Warrior Yoga For Men: 10 Keys To Health, Wealth and Success

Greatly Increase Your Confidence, Health, Focus & Drive, To Feel Great And Be A Success With Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
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About This Course

Published 6/2015 English

Course Description


"Men, It's Time To rise!"

This is a call to action - For too long, the awesome practice of Yoga has been marketed towards, and therefore dominated by women in the West!

It's great that women are finding the benefits of Yoga, and are getting into their bodies, and into their power, but what about us men?

Don't you feel sometimes just a little tired, disillusioned, and demoralised. That life isn't quite the way you want it to be? Things might even be going well, but you still feel there's something missing. Maybe the women in your life sense your lack of conviction too?

The Truth is :

Yoga was invented by men, for men, and historically in India has been largely practiced by men, so reclaim your rightful place!

It's only right that Men share at least 50% of the Yoga Community! After all Yoga is primarily about balance...balance of the masculine and feminine qualities in us all.

The world needs both men, and women to reap the benefits of Yoga.

You deserve to be really healthy, to feel good, to attract the perfect partner, and perfect life, and most important of all, to be rooted in an inner confidence. A state of mind that comes from really knowing yourself, where you're going, and the courage and drive to just go for it!

Yoga, and meditation makes all this possible...

What is Yoga really? Yoga is NOT really about stretching, and poncing around, looking good in a leotard! It is nothing to do with what you look like externally...

Yoga is about empowerment - it connects us with the deep power within us, our potency. It is the key to feeling how awesome it is to be a man, and to share your awesome passion with the world!

What is a Warrior? A true warrior is nothing to do with violence!

A warrior is he who has the passion, strength and determination to stand up for what he believes in, and make a difference. What do you believe in? We live in a cynical world - a world which the warrior is here to reclaim, in order to bring forth a better way...a new world of equality, where everyone has the opportunity to realise their true potential!

This course highlights a deeper understanding of the 10 Keys to being a True Man, and powerful Kundalini Yoga exercises to ensure you embody them.

I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for 12 years, and teaching extensively for over 10 years. This makes me one of the most experienced Kundalini Yogis in the South West of England. So I know the value of these teachings, and now I want to share them with you, because the world needs more real men, the world needs more warriors!

Prepare to become a Warrior! This is what you will reclaim...

  1. Maturity - To be a real man, in a world of 'boys' pretending to be men, we must move beyond immaturity, from reactivity to responsibility.
  2. Purpose - Find your life's purpose, your mission, and you move from confusion to meaning, and this strike's contentment deep into the heart of every man.
  3. Drive - In a world of continuous bombardment of information, and entertainment, we must learn to move beyond distraction to unprecedented direction and focus.
  4. Passion - Fuel your inner fire and keep it burning, in order to feel alive!
  5. Potency - Channel and redirect your sexual energy (testosterone) and actually use that same energy that fuels lust to fuel your creative projects and endeavours!
  6. Courage - To be a Warrior, you must be brave enough to meet life's challenges, in fact you must learn to welcome them in, to love them, for a man is living most authentically, when he is on the edge!
  7. Success - Live an abundant life, and find your freedom, for this is no end to the dreams you can, and will manifest once you do these practices, and implement this way of thinking into your life. We create our own reality, when we hold true to our mission, and believe in our unique abilities.
  8. Authenticity - Reclaim your honour, in a world that has diminished the integrity of honesty, and respect - stand tall, and be a virtuous knight for the new age upon us, which we can now choose to co-create.
  9. Presence - When you get this down, you become a master of attraction and clear communication, this will make you a beacon for women to be drawn to you, and ensure you power in your business as well.
  10. Mastery - The ultimate goal - Learn to master your mind, and the world falls at your feet, for you have achieved true Wisdom, a rare thing indeed, and yet it is absolutely within your reach.

It comes down to one question..."How Alive Are You?"...."Men It's Time To Rise!"


Women - If you are reading this, perhaps you are already thinking you would like to enroll your partner into this course. If you know the benefits that Yoga brings you, but your partner is not interested, then this course can be a bridge to bring him into sharing your passion, and in the process making him realise more of his potential. Don't you wish, sometimes, your partner was 'more of a man'? This course will be bring out the greatness in him. Enroll your partner and see your relationship flourish!

