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Get exciting Commercial, Animation and Video Game voice-over reads that pop, to get the agent and book your next VO job.
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About This Course

Published 12/2015 English

Course Description

SPECIAL January 2017 PRICING: This course is normally $55 but is now only $25 to celebrate the beginning of 2017! This offer will be ending very soon so start your New Year off with a bang! As of January 15th 2017 there have been 5 BRAND NEW lectures added :) As always there is a 30-day, no questions asked and hassle-free money back guarantee for you to use at any time throughout the course if you need to.

I want YOUR voice to be heard. Voice-Over 101 Plus helps you unleash your unique voice so that your voice can be heard loud and clear in Commercials, Animation and beyond.This course is designed for anyone looking to take their Voice-Over career and reads to the next level. Has any one ever told you 'You should do Voice-Over?'. So many people have been told this and mistakenly think that a nice voice is all you need to work, but 'HUGE spoiler alert' it is NOT. You need to have a solid, easy-to-use, 'go-to' structure of techniques that you can use over and over again so that your reads pop every time, and I will show you how to do this. I don't waste half of the course talking about microphones and which gear to buy. Why not? Because a.) that is the easiest part of all of this(***read a little further down in a sec) and b.) even if you have the most expensive gear, if your reads suck you won't book it anyway. c.) you can learn about mic placement and editing in your manuals or on youtube for FREE. The truth is that you don't need the best, most expensive and amazing gear to book V.O. work, but you DO need reads that pop, and that is why I created this course. The techniques taught in this course have personally helped people book voice-over jobs for Disney, Dreamworks,GoDaddy, Maybelline, Freshly, Wellmark and many more.

Sometimes all you need is an iPhone or smartphone to practice and/or book a job, and I show you how to turn bland and noisy phone recordings into recordings that are punchy and awesome. Another thing that Voice-Over 101 Plus has that no other course has, is the "Performance Trainer", a practice tool that makes you stronger and stronger every time that you use it, and you can use it through your smartphone and/or tablet so you can practice anytime and practically anywhere with it!

My goal is to help you de-mystify how to get great Commercial and Animation/Video Game voice-over reads and to make it fun for you at the same time. That is what Voice-Over 101 Plus is all about. Plus, there is a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It's time to unleash your inner Voice-Over power right now, so try Voice-Over 101 Plus today!


P.S. - I am going to be adding more content to the course with time, so those things will automatically be included in your course as well. If there are any topics you want covered that can help you,I want you to let me know.

P.S.S. - I want to make sure you feel like you have support so I will be answering questions and being active here to make sure you get the most out of the course. If anytime you have questions, just let me know. Let's do this! 

Catch up with me on Twitter too: @ghosthawkmickey

See you inside!

-Mickey Caputo

What are the requirements?

  • All you need is a positive attitude, an open mind and your voice. :) It is also helpful to have something where you can record yourself as well, like a smartphone, tablet, voice recorder, etc. Anything that records your voice will do.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand and approach Voice-Over copy with confidence and strength so they you can book get great agents and book more Voice-Over work.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is meant for anyone looking to improve their Voice-Over craft by teaching you solid, easy-to-use, 'go-to' methods for creating killer Voice-Over reads that pop! Even if you have never done Voice-Over or Voice-Acting work before, this course teaches a variety of methods and tools so that you can let your unique voice be heard. The cool thing too is that you can apply the techniques immediately!
  • This course is not only great for beginner's but also for anyone stuck in a rut, that just can't seem to break through to the other side of booking regularly. We all no there are no guarantees in life, but when you are armed with all the tools to help you, your odds can increase dramatically. My goal for you is to book more work and help you discover your inner confidence so that every one of your reads pops with confidence and personality.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

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Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Welcome to Voice-Over 101 Plus!

Welcome to Voice-Over 101 Plus! :)


Get ready to learn how to make your Voice-Over reads pop with how to breakdown copy to get amazing performances! Also included are vocal warm-ups, breathing techniques, life-coaching videos and more. Looking forward to seeing you inside!


