Webinar Success - How to Write and Design a Webinar
4.6 (18 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,355 students enrolled
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Webinar Success - How to Write and Design a Webinar

Webinar Presentation and Scripting - A Step By Step Guide to Creating Successful Webinar Presentations
4.6 (18 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,355 students enrolled
Created by John Colley
Last updated 4/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the Essential Elements of a Webinar
  • Discover the Anatomy of a Webinar - Step by Step
  • Understand how the key Webinar components of Welcome, Hook, Introduction, Core Content, Transition, Pitch and Questions and Answers fit together
  • Discover how to design an effective presentation for a Webinar, using templates and detailed instruction provided in the Course
  • Create their own webinar script and slide deck, step by step, following the lectures
  • Uncover all the important detail and scripting techniques used by experts to deliver effective Webinars
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  • A basic familiarity with either Keynote (Macs) or Powerpoint (PC) will help but is not essential as we are not doing anything very complicated in either programme
  • Access to Presentation Software, a reasonable quality microphone will be helpful.
  • If you want to rehearse and record yourself then screencasting software (Camtasia or Screenflow) will be helpful but is not necessary to take the course.


NO!  They are not!

Webinars are a complex, carefully crafted sales presentation!  

But if you know how, anyone can do them! - Yes Even YOU!

By the end of this course you will be able to write and design your Webinar which will be every bit as good as those created by experienced experts!

Why am I so confident of this?  

Because Webinars are:

  • A Formula  
  • A System  
  • A Framework 

I will share with you step by step so that you can discover the key components, the scripting techniques, the essential order in which you must deliver the content

This Course is entirely focused on the Presentation itself.  This is the most difficult and valuable component of a webinar.  Without this all the work to put a webinar together - which is essentially logistics - is a complete waste of time!

In this Course you will discover:

  • The Essential Components of a Webinar
  • In more detail, the Anatomy of a Webinar
    • The Welcome
    • The Hook
    • The Introduction
    • The Core Content
    • The Transition
    • The Pitch
    • Questions and Answers
  • How to create a Presentation - starting with provided for you Templates
  • How to write and design your webinar, stage by stage, following the instruction provided in over 27 detailed lectures
  • How to put your draft webinar script and slides together
  • What you should do next!

In addition to the Templates, I have included downloadable, PDFs, Slide Decks, Mind Maps and Scripting tools, leaving no stone unturned to give you every possible support with the creation of your Webinar.

Activities throughout the course will guide you through the webinar creation process.

Don't Forget Risk Reversal!

I am completely confident that you will be able to create an amazing webinar with this course. If for any reason you are not happy, just refund and you will still be able to keep all the downloaded materials and templates to continue to help you with your Webinars in future.

Enroll Today! This Course is Unique

I have identified 31 Webinar courses on Udemy but not one of them focuses on the Webinar creation process itself.  Many of them cover it to a greater or lesser extent but not to the depth you will find in this course.  Without a good Webinar Presentation, your webinar will not be successful!

I am really looking forward to working with you to help you to create successful webinars!  

See you in the Course!


Who is the target audience?
  • Instructors seeking to sell more complex courses at higher price points
  • Entrepreneurs who want to discover how to sell online through a webinar
  • Anyone who wants to improve their webinar techniques by developing a more in depth understanding of how to write and design a webinar
  • Course Creators or Product Creators who want to discover how to sell their products to a live audience through a webinar
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Curriculum For This Course
42 Lectures
Start Here
3 Lectures 11:58

Welcome to the Course, its great to have you here!  Let me tell you who I am and what you can expect from this course.  If you have not yet enrolled, then check out the previewable videos and then dive right in!

Preview 04:41

Have you ever watched a webinar?  Did you think that it was all very easy and straightforward?  Well, let me reassure you that once you have taken this course, you will answer yes to that question but let me also explain to you that all is not as it seems!  Watch this video to find out why!

Preview 02:15

I want to introduce you to the framework we shall be working with during this course so that you begin to see how the jigsaw puzzle fits together.  This is only an introduction and there is much more to it that this but lets start with the essential building blocks of a Webinar and then develop it from there.  The PDF of this lecture is available as a download in the Additional Resources.

Preview 05:02
The Anatomy of a Webinar
11 Lectures 30:32

Now I want to work with you to build up a more detailed understanding of the framework, the Anatomy if you like, of a Webinar.

