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The 7 Essential Pages for Online Business Success
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About This Course

Published 4/2016 English

Course Description

This course is all about website copywriting: what to write, how to write it, and how to ensure your business' website copy makes the right impression on your audience.

You don't need to be (or hire) an award-winning copywriter to get great results with your website. This short course will show you how to write your web copy quickly, confidently and effectively, for each of the 7 essential pages of your business website:

  • Homepage
  • About Me page
  • Services page
  • Products page
  • Resources page
  • Privacy policy page
  • Contact page

Whether you're a coach or a consultant, an author or a speaker, a freelancer or a blogger, a mathematics tutor or a magician, your website will need most or all of these 7 pages - and you'll need the right words to put on each page. This course will give you the vital copywriting skills required to write your website copy yourself.

Easy-to-follow examples and optional templates are provided to help you write compelling website copy without starting from a blank page every time. For those who prefer to sit and read, we also have an optional companion book that you can use to enhance your knowledge of web copywriting best practice.

What are the requirements?

  • Students need to have an idea of the type of business and website they want to build. Or, if they already have a website, they should know what they'd like to improve, for example their current website's conversions.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Write effective copy and content for their business website, by using best practice and following tried-and-tested examples.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is designed for small business leaders who want copywriting guidance and to build a strong website, or enhance the one they currently have.
  • This course is not for someone who has no interest in building a website or developing an online business.

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

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Section 1: Introduction and Homepage

Hi, I’m Jim Hopkinson, the Director of Courses at Mirasee. We provide in-depth training like this course, to help you build and scale a profitable audience business.

In this video, I formally welcome you to this course.


The business world has changed. John D. Rockefeller,  Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford - these titans of industry had something in common. As they established their dominant position in the market, it was difficult for competitors to challenge them.  Things are very different for would-be entrepreneurs today.  Learn more in this lesson.


The market has changed thanks to the internet. Who are the new business leaders in the new digital economy? What’s the one thing they have in common?  Find out in this lecture!


Your website’s homepage is the hub of your online business. In this section, you will discover the key elements needed for an effective homepage that conveys your message to your ideal customer. This lesson introduces these essentials and puts your overall website design strategy into perspective.


No two businesses are exactly alike, and thus no two websites are exactly alike. But no matter who you are or what you do, one thing is for certain: when someone visits your site, you need make an impression fast. But how? This lecture will show you.


In this lesson, we’ll cover logos (and the thing that’s more important than a good logo), examples of taglines by successful entrepreneurs, and how to create additional layers of trust for your brand.


When veteran solopreneurs are asked, “What is something in your online business that you would had done differently?” an all-too-common response is, “I would have started building my email list sooner.” This process doesn’t have to be difficult, and this lesson will get you started.


While it’s great to have a visitor come to your beautiful website and look around, what you want them to do is take action. This lesson will give you concrete ideas to for your own calls to actions.


Many people confuse the phrase starting a “blog” with starting a “website”, but not every effective website needs a blog. Does yours? In this lesson, we’ll help you answer that question


Michelle Ward is the When I Grow Up Coach, a Brooklyn-based professional coach, author, speaker, teacher, former actress, and ukulele player.

She also happens to have a great homepage that hits on just about every element we’ve covered. Let’s walk-through it!


Congratulations, you’ve finished this section, and learned the basics for creating a rockin’ homepage. Let’s recap with some key takeaways!

Section 2: About

“The resume is dead! The bio is king!” says storytelling expert Michael Margolis, and especially if you’re an entrepreneur of any kind, it’s advice you should heed.

Using renowned entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk as an example, we’ll break down why in this lecture.


In this lecture, we cover basic About Me page strategies and outline 7 elements that you can use to make yours stand out.


In this lecture, we discuss five About Me-related elements to consider - using examples from successful online businesses like Michael Hyatt, Marcy McKay, and The Muse. These additional pieces of information help visitors navigate your site, allow them to get to know you even further, and help build trust.


Still struggling to find your voice in your about page? In this lecture, learn how the best entrepreneurs lay out their page.


Alright! You’ve finished Section 2, and learned the basics for creating an engaging About Me page. Let’s recap with some key takeaways! We’ve included additional resources in this lecture.

Section 3: Services

There’s a single phrase to keep in mind when putting together the Services page on your website: How do I help people? 

In this lecture, we’ll provide four methods that you can use to help your audience.


