What Clients Want: How to improve customer satisfaction
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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What Clients Want: How to improve customer satisfaction

How to win new clients, improve your existing projects, and save accounts that are about to leave.
5.0 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
127 students enrolled
Created by Mike Essex
Last updated 6/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand exactly why clients behave the way they do
  • Better meet client needs, expectations and values
  • Navigate complex approval chains to get any project out of limbo
  • React to any client situation in way that achieves your goals
  • Sell new projects, retain existing clients and even win back work that was lost
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  • No previous experience is required. Whether you're a new agency employee or you've been running one for years I will show you something new.

Based on over a decade's worth of experience in agency and client-side roles and more than 100 interviews with people from both sides, What Clients Want is the definitive guide on how to keep clients happy.

Whether you want to win new clients or make the most of your existing clients, What Clients Want will help you do more with less. You'll discover the secrets behind how clients behave, the triggers that make them more likely to spend more and an insight in to what clients actually want (and what they don't).

In this simple course you'll benefit from the tricks and tips Mike has used for countless brands including two of the biggest companies in the world and many of the smallest. With his experience working within agencies and his time working as a client he's seen every scenario you could imagine and this course outlines his detailed solutions for the most common client problems (and some you may not expect!).

With short, punchy videos of 2-5 minutes, you'll get insightful tips quickly in a way that fits around your day. Every video contains 100% actionable tips with something for everyone from the newest freelancer or agency employee to the experienced agency manager who has years of experience.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is perfect for agency employees/owners, freelancers and consultants
  • Anyone who wants to build better client relationships
  • Anyone who wants to spend less time on admin and more time on the work they love
  • Anyone who has ever lost a client and wondered if they could have saved them
  • Anyone who wants a fresh perspective on what it's like to be a client
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Curriculum For This Course
38 Lectures
1 Lecture 01:44

In this video I provide a brief overview of the goals for this course and why I created it.

Preview 01:44
5 Lectures 21:49

Playing mind games with your clients (such as short term offers or limited stock) can actually lose more opportunities than they win. In this video I explain some of the mind games I've had played on me as a client and the lessons you can learn from their failures.

Preview 04:47

Testimonials are essential if you want to win more work and beat the competition, but they're also a nightmare to get. In this video I look at how the way you ask for a testimonial can massively improve your chances.

Preview 05:01

If you can't compete on price then you must compete on service. This video explains how you can appear to be bespoke and beat the competition.

How to be seen as bespoke and raise prices

This video uses Econsultancy research to explain how you can solve the biggest problem facing clients and agencies today.

The number one reason clients leave (and how to fix it)

A sponsor will fight your corner when times are tough and win new work when times are good. This video explains how to make strangers in to sponsors.

Why you need a sponsor (and how to find one)
3 Lectures 10:31

Clients don't need to know everything in every report, trust me, too much information can be a bad thing. In this video you'll discover the right amount of information to include and why auditing what you do can be a far more effective solution.

What is the right amount of reporting?

Knowing when to listen and more importantly, when to act, are the keys to ensuring clients feel like you understand and will meet their needs. In this video you'll learn how to make a client feel listened to even if you hate their ideas.

How to listen (even when you don't want to)

Why are clients breathing down your neck one day and impossible to reach the next? in this video I explain what it's really like to be a client and why your perception of their day to day life could be wrong.

Why clients behave erratically
Corporate Structure
4 Lectures 12:46

The biggest killer of projects is the chain of approval. In this video I'll explain why even your contact at the client may not understand who needs to approve a project and how you can unravel the mess of approval chains in order to get things done.

How to unravel any approval chain

You may not care about the shareholders at your client but you should do. in this video you'll learn how shareholders can impact all elements of your project and why everything you do must keep this group of people happy.

Why shareholders are critical to all you do

You may hate brand guidelines but they're there for a reason. In this video you'll learn how to get brand guidelines, when to follow them and when to avoid them.

When to follow brand guidelines

If you're not tapping in to the knowledge your client has then you're missing a trick. In this video you'll learn which questions to ask your client and how to use their knowledge to improve every aspect of your service.

Why the client knows best
Employee Connection
7 Lectures 22:47

If anything happened to you, what would happen to the project? Would it be able to continue? in this video I explain why that's a real problem for clients and agencies, and how you can have contingencies in place for effective project handover when people leave.