Introduction to the Anatomy of a Webinar

I want to start by outlining the framework of a webinar so that the structure is clear to you.  There are seven stages which I explain in this lecture

Preview 03:06

Lets take a closer look at what is involved during the Webinar Welcome. It is so important that you start your event in the right way if you are going to host an effective event that results in your attendees taking the action you want at the end of the webinar in the Pitch Phase.

Please download the attached Welcome Script Template to use when you are preparing your own Welcome Script. I have also attached a PDF of the slide deck for you to use as an aide memoire.

The Webinar Welcome

It is really important to get your webinar off to a strong and timely start and I explain in this video how you can best do this.  I have attached a PDF of the slides to help you with your own preparation.

The Webinar Start and the Hook

This section of your webinar is all about establishing your credibility and explaining to your audience, who may not know you well, WHY you are the right person to be delivering this content.

I have attached a copy of the slide deck in the downloadable resources to help you further.

The Introduction

You must completely exceed the expectations of your audience when you deliver your core content.  I explain why!

The slide deck is also attached as an additional resource to help you.

The Core Content

Now we come to the critical part of your webinar, the Pitch.  If you have done everything right up to this point you should have an audience willing and ready to follow your call to action and buy from you.

You will find the PDF of the slides in the Additional Resources.

The Pitch

Finally, we come to Stage 7 which is the Question and Answer session. There are still opportunities to sell here and I explain how you should run this segment of the presentation.

The slide deck may be found in the additional resources section of this lecture.

Questions and Answers

I just want to summarise, using a mind map, what we have covered to help you to get this framework clear in your minds.  This is the foundation stone of your webinar and understanding this clearly will make the creation of your webinar much easier.

Summary - The Anatomy of a Webinar

To summarise this section, I have included a PDF of a mind map to help you with your own preparation of your Webinar.

Summary Mind Map of The Anatomy of a Webinar

I have provided a template for you to begin designing and writing your own webinar which you can download and use.

Activity - Outline Your Own Webinar
Designing Your Webinar Presentation
8 Lectures 32:53

This section is all about getting you started with your webinar presentation, its design, content and script.  I just want to focus you on the objective of this section and make sure we are all on the same page!

Introduction to Designing Your Own Webinar Presentation

Your slide deck design needs to match the structure of a webinar and the material and number of slides should be designed to match the length of presentation you intend to give.

The Slide Deck is attached as a downloadable PDF in the additional resources section.

Designing Your Slide Deck

Before we take a look at the templates I have provided for you, let me share some guidance on creating effective webinar presentations.

The PDF of this Slide Deck is available as a downloadable resource to this lecture.

Designing Your Presentation

The PDF attached to this lecture contains 33 REAL webinar titles from which you can gather inspiration for your own webinar title and topic.

Bonus Lecture - 33 Real Webinar Titles

Now we are going to put some flesh on the bones by developing our webinar structure in more detail.  Here are some key slides you will need to include.

A copy of the slides is available as a downloadable resource attached to this lecture.

I have also attached a mind map outlining the key points made in this lecture.

Key Slides to Include in Your Webinar

You can find the templates attached to this file in PDF, Keynote and Powerpoint formats.

Outline Presentation Template

You can find the detailed description Templates attached to this lecture in PDF, Keynote and Powerpoint formats.

Detailed Webinar Presentation Template

This is a good time to get the template open and start to outline your webinar, particularly the core content that you want to deliver.  In the subsequent sections, we are going to take a deeper dive into the content and structure of the webinar and you can refine your drafting as you go.

Summary - ACTIVITY
The Hook and The Introduction
7 Lectures 26:03

Now I want to take you another level deeper into this process and working with your draft presentation, provide you with even more detail to add to your script and your slides.

Introduction to the Hook and the Introduction Section

Now we are going to delve deeper into the Hook Section so that you really understand what you need to cover here on a slide by slide basis.  Getting this right is critical to keeping the attention of your audience all the way through the webinar.

I have attached a copy of the slides as well as a mind map to help you to capture all the information about this section.

Preview 03:58

The first task you have in the Introduction Stage is to establish your credibility.  Your audience may not be familiar to you and they will need to understand why you are the authority that they should know like and trust.

The slide deck is attached in the additional resources section and I have also included a mind map PDF there too.

