Wealth mind, Wealthy life- in 8 Powerful Hypnosis sessions
4.0 (2 ratings)
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Wealth mind, Wealthy life- in 8 Powerful Hypnosis sessions

Clear your blocks wealth. Fear of success? Fear of failure? Hypnosis changes everything. Become worthy & wealthy!
4.0 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
40 students enrolled
Created by Wendi Friesen
Last updated 12/2015
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  • 9 Supplemental Resources
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What Will I Learn?
  • Not only understand how your fears, beliefs and self sabotage can hold you back, but you will become worthy, feel motivated, and create wealth beyond your wildest expectations.
  • Wendi's hypnosis methods will take you to a deeper level to find your fear of success and fear of failure.
  • Each hypnotherapy session will help you get unstuck, stop procrastination, end the self sabotage.
  • Feel focused, take action, feel driven to create what you love and make money. It is all in your mind! You will feel the drive and excitement
  • Understand how your subconscious mind holds deep fears and beliefs about poverty and failure, and success and wealth
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  • There is no necessary preparation for this course. Just enter with the desire and drive to immerse yourself into an experience that will change everything.
  • Wendi's work helped her go from being a broke, frustrated single mom to creating a business that in 6 years had sales over $10 million. (no investors, no help)
  • You will simply relax, experience the hypnosis sessions, release the negative beliefs and create the new beliefs that will give you drive and ambition.
  • Be ready to commit about 30 minutes a day, plus the writing in your journal pages, along with the desire to learn how your inner mind works.
  • You don't need to be an expert at hypnosis. The hypnotherapy sessions guide you, you simple experience it and let each session resolve your blocks.

In this course, You will discover the secrets of wealth in your subconscious mind, where all your weakness or power lives.
Remove the blocks. Stop the sabotage. Manifest abundance and find out how good it feels to be free from fear and pain about money. This includes: Hypnosis videos, audios and workbooks.

Eight hypnotherapy sessions experience that will catapult you into an abundant life. Each day you will watch a video and listen to an audio to get unstuck, focused and driven.

If you are ready NOW to find your deepest fears about success and finally resolve them... you will discover the ultimate power of your subconscious. This hypnotherapy course changes all the aspects of being worthy, deserving, energized and knowing that you can create wealth on the deepest level.

Who is the target audience?
  • Almost everyone holds deep beliefs that prevent them from creating wealth and enjoying life. This course is for you, If your ready to feel the power of being and feeling successful, and profoundly overcome the struggle to find your abundant life.
  • If you feel you are holding back, lack energy and focus, or sabotage all your efforts, this will change everything
  • This course is not for you if you already have the ability to take action, follow through, and you have no fears about wealth.
  • Wendi's Hypnotherapy methods have helped 1000s find their innermost beliefs that were actually stopping them from creating a wealthy life
  • Your subconscious mind holds the key, and if you are open to making some deep changes you will feel it in just the first few days
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Curriculum For This Course
9 Lectures
Let's Get Started! Introduction
1 Lecture 05:23

Find out everything you will need to know to take you on an amazing journey from poverty to abundance. Hypnotherapy is the key to finding your innermost blocks, resistance and deep beliefs about money, wealth and worthiness.
Download and PRINT the booklet.
Do the writing before and after each hypnosis session.

Be honest and expressive in your writing, dig deep to get the truth and create your new reality.

Preview 05:23
Abundance- Parts Therapy
1 Lecture 04:22

Find out the truth about money, energy and abundance. Why does Hypnosis affect your ability to make money and create wealth?

This lesson will help you understand how powerful the hidden programming is that causes self sabotage.

Watch the video, listen to the two AUDIO session.
Hypnosis- The Sessions are hypnotherapy audios. You will need to be in a quiet place, eyes closed, with no disturbances.

DO THE WRITING! After each session do the writing in your journal.

Writing down the things you discovered helps your mind release and resolve the issues you have been battling with.