*** Women – This course is designed for men, but if you identify with the masculine, or if you feel you need to, in order to balance out your strong feminine nature, then the choice to enroll yourself, is of course, yours. Prepare to be more purpose driven, focused, and achieve a sharp clarity of mind. In fact you might so strong and clear, that you will wonder why you ever got confused, conflicted or contrary. ***

“Whatever you are physically...male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy--all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside." ― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Created June 2015 - Updated October 2015

What are the requirements?

  • Clothes to comfortably move in
  • An open mind!
  • A willingness to change
  • A Warrior Spirit!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Consider this as a rite of passage into being a true man
  • Find your lost courage and remember how to be a warrior in today's world
  • Find your true purpose in life, and/or get your life purpose on track
  • Increase your potency and potential
  • Ramp up your drive, so that you become an unstoppable man on your mission
  • Rekindle your passion for life
  • Remember how to be authentic, to be open an honest with yourself, and others
  • Tune in to your ability to achieve success
  • Harness your sense of presence, and be a magnet for what you deserve
  • Learn self mastery, the highest goal of all in Yoga - master your mind, and you master the world
  • Get super fit, and find boundless energy in the process

Who is the target audience?

  • Men who are ready to RISE!
  • Men who are ready for the next level in their lives
  • Men who have had enough of mediocrity
  • Men who want to own their true power and responsibility
  • Not for women who are not ready to embrace their masculinity

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Warriors! Let's do this!

Warriors - let's get started!

How To Be A Warrior!

Nature - it's all around, but how often to we take its ability to centre, ground and inspire us. Practicing Yoga out in nature, will enhance your practice, and put you on the fast track to empowerment. On a dry day, consider ditching the Yoga mat, and connecting with the Earth directly!


This exercise is a great way to wake up the spine - it is a good one to practice every day as part of your routine. The effects are numerous, but physically it was open up the spine to allow the flow of your cerebral spinal fluid, along with charging the central nervous system. This has the effect of waking up the primal energy which is key to Kundalini Yoga, and this leads to enhanced creativity, and all the virtues of a real man, that we are covering in this course of authentic masculinity.


This is a very effective exercise for warming up the spine, and waking up the central nervous system. It can be practiced pretty much anywhere, and will bring vitality back into your day.


This is a great warm up exercise for the spine, and upper body strength. It is good for grounding too, and a great way to connect with the Earth if practiced out in nature

Section 2: Maturity

The journey into being a real man, a true man, a man who walks beyond fear, starts here...


Very powerful meditation to balance all your centres, and allow your deeper maturity to ground in to every fibre of your being.


Share your experience!

Section 3: Purpose

Purpose is a man's highest priority.


First we discover our secondary purpose - What is it that you are doing in life..is this your true purpose? Do you know what your true purpose is in the world?


Every man has a higher purpose, and sooner or later he must find it, or else he will always feel something is missing. Destiny makes a man.


In order to stay on track with our purpose as men, we need to maintain focus - this exercise will help you to achieve your mission in life.


Without clarity you are lost. Awaken the crystal clear focus of your neutral mind, and see through the veil of all doubt and confusion.

Section 4: Drive

Warm showers are for girls. Cold showers are for Men! Start the day as you mean to go on, by challenging yourself and overcoming fear!


Bad habits destroy you, whilst good habits make you super human. Every morning start the day with your super shake....
Basis - Cacao, Almond Milk and Banana.
Optional extras - Wheat Grass, (and/or Barley Grass), Spirulina (and/or Chorela), Maca, Ginger, Ginseng, plus different fruits.
Can add honey to taste if required.


Introduction to the Morning Wake Up Series, which follows this lecture.

1. Stretch Pose

2. Knees to Chest

3. Spinal Rocks

4. Ego Eradicator


4 minutes every morning will change your whole day. Men - it's time to wake up!


Commit to yourself, and to what's important, and you will be rewarded.


Powerful exercise for giving you the kick up the behind that we all need to get into gear.

Section 5: Passion

A life without passion is no life at all. Warriors drum up your enthusiasm and inspiration, and never let it die again.


Activate the fire in your belly, and rekindle your passion for life.

Section 6: Potency

Men are becoming impotent, are you ready to reverse the trend...


Awaken your potency and you become a real man, this opens doors into creativity and opportunity that you had previously only dreamed of.


Powerful exercise to awaken your potency, and perfect warm up for the following 'kriya'.


This is a full kriya, which is a complete set of exercices specifically designed to awaken your potency, and unlock your full potential. Do this every day for at least 40 days, and see your life change before your eyes.