If this is the only lesson you ever take away it will be worth it. Have fun! In all of your work and practice, having fun is a huge part in making your reads pop and enjoyable to the listener. Let your joy shine through and have fun :)

Section 2: Essential ingredients for connected voice-over reads

These 4 components live in all professionally produced Voice-Over spots. Bring these 4 components to all of your reads and your reads will be strong.


These 3 elements will be used throughout all of your reads. Learn what these are now so that you can access them immediately so that your reads come to life.


All of your life experiences, good and bad, can be used to fuel your performances and create and exciting and interesting reads. When you bring your real-life experiences to your reads, your voice will naturally be interesting to listen to no matter how much you may dislike the sound of your voice. Check out how to do this inside.

Section 3: How to breakdown Voice-Over copy

Learn how to approach specs in the real world and book the job even when you don't fit all of the specs that they are looking for.


Get ready to learn how to breakdown Commercial Voice-Over copy!


How to breakdown Commercial copy part 1. Take as much of this in as you can. See which techniques seem easier for you and take any and all of the techniques here and apply them to excite your reads.


How to breakdown Commercial copy part 2. Take as much of this in as you can. See which techniques seem easier for you and take any and all of the techniques here and apply them to excite your reads.Here we add the 5 W's to the mix. Take whatever you connect with most and apply those to your reads. Sometimes certain things will work more than others, depending on the copy you get. Have fun with it! :)


Whew! You did it! Remember, don't feel like you have to do every single step, every single time you get copy BUT, learn what works for you and what doesn't, and use what works. Feel free to experiment with different techniques here and see how your reads change for the better! Remember this too, you don't need to think about every single piece of information you discovered in your investigation. Know that in your investigation of the copy, you brought specific things to the surface, and when you perform you can trust yourself and just let it go. Have fun!


Get ready to breakdown some animation copy!

  • How to breakdown Animation/Video Game copy part 1. Take as much of this in as you can. See which techniques seem easier for you and take any and all of the techniques here and apply them to excite your reads.
Breaking Down Animation Copy-Part 2

Congrats! You did it! Keep in mind that once you ask questions and bring those answers to the surface, you can let go and have fun! In other words, you don't need to keep all of the information in your brain when you are performing your copy, just trust in the work you've done, and let it go. :)


If you are looking for a fast and easy approach to connecting to your copy on a personal level, this is it. You can watch this before or after you watch the other videos on 'Breaking Down Copy', but please make sure you do so you get the complete picture. This is the condensed version of many of the techniques described in those videos. Enjoy!


Learn how to score your script so that you can get the performance you want.


When you audition you will be asked to perform a "slate". Here we cover the easy way to do this so that you make a powerful and trusting first impression.

Section 4: Killer iPhone/Smartphone Recordings
Killer iPhone/Smartphone recordings-Introduction

After this lecture you will be able to:

  • record auditions with your iPhone/Smartphone
  • discover you can record if you do not have a proper studio setup at home

After this lecture you will be able to use plug-in processing that will make your iPhone/smartphone auditions punchy and professional.

Killer iPhone/Smartphone recordings-The process
2 pages
Section 5: Breathing and Voice Warm-Up exercises

Get ready for some voice warm-ups! These are some fun exercises to get the motor running before you perform.


Some breathing basics so that you know how the mechanism works so that you can maximize your intake.


Here is an easy way to get your sound buzzing inside of yourself so that your body cavity resonates without effort.


A fun way to get your voice ready for performance!


What's a "zerbert"? Only THE most effective exercise I know to get your voice and the muscles around it flexible and free!


Feel free to do whichever exercises you like the most to before you perform! Just remember: do them BEFORE you go to the audition/job/etc. ;)

Section 6: The "Performance Trainer"-the Ultimate Practice Tool for V.O.
How much should I practice?

This is an explanation of what intentions are, a few examples and how you will use them in your VO practice with the Performance Trainer, your auditions and your VO work as well. 


Use this tool whenever you want to practice on your own. Experiment with different:

  • intentions
  • attitudes/energy/emotions
  • number of takes

Your performance technique requires some practice and this will help you with that in a big way!