Why clients are scared of buses

If you act like part of the client's team you've got less chance of losing the account in the future. In this video I explain how you can create this perception and build a client relationship that will survive for the long term.

Preview 02:45

If a client is worried about a project they can lose faith in it or become a nuisance. In this video I explain how you can make life easier for your clients, help them sleep easier at night and show them things are in good hands.

When to reduce client worries

If a client is asking for you to give them free education on what you do, there's a risk they'll be preparing to leave. In this video I explain how this threat can be an opportunity if handled correctly.

How much education to give clients

The way agencies and clients work are very different but clients may have an expectation for how you should act. This video explains the ways you should meet those expectations whilst keeping your own identity.

Why you shouldn't act like an agency

The little things can go a long way. In this video you'll learn why face to face time and flexibility can keep client accounts strong.

Ways to provide a personal touch

Do you keep your client happy or your boss? And what happens when you can't keep both happy? In this video I explain the different needs clients and agencies have and the art of compromise.

Whose needs should you meet?
4 Lectures 11:31

Boring content won't win you awards but it will probably keep the client happy. This video explains why not every client wants or needs the latest hot new trend and what that means for your work.

Why the status quo is important

Get caught out in a lie and you may damage an account in a way that it can never recover. This video explains when to admit fault and how to do it in a way where you can emerge untainted.

How to admit fault (and keep the account)

It can be tempting to take a client's money for anything they ask for but it also carries the risk of damaging the things you're already good at. This video explains when you should turn down work and why you'll make that money back in other ways.

Why you must know your limits

Mirroring the values that clients have is an excellent way to show you respect their goals and business strategy. This video explains what those values may look like and how you can build them into the work you deliver.

How to mirror values
Project Deliverables
8 Lectures 29:42

It will come as no surprise that sales are the number one metric for clients to track ROI, so why do agencies spend so much effort on tracking as many other figures as they can? In this video I explain how you can track sales and why anything else can be a distraction for both you and the client.

What is the number one metric?

Hourly rates aren't always the best way to bill for your time, especially if the project is something that is needed quickly. In this video I look at other ways to charge for work and show value in what you do.

How to show value at every step

Whenever you recommend something for your client, try to consider if you have done it for yourself. In this video I cover why it's easier to get a client to approve an idea, or buy from you, if they can see that you practice what you preach.

Why you must practice what you preach

The worst way to start a new client relationship is to delay their project because you can't fulfil it. In this video I cover some of the best ways to schedule new work so this problem can't occur.

Why you must move fast, especially at the start

It can be hard for clients to visualise their ideas or put them in to words. In this video I explain creative ways to help you understand what they actually want.

How to become a mind reader

It's all well and good to want to over-deliver for clients but it's not really sustainable. In this video I look at the pitfalls of having too much quality, how you can find the right level and how to ensure that the right quality level is met throughout the organisation.

How to deliver the 'right level' of quality

Clients hate unexpected invoices and getting chased for funds. In this video I explain how you can make sure your client is expecting every cost and who the right people are to ensure you get paid.

What is the best way to get paid on time?

Are you taking advantage of your client or are they taking advantage of you? in this video I explain how you can make clients feel like their had their say without allowing them to get unlimited revisions on every project.

Who is taking advantage of who?
Project Management
5 Lectures 20:01

In this video I explain why you need to work around the schedule of your client and tie them to specific timelines if you want to get things done.

How to respect their time

The traditional agency model of monthly cycles can cause problems, especially if you don't have a consistent level of work for each month. In this video I explain some of the tactics that can be used to better plan timelines over a year, making for a much more consistent flow of work.

When monthly cycles do more harm than good

The mentality of 'just ship it' or in other words pushing work out of the door to get feedback later isn't ideal for many clients. In this video I explain the best way to prototype ideas without running the risk of upsetting your client.

Why you should never 'just ship it'

The bigger clients you get the more chance there will be you'll have to work with another agency. In this video I explain how this can be done and even how it can win you more clients in the future.

How to work with other agencies

The client doesn't need to know every single aspect of every project but if left too long without an update they can start to worry. in this video I explain the best ways to update a client and when.

When to provide progress updates
Some final words
1 Lecture 01:04
About the Instructor
Mike Essex
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Marketing & Communications Manager

Mike has been featured in BBC News, TIME Magazine, USA Today and many more. He is a Marketing & Comms Manager who excels in client and agency relationship management. His work has won a DADI award and Transform award, and he has spoken at conferences across the UK on marketing topics.