the previous lectures we saw how valuable it was to share your memories and thoughts of your children as they were growing up.

But there is still another whole paradigm we can explore to this concept.

As a parent, your experiences and feelings also change.

Your parenting journey also transform and adapts when you have more children, or as you get older, or as your own priorities change.

This is another opportunity to capture your own parenting memories of YOU being a parent.

And this may one day also be passed onto your children so they can see YOU through your own eyes.

In this lecture, Robin also shares his own personal reflection of his parenting journey of a few years back when he turned 40 years old.

Here are the parenting questions:

1. As a parent, what is your wish for yourself in this new year ahead?

2. What do you wish you could do more of with your child?

3. What is your most favourite memory of being a parent this last year?

4. In this year past, what has been your greatest sacrifice as a parent?

5. In this year past, what has been your greatest learning and gift as a parent?


This is one of our first ever Conscious Memories recordings.

We explore that things don't have to be prepared or drafted before hand but can be done spontaneously and in the moment.

In preparing for this course, Rene watched this recording that was taking from many years back and got so excited because she had forgotten about what the highlights for her were in that year.

This is what this course is all about.

It adds value to your life, and leaves an amzzing legacy for you and your children, inspite of not knowing how life may turn out.


We usually suggest you create your own parenting memories on YOUR birthday. But as this is your first time, we would recommend you just do them now.... quickly

We have attached your questions in word.

Of course you can do another day.... things will always get in your way..

but by now you should know that you will need laser focus attention to MAKE this happen.

Don't leave it to chance... just open the document, put down your thoughts, and record.

This is your time now.


While we were preparing and recording for this course, Cailin (now 8 years old) asked us if she could also record her own Conscious Memories.

Of course!

We had not really thought of that before but at a certain point, your children can also record themselves and their own favorite memories. So this was a first for us as well, and have included Cailin's personal recording for you to see.

Here are the child questions we feel are the most appropriate:

1) What is your favourite memory or experience you've had this year?

2) What is your wish for the coming year?

3) In this year ahead, what do you wish to could do more of with mom/ dad?

4) What do you think your 3 greatest 's strengths are?

5) In this last year, what do you feel your greatest achievement was?

Section 5: Finding other hidden and unknown memories out there

Conscious Memories is not just about parenting and children.

It can be about anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Your spouse's favourite memories of you... the memories your school teachers may have of you (if they can remember you that is).

You can take the opportunity to ask anyone you know to share their favourite memories of you.

But this lecture gives you the way to ask them that avoids them thinking that YOU are weird, or about to die.

Section 6: This will probably be your greatest challenge in doing conscious memories.

1)The first challenge to overcome capturing your conscious memories is to REMEMBER to capture them every year. It sounds kind of obvious but it's a real challenge.

You may want to put annual reminders in your calendar so they pop up and get you going to record them. but again, that may not be enough.

2)The next challenge is to remember to find the questions to ask yourself each time. Maybe you are organised and have special folders on your computer... but sometimes the computers crash, or the files get corrupted. It's just another thing to remember and another thing that could prevent you from capturing your memories.

But in this lecture we will provide you will a fail safe solution to those challenges above. It took us a while to figure out how to resolve this, but finally it's there, and now you can access it as well.

Section 7: Summary and conclusion.

We covered that there are things your children will want to know from you before you die.

We spoke about how you can pre-write letters for their important future events.

We then covered how valuable it would be to record the answers to questions about your child on their birthdays so that they could see themselves through your eyes as they grow up, and also how you can remind yourself of how you saw them when they were younger.

But we didn't stop there.

We then went on to look at how you can also record your parenting memories. And this could be so your child could also understand more about you as they grew older, and of course, to remind yourself what it was like to be a younger parent.

This is something you can take on and explore with your siblings, your friends and anyone whom you would like to connect with.

And last but not least... we provide you with a simple solution to remembering WHEN and HOW to record your conscious memories. Just visit the conscious memories website for more.


If you enjoy Robin's courses, then this lecture gives you discounted offers to some of his other internationally awarded courses on UDEMY.

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Instructor Biography

Robin Booth, International Parenting Expert, Coach and School Principal

Robin Booth is an international expert in providing emotionally intelligent solutions to everyday parenting challenges. Over the last 15 years he has supported hundreds and thousands of teachers and parents from around the world create breakthroughs in getting their children to cooperate with them.

Internationally he is mostly known for founding the Synergy Schooling Approach. This approach demonstrates how easily personal and academic excellence can be achieved when a teacher uses skills in boosting self esteem and developing the child's internal motivation for success .

Upon experiencing the amazing changes in their children (the children being happier, more cooperative and more confident), these parents asked Robin to share with them these same skills. And now he wants to share these with you!

Robin has an incredibly unique and respectful way of understanding and unlocking the challenges parents face every day. This means you will not have come across many of these skills before.

Due to this success, Robin is often asked to travel to speak at conferences, be interviewed on TV and Radio and run workshops for parents and teachers. He has published books and many other parenting resources.

For the last 8 years, many schools in South Africa include Robin's workshops with FULL attendance by ALL their parents and teachers as they have proven so successful in building self esteem and getting cooperation.

He lives in Cape Town, South Africa, with his family.

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