Establish Credibility

Telling your story is a vital part of the introduction stage of your webinar. This is where you really need to connect with your audience and this lecture shares some techniques for doing this.

A copy of the slide deck and a mind map of the topic are included in the additional resources section of this lecture.

Tell Your Story

Now is the time to start building your audience up towards the teaching/core content you have for them but you need to do some work to make sure that you have them in the right emotional state to be receptive to your message.  This lecture explains how this is done.

I have included a PDF of the slides and a Mind Map of the points in the additional resources section for you to download.

Expand on the Big Promise

Before you launch into your content, you need to work on your audience's mindset and dispel their negative self limiting objections.  This lecture explains what this entails and what you have to do!

The slide deck is attached as an additional resource.  No need for a mind map on this one.

Dispel Self Limiting Objections

This lecture summarises this Section on getting the components of the Hook and the Introduction nailed down.  To help you further, I have created a Cheatsheet/Scripting Tool PDF which is designed to help you start to draft your webinar. Its a downloadable PDF attached with this section. The Slides may also be found in the same place.

Summary of the Hook and the Introduction - ACTIVITY
Core Content and Transition to the Pitch
5 Lectures 16:09

Now we are going to deep dive into the Core Content and Transition to the Pitch sections of the webinar.  Seat belts on and get your draft webinar presentation out! 


It is down to you to deliver your core content but I want to provide you with some guidance on how this should be done so that you can have the best possible results!

The PDF of the slide deck is attached to this lecture in the additional resources section.

Delivering the Core Content and Transition to the Pitch

There are some key components in core content delivery which will make your presentation more credible and effective and these are explained in this lecture.

The PDF of the lecture notes is attached in the additional resources section.

Six Steps to Core Content Delivery

The Transition to the Pitch is all about making your audience feel that they are asking you for more information rather then you making an overt sales effort towards them.  If they feel that they are being sold to then you are not doing your job.  They should feel that they are asking you for more information.

The PDF and a Mind Map are attached to the Additional Resources.

Transition to the Pitch

I suggest that you take a time out from the course and using my scripting tool and the Presentation Templates draft your Core Content and Transition to the Pitch Sections.  You can always come back and revise these but it will make the task of creating your webinar less daunting if you do this work now.

Summary - ACTIVITY
Pitching and Beyond
5 Lectures 22:59

We are nearly on the home straight now.  This section is going to cover the detailed nuts and bolts of how you put together your pitch and handle the Q&A session in the most advantageous manner!


The delivery of your pitch is the make or break of your webinar.  If you have done everything correctly up to this point your audience should be absolutely ready to buy from you when you unveil your product for them.  This is an orchestrated process that has to be done in the right way.  This lecture explains that process step by step.

The PDF of the slides is available as a downloadable resource to help you further.

Delivering Your Pitch

The Close is the the most important script in your entire webinar and its vital that you understand its purpose and how to deliver it to best effect.  This comes immediately before your first call to action and it is important to give your audience the right emotional decision trigger right before you ask them to buy.  This lecture explains the process step by step and I have included three example scripts for you to down load as well at the slide deck PDF.

Mastering the Close

The way you handle the Q&A session can have a significant impact on your sales so treat it with care and respect. You have held the attention of your audience throughout your webinar.  If they are still there at the end and want to ask questions, its because they are still interested in your product and probably have not yet made a purchase.  In this lecture I explain what you need to do and the Slide Deck is also available to help you, as a downloadable resource.

Optimising the Q&A

This is now a good time to pull out the scripting tool attached to this lecture and the Presentation Template and spend some time drafting your Pitch.  Take your time and create more content than you need.  

Summary - ACTIVITY
Summary and Wrap Up
3 Lectures 09:27

Now its time to bring everything together that we have covered in this course to create your webinar.  Use all the PDFs and Scripting tools that I have provided, as well as the Presentation Templates to create your first amazing webinar.  Do let me know how you get on!

Putting it all together

Now that you have almost completed the course - I want you to take some time out and go and study webinars given by more experienced presenters.  You should now be able to understand exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it and why they do what they do when they do it!

What You Should Do Next...

Congratulations, you have completed the course.  I am just going to summarise what we have covered, how you can contact me with further questions (which I encourage you to do) and then I want you to make sure you show me your webinar when you have created it!

Summary and Wrap Up
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