Preview 04:22
The Wall. Find your resistance to being wealthy.
1 Lecture 03:02

This is a discovery process.
Find out what has been stopping you.
Let the wall tell you what it needs you to do, in order to take it down.
Find out what is waiting for you on the other side.

Do your writing! After you listen to the Wall session, write down what you have discovered. Listen to this program for three days in a row, and each time come back a write what you discovered.

Preview 03:02
Future Timeline
1 Lecture 07:38


These outcomes are going to be very clear and specific and will be used in your timeline session. If you have not written them down, you are cheating yourself. If you are too vague you will make the accomplishment too difficult. Get specific.

For financial outcomes: state an amount of money – or more- For instance, “I will be making over $12,000 a month.” Don’t accidentally limit yourself by stating an amount that has no room to grow!

Personal outcomes: Family, relationships, friends, and hobbies- “I will have two new friends who are positive and supportive of what I do”.
Career: Accomplishments, awards, training, certifications, new contracts, clients, work alliances.

Spiritual: Here is where you find inner peace. “I will find time for spiritual renewal, exercise 3X a week, become peaceful and grateful for my family, find my passion, and spend time in nature”

Remember to be specific. If you generalize, two things will happen. You will not get your outcomes, and Wendi will be very disappointed in you. If you don’t write them down, I will come to your house and lecture you.

Download and print the book, then do the writing! This is what you will be working on BEFORE you do the hypnosis session.

One Month

1 Financial

2 Personal

3 Career
4 Spiritual

Three Months

1 Financial

2 Personal

3 Career
4 Spiritual

Six Months

1 Financial

2 Personal

3 Career
4 Spiritual

One Year

1 Financial

2 Personal

3 Career
4 Spiritual

Preview 07:38
Your Future Self
1 Lecture 02:48


Your Next Step

You do not need much preparation to do this. It will allow you to step into your abundant self in the future and learn what it is like, consciously and unconsciously to be abundant.

Remember, your subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real and an imagined event. So, when your subconscious mind experiences this as real, it begins to make changes and implement them.

The learning that happens when you meet your future self can be subtle or profound. It is helpful to do this session once a week. Each time you visit your future self, the subconscious mind will move towards this outcome more quickly and more effortlessly.

Blocks: If you experience any negative feelings or emotions within your future self, go back to the parts therapy session. Find the feeling of resistance or the negative emotion, make it into a part, and find out what it wants.

If you were uncomfortable in your future self, write down your feelings about it. What caused the discomfort?

Preview 02:48
Temple Of Wisdom- meet your wise sage
1 Lecture 05:08


Find guidance from your wise sage, spiritual leader, spirit guide, or a respected mentor. You will be asking questions of this person or being and listening for the advice or wisdom they give you.

You may be surprised by the advice, or it may make perfect sense. You can choose your guide ahead of time, someone who inspires you or someone who would have the solution to your problem, then bring them in to your temple.

You can also let the wise sage appear to you as someone you don’t know, but that you trust and believe in. This session can be used in many different ways.

Find and remove blocks and limitations.

Ask for truth about your self-sabotage programming.

Find out what your best move will be in a situation.

Gain intuitive guidance to find out what future direction to take.

Ask for an honest evaluation about a business partner or situation that you are having a dilemma about.

Be creative and use this for many purposes. It could be that you are projecting your subconscious wisdom and intuitive mind into the wise sage, or it could be (if this is within your belief system) that you are summoning a guide or spiritual adviser. We know so much more on an unconscious level than we could ever know consciously. This temple of wisdom will allow you to tap into the resources you have and be more objective in your decisions.

Use the temple often.
Have a weekly meeting with your inner advisor.
Get ready to be amazed at the wisdom you are given. Always have faith in the answers.

Preview 05:08
Believe it! You are worthy
1 Lecture 09:50


I have included two versions of this Swish process.

Belief Change Swish- This one is specifically for wealth and abundance.