Section 7: Life-Coaching and Guidance for your Voice-Over journey

You are in one place. You want to get somewhere else. It's an adventure! Get ready to travel onto your bridge of adventure!


Watch this video whenever you get frustrated or down about, well, anything really! This video helps you to get grounded and to understand that you are everything that you need to be right here and now. :)


Get ready to learn THE best tool to have whatever inner qualities you feel you have been lacking in your life.


Trust yourself. 


In this video I invite you to measure your success not by how many jobs you book, but rather the effort and practice you are putting into your VO practice and also practicing speaking and expressing your self  in every day life as well.

Section 8: Extra Tips

Not all h20 is created equal.


Mouth clicks will kill your auditions and your performances. Granny Smith apples work for this, but if you have a hard time digesting apples try this.

Section 9: Voice-Over Tips, Tricks and Techniques
The Smile :)

Here is a simple and cool little technique to get your reads to sound more conversations and thrown away. Sometimes when they ask for a 'millennial' sound this technique can really come in handy.


Using your own energy and emotion in your work is really important. Your own energy and emotion is unique to you and rather than try to 'act' it, I encourage you to use what is already inside of you: your unique energy and emotion. Use it to propel your reads!


We all have different sides of our personalities, or different 'versions' of us. Sometimes we are a brother, sister, Father or Mother...a teacher, nurse, electrician, friend, husband, wife, etc. Sometimes we are happy, sad, angry, loving, protective, vengeful, comforting, etc.All of these different versions of ourselves can be used inside of the VO spots we are voicing by choosing the version of you that makes sense for the spot. The key is that it is s version of YOU, vs. acting like an idea or stereotype of what you think you should be.


When a VO really clicks and is believable, there is no separation between the person and their voice. It's as if the person's physical voice, body and point of view are all one thing. I explain it in this video.


For those of you who sound more polished and 'announcer' this simple and fun technique can help lighten up you reads to sound more conversational.


Do this to add more joy, energy and lightness to your reads.

Section 10: Voice-Over 101 Plus-Conclusion

The legend. If you don't already know about him, you need to. I have provided some info for you here to do just that.


Don't forget to check out the downloadable pdf's before you go. Another great website to visit which is not in the pdf's is Dee Bradley Baker's website. It has some extremely valuable information about Voice-Over there and I highly recommend it. Here is the link:


All the best to you and looking forward to hearing about your success!


P.S.-Stay tuned for more content soon too!

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Instructor Biography

Mickey Caputo, Los Angeles-based Voice Actor/ Instructor

Prior to joining the roster at Sutton, Barth and Vennari as a Voice-Actor for Animation, Video Games,Commercials and Promos and prior to becoming a Voice-Over coach/director at the SAG Foundation's Don Lafontaine Voice-Over lab, Michael "Mickey" Caputo spent time on the other side of the glass. First as a dialogue recordist on some of the most popular animated shows from the early 2000's from Warner Brothers, Universal and others, to working as an actor on stage and on-camera. 

From winning co-star and guest star roles for such shows as ABC's "Son's and Daughter's" and WB's "the Gilmore Girls" to having original music currently running on such TV shows as "Say Yes to the Dress", to "Tiny House Nation" and more. 

Mickey has used the techniques in his Voice-Over 101 Plus course to help people book national commercials, animated series, video games, e-learning, audiobooks and live-announcing. Clients have booked jobs for companies like: Disney, DreamWorks Animation,GoDaddy, and Maybelline to name a few. 

Mickey is currently represented as a Voice-Over artist in Los Angeles by Sutton, Barth and Vennari. Mickey is also the creator of the self-empowerment program "The System of Strength" and works as a one-on-one coach, helping people unleash their inner voice and power. His latest Voice-Over bookings include the role of "the Elder" in Hidden Expeditions and the "Shadow God/Candlemaker" in the upcoming Dark Parables game, both to be released in early 2017. Mickey is currently based out of Los Angeles California.

Follow him on Twitter @ghosthawkmickey

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