Section 7: Courage

In order to be a warrior,you must reconnect with your deep courage, in order to really meet the world fully and make the impact you know you must.


Some powerful exercises to open up your chest, and get in touch with your warrior's heart


Powerful meditation for opening the heart centre on order to have a strong sense of gravity, impervious to distraction.

Mantra: Sat Kar Tar


Find balance in your heart to calm, focus, and direct the passion, we don't want to boil over.

Section 8: Success

Every man desires greatness, but not every man achieves it. Which man will you be?


Exercise to unlock the secrets to personal success.


One of the deepest desires for a man, is to be free, no matter what. Find freedom, and the world falls at your feet.

Section 9: Authenticity

Are you ready to be fully honest with yourself. No more lies, no more pretending, it's time to get real.

Laya Yoga Meditation
Section 10: Presence

A man without presence is weak, and transparent. A man with presence is a beacon of light in a world of shadows.


Life is about relationship, and the key to this is communication. First we must learn to listen to ourselves, and then we can find the space to hear others.

A man with presence can attract whatever he desires, so choose wisely.

Powerful meditation to drop deep into your presence.

Section 11: Mastery

Get ready to master your mind. It's time to take your power back.


Master this meditation, and you will be a true man.

Section 12: Conclusion

Well done! Go out there and show men how it's done!


The great thing about this course, is that it is open to ALL, and that means YOU!

I have designed it for the absolute beginner, so no experience is required, but to be honest, even if you have experience, I guarantee you will benefit from this.

I have worked hard to become an experienced meditator, so that I can use my skill to remain calm, no matter what the situation, and ensure my whole life is a happy one, no matter what's going on.

I want this for you, and if you ever suffer sometimes from mood swings, especially if you sometimes feel down, or anxious, then this course will help you.

If you sometimes suffer from more serious conditions such as stress, or depression, even chronic pain, then it would be wise to enroll onto this course.

I just really want you all to be happy :-)

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Instructor Biography

Mark Keane, Master of Yoga, Meditation, Ecstatic Dance & Wellbeing Coach

Mark TJ Keane, following a personal awakening over a decade ago has devoted his life to Spiritual Enlightenment. He embarks on this quest as a very real, tangible and achievable goal and inspires others to do the same.

He is author of Meditation for beginners, and Secret Enlightenment.

Mark is the creator of Sleeping Serpent, an organisation dedicated to bringing elevation to the world. Sleeping Serpent includes

Kundalini Dance UK, where Mark uses his natural ability to use the medium of dance to reach states of absolute bliss and ecstacy. He trained as a certified Kundalini Dance teacher in Byron Bay, Australia in 2005. He is the most experienced Kundalini Dance teacher in Europe. Kundalini Dance is a powerful, shamanic journey through the chakras, which represents our seven basic frequencies.

Kundalini Yoga Bristol, Mark is a fully trained and certified Kundalini Yogi. Having practicing this most powerful form of Yoga for over a decade, he qualified in Anandpur Sahib, Northern India in 2005 with 3HO in the residence of Yogi Bhajan. Mark is the most recognized Kundalini Yoga teacher serving the South West of England.

Mark is a master at meditation, and has learned the ability to completely stop the mind, which leads to clarity, focus, deep peace and well-being.

If you are interested in re-awakening your passion, and drive for life, then Mark's inspiration is infectious!

Through Mark's extensive personal experience with his own training and practice, and guiding others he is undoubtedly one of the leading experts on using the power of the Kundalini life force and Chakra system for healing and transformation.

Mark is dedicated to helping others getting back in touch with nature, and realise the deep wisdom and healing it can offer us, as our ancestors once knew, and tribal cultures still know to this day.

He is famous for conducting 'Kundalini Fire Dance' journeys out in woodland or sacred stone sites, using shamanic drumming, ritual, dance and fire. It's a way to honour the seasons, and accelerate personal liberation at the eight points of the wheel of the old calendar, which is more in harmony with nature.

He runs an official group, known as Eckhart Tolle Bristol, dedicated to following the wisdom of enlightened master, Eckhart Tolle, and runs workshops known as 'Days of Presence' where you are guided into a deep state of meditation connecting you to the truth of who you are, the ground of being.

Mark has also pioneered 'Conscious Clubbing' in the UK, alcohol, drug free dance events with positive energy and superfoods. Since 2014, this has now evolved into a movement that is taking the UK by storm - 'Kundalini Clubbing' a powerful combination of Cacao Ceremony, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Dance, and Gong Bath!

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