Swish Pro- This one is to use on anything you feel you need to transform. Fears, insecurities, frustrations, worry, stress... just anything you want to let go of and replace with a new and empowering belief.

Use this after you have released your blocks, created your timeline, and completed your parts therapy.
This NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) process will release your negative self image and create a powerful and compelling belief that you deserve to succeed. It makes changes in the information you are accessing at a core level. Your beliefs are the driving force behind your behaviors.

Release your limits and begin to think BIG.

Use this session anytime, especially when you are feeling disappointed or defeated about something. DO NOT indulge in the negative mindset or allow the hopeless thoughts to grow. Use this often to release the negative patterns and find your belief about an abundant future.

Preview 09:50
Manifesting- Is it real and does it work?
1 Lecture 06:12


Once you have released the blocks, you can begin to manifest your desires and dreams.

Manifesting has always mystified me, since it is so simple and works so well. I suppose that this energy of money and abundance carries the intention out into the universe. And if you have cleared the resistance, this energy finds what it needs and brings it back. I certainly don’t understand how or why, but I have a theory.

We are all made up of vibrating atoms, and the level of vibration can change based on our thoughts, feelings, desires, and so on. When we are vibrating to negative thoughts, we can affect things around us, such as mechanical devices. There is some very interesting research in a book titled, MIRACLES OF MIND. It shows the effect of positive or negative thoughts on things such as water, plants, mechanical objects, and even a random number generator. The theory is that there is a certain wavelength or vibration to our thoughts. This vibration affects the things around us to make them work with us harmoniously, or to match our negative or conflicted energy, and create problems.

The universe does not care if you project positive or negative energy, it simply matches it. You will be given back abundance, or bad luck, opportunity, or poverty. You determine your “luck” by what you ask for.

I have hundreds of amazing stories of what is created when we focus our positive energy on what we want, release the blocks and invite abundance. My Financial Abundance groups have had startling miracles happen during our work together. If you ignore this principle, you are depriving yourself of the most powerful aspect of this program.

You may want to do your manifesting every day at a specific time, or just once a week. Do what feels right for you. Be sure the outcome that you desire is good for others as well, creates only positive effects on others, and has a mutual benefit for those who are becoming “partners” in your abundance.

Emotion has energy. Want for others to be abundant as well as yourself.

Give as freely as you receive. When you hang on tight to your money, you stop the flow of abundance. Stop pinching pennies and give a little. You will be rewarded generously when you PARTICIPATE in abundance. If everyone hangs on tight to money, there is no abundance available to anyone. You are the key to the flow.

Give, and bless the gift you are giving...even if it means swallowing a little pride, or releasing someone from a debt. Don’t hold the negative energy or feel cheated when things don’t come to you the way you want. Know that if you bless the giving (even if you didn’t intend to be giving in that particular moment) you will be sending your positive energy of abundance out there, and it will be brought back to you in even greater abundance.

Preview 06:12
Direct Suggestion- the deepening of belief, expectation and power.
1 Lecture 03:41


This is a great session to listen to as you fall asleep at night. You can let it play over and over while you sleep and it will allow you to embed some very positive suggestions in your subconscious mind.

Preview 03:41
About the Instructor
Wendi Friesen
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Wendi Friesen is worldwide leader in creating rapid change for life's difficult problems.
Since 1994 Wendi has influenced the lives of millions worldwide and brought insight,
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Wendi is described by her colleagues as a powerful healer, teacher and a creative marketing expert, she is one of the most loved transformational trainers in the world.

It is remarkable what the mind can do when given the right direction, and hypnotherapy is a powerful and fast way to make deep and lasting changes.

My programs use powerful therapy that rewires the neural pathways in the brain and results in amazing outcomes.

I am committed to being a leader and an inspiration. I have created many hypnotherapy programs that are based on the new science of how the brain can be changed through meditation, hypnosis, and NLP.