There will always be a place for a true teacher-student dynamic to educate others and share information. If you’re a coach or consultant - this is important. In this lecture, you’ll learn how to effectively lay out your page and attract the right people.


In order to reach more members of your community at once, many solopreneurs teach in groups. In this lecture, we’ll share what you need to include on this page, as well as share the success story of Stella Orange, who runs the "Write Club".


As your expertise within a given topic deepens, more and more people will want to hear your message, and an effective way of doing that is through public speaking. We’ll show you what elements you need, as well as provide speaking strategies from professional speaker, Mitch Joel.


Foster a community and answer questions in your area of expertise through events. In this lecture, we’ll show you what you need.


Whether it’s a personal meeting or a speech for hundreds of people, the goal of your Services page is to share with your reader the details of that interaction. Let’s go through the takeaways in this lecture.

Section 4: Products

As you help more and more people, you’ll quickly learn there is only 24 hours in a day and one of you. You can easily hit a wall in your productivity.This lecture will provide alternatives to helping your audience without pulling you apart.


Online courses are a great way to extend your message and serve your audience. In this lecture, you’ll discover many of the important elements you need to creating an effective course page.


A 2015 study by Deloitte showed that Americans collectively check their phones 8 billion times a day. Even with our love for our electronic devices, books still have a place in the digital industry. We’ll explain why in this lecture.


There are many other creations that could fall under the Products category. This could include smartphone apps, WordPress plug-ins, PDF downloads, spreadsheets, Photoshop templates, or lecture tutorials. In this lecture, you’ll learn what you need to set up a sales page, and how to price your digital products.


What if you’re a solopreneur selling non-digital products? Your Products page acts as your very own storefront to educate visitors, sell them on the benefits, and encourage them to buy. Find out how in this lecture.


Physical and digital products allow you to reach a broader audience with your message. In the last lecture of this section, we’ll teach you one final thing about structuring your product page.

Section 5: Resources

Every profession has unique tools to do their job, and people are usually curious what they are. Your website’s Resources page is the place to list them. In this lecture - we’ll explain why it’s important, what type of resources to list, and how it can give you a huge boost in authority.


No matter what your niche, if you’re building an online presence for your business, there are tools that are needed behind-the-scenes to get the job done. We’ll share what those core tools are in this lecture.


Within your given niche, your readers are going to trust your recommendations on the products you use and endorse, especially if they can see if in practice. In this lecture, you’ll discover why these recommendations are so powerful, using Gideon Shalwick, an entrepreneur and marketing expert in the online lecture space.


One of the adages in business you may have heard is that customers buy things from people they know, like, and trust. If you’re just focusing on the business side of things, you’re only seeing half the picture. In this lecture, you’ll discover the other half of the success equation.


Remember that when it comes to building a successful business, it’s not about you, it’s about your reader. In this lecture, we’ll provide examples to fleshing out what resources you can provide to help your audience grow their business.


Your resources page is a great opportunity to provide helpful information and insight to your website visitors. But it’s also a great opportunity to provide something valuable to you: Income. You’ll discover how in this lecture!


We’re at the end of this section! In this lecture, we wrap up the core ideas of why a Resource Page is important.

Section 6: Privacy

If you’re serious about doing business in the digital age, then you need a Privacy Policy. Wading through the legalese of privacy policies and terms of service isn’t much fun. In this lecture, we’ll explain why it’s important, and what you can do to protect your business.


If you’re collecting any personal information from your site visitors such as email addresses (and as you learned earlier in the course, you should be) then you’ll need a policy explaining how you’ll use and protect that data. Discover how in this lecture.


While the legal side of things might not be fun, and the following story doesn’t deal specifically with a privacy policy, it does show that there are ways to put the customer first and stay true to your brand when dealing with complicated issues.

We’ll explain how to inject character and personality into even the most mundane tasks, using New York-based photographer and storyteller Parris Whittingham (


Having a privacy policy is a necessary evil on your website. In this lecture, we’ll provide additional information to keeping your business safe.

Section 7: Contact

In this short lecture, we’ll explain why it’s important to have a Contact Page.


There are several core elements that you need to have in for an effective Contact Page. Let’s delve into them in this lecture.


After your quick intro and a photo near the top of your Contact Page, are you going to just list your email address or provide a full form for readers to fill out? This lecture will help you determine which method is best for you.


