How to Find, Keep and Grow Web Design clients

Improve your client retention skills to grow your business
Instructed by Shayne Cuffy
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Course Description

Here's the deal just because you know how to use Photoshop and Dreamweaver doesn't mean you are ready for paying clients (Going PRO). If you are just in it for the money just sell your creative stuff on or sell your own sites on but if you really want to deal with people you are in the right place.

OK, let's keep it real...
dealing with clients can be a painful and stressful process, but if you still want them make sure you want them for the right reasons and keep your focus on their 'success' not on making pretty web sites.

(Please note, from time to time you do get some nice friendly clients)

It is becoming harder to find new clients for a number of reasons I will go over. This course will cut straight to the heart of the matter, not just multiple ways to find clients but also tell you a few killer tips to deal with them and how to keep and grow clients.

I hope this course truly helps you.

Kind regards,

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 14 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • Help web designers who really care about their craft to find and keep clients
  • Save you from pitfalls and common mistakes when dealing with clients

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Section 1: Finding new clients, why so HARD
In this video you will see why it is becoming so hard to find new clients and how to start planning your next steps.
Section 2: Start finding clients
In this video I will break-down two frame-works for finding and getting clients, 1: "Ladder of influence" and 2: "Become the hub". Enjoy and TAKE ACTION
Section 3: How to keep your new clients
Keeping and growing your clients is the skill you can develop.
Section 4: BONUS info
In this BONUS VIDEO how show you a few ways you can use the skills you already have to create multiple steams of income. Just have fun with your skills and you will be fine. Enjoy
Section 5: Finding clients - the REAL issue
"Not enough clients", the lie of scarcity
Are you the hunter or the hunted?
Section 6: Mass Crowd-sourcing and Oversees Outsourcing, will we survive?
Good news and bad news, not all of us will survive
Treat your Clients, like 'Business Partners' (choice them wisely)
'Falling in LOVE' vs 'Staying Married' (finish projects FAST)
Section 7: Define & Grow your Craft
Section 8: Give yourself permission
Get emotional about the work NOT about business
Pressure VS Stress
Section 9: Stacking your Skills & Talents
Know Your Strengths

Instructor Biography

Shayne Cuffy , Creative

I'm a Dreamer, with an artists heart. I have nothing to teacher but everything to share. I believe in people, I believe people are better, more capable then they realise and more creative then they tell themselves.

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    • Shabnam Rinth

    Practical, Good Advice For All Designers

    Great course with practical advice that you can start implementing straight away, touches on matters that everyone wants to know but is afraid to ask....brilliant cant wait for 2.0!

    • Sandor Nagy

    Very usefull marketing worldview inside! Grab it now!

    I just was drawn inside this course. Very valuble information is given by Shayne on how one should start to think about his business and how one should ACT. It delivers what the title states! Loved it and looking forward to 2.0 ( some great lecture titles in there).

    • Wayne Stedman

    A must watch course!!

    Hi Shayne, I loved this course! I found it very inspirational and got alot of motivation from it. Especially since I am trying to get a long awaited web design side to my consulting business going. Thank you! I can't wait for your next update and/or course. Thanks a lot, ~ Wayne

    • Jean Felisme

    Skills and Experince

    Shayne knows what he is talking about and giving information about the industry that most web designers won't ever tell you. He did a great job explaining and giving detail throughout the course.

    • Chuck Dowe

    Well Thought Out, Some really great Ideas.

    The instructor seemed very knowledgeable and excited about what he was talking about. He gave some great real world experiences and discussed what he does TODAY to Get more Clients and create a revenue stream from past & current Clients.

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