No one said your Contact page has to be boring. In this lecture, you’ll discover how other successful soloprenuers delight their visitors with their contact page.


While the goal of your website is clear communication across all of your pages, people need to have a way to contact you for additional information.

Section 8: Conclusion

Congratulations on completing our "Website Copywriting" Course. Now, I want to share a few parting thoughts with you, before you go on your way. You've already got a stronger and more solid foundation in your website than most other entrepreneurs, and I expect great things for and from you as a result. Because now that you have this power online, you also have the responsibility to use it to fulfil the true meaning of business: to sustainably, and profitably, achieve the goals and create the positive impact that you care about.


As a thank you for grabbing the "Website Copywriting" course, we want to continue to offer you additional resources to empower you to grow your business. We provide business education that equips you to impact your community and change the world. 

In this bonus - you'll have access to: 

  • 3 business guides (Design your Audience Business, Increase your Exposure/Traffic, Make More Income/Impact)
  • 9 special Engagement Reports (each one segmented for artists, authors, bloggers, coaches and consultants, e-commerce, start-ups, freelancers, internet marketers, and intuitive marketers)
  • Our community, with over +40,000 subscribers  
  • as well as a free copy to "Engagement from Scratch", a 300 page ebook, with over 200+ reviews and at a 4.8 review on Amazon.

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Mirasee Team, Business Education


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We provide business education that equips you to impact your community and change the world.

Under the leadership of Danny Iny, we offer two in-depth training programs to help you build and scale a profitable audience business, based on two paths to success—either building an audience first and then launching your business, or developing a course first and then scaling for growth.

But here’s where we differ from most other training organizations: We’re educators first. Here, you won’t be given access to your training and left to figure it out on your own. You’ll be assigned a personal coach who will walk with you, reviewing your work and answering your questions for as long as you’re active in the program.

So no matter which path you choose—and whether you’re an experienced marketer or just starting from scratch—you can achieve massive success in the time frame that makes sense for your life and business goals. We’ve helped thousands of others do it. We can help you too.

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Jim Hopkinson is a writer, speaker, and digital media professional helping to reimagine education and training for the new economy. 

As Director of Courses at Mirasee, he helps entrepreneurs get the training they need to put their ideas into the world by building and scaling a profitable online business.

He is the author of Salary Tutor: Learn The Salary Negotiation Secrets No One Ever Taught You (Grand Central Publishing), which has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NY Post, and Forbes. He helps ambitious professionals overcome the fear of negotiating salary through online courses, speaking, and 1-on-1 consulting.

As a speaker, Jim is consistently praised for his dynamic, humorous, and high-energy style, an approach he also displays on camera to bring his courses to life.

A lifelong sports fan and tech geek, prior to Mirasee Jim held dream jobs at ESPN and WIRED. In addition to his love of sports, he is an avid runner and enjoys mentoring young business professionals.

Instructor Biography

Danny Iny, Founder & CEO of Mirasee

Danny Iny is the founder of Mirasee, host of the Business Reimagined podcast, best-selling author of multiple books including Engagement from Scratch!, The Audience Revolution, and Teach and Grow Rich, and creator of the acclaimed Audience Business Masterclass and Course Builder’s Laboratory training programs, which have together graduated over 4,000 value-driven online entrepreneurs.

All of this grew out of humble beginnings; he started out just like most online entrepreneurs, with an idea and message to share, and no idea how to do it. He made several wrong turns – which he calls “plot twists” in the Audience Revolution – before really understanding the Audience First paradigm, and how to apply it to online business.

And when he did, it was like lighting a match to a fuse. Back in 2011, he started Firepole Marketing with less than nothing; he had no traffic, no subscribers, no relationships with any influencers in the industry, and over a quarter million dollars in personal debt, left over from his last failed startup.

In just a few short years, he’s transformed Firepole Marketing into Mirasee, grown the business to multiple-seven figures in revenue and a team of almost 30 people spread all over the world (including his talented wife) on a mission to support very special global community of over forty thousand loyal and inspired entrepreneurs.

Danny has maintained a passionate commitment to learning and transparency, freely sharing lessons learned from great successes, major challenges, and even his personal life to support the online entrepreneurial community as a teacher, speaker, angel investor, and advisor to many of the top leaders in our industry, who have Danny on speed-dial when they need help with their business or strategy.

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