Vocabulary Learning: Smarter Kids in a Year - Verb to Noun 2

Parents, better vocabulary = better grades. Get everything you need to add 50 more words to your child's vocabulary fast
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  • Lectures 21
  • Length 1 hour
  • Skill Level Beginner Level
  • Languages English
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About This Course

Published 2/2015 English

Course Description


If your child is doing poorly at school an inadequate vocabulary could be the problem.

Your child’s ability to use his given language is the key to all his learning.

The more words a child knows, the greater that child’s success.

Taking this course is a potential vocabulary boost of 1000 words for your son or daughter!


Just learning 10 words can expose a person to 90 more.

Technically your child is being deliberately exposed to 100 words because this course teaches how to make 50 nouns from 50 verbs. 10 x (10 + 90) = 1000 words

Raising smart children just got easier

If you have ever imagined sitting with pride in the audience watching your child receive an award for good work at the end of the school year, then you must act now.

If you start immediately, working diligently on your child's vocabulary, you could start to see improvement within the next year that will last him a lifetime.

We're making it easy for you by removing all the hard work usually associated with helping your child succeed at school.

The time consuming tasks of doing research on the Internet, looking for worksheets and trying to figure out answers have been done for you.

You will find everything you need in one place.

Use the course materials to rapidly improve your child’s vocabulary
Your ward can learn as many as 10 words in a single day.

Apart from the video lectures showing how to make each noun from each verb, there are also video lectures showing how to use each word formed in a sentence.

There are puzzles and games to accelerate learning.

But there is more…

Because you the parent need to be satisfied that learning is taking place, at the end of each section there is a quiz for you to check your child’s progress.

…and more

We go one step further and provide a posttest app that randomly generates 20 questions related to the 50 nouns taught.

The app can be separately downloaded to an iPad or Android and used anytime, anywhere without an internet connection.

The test will be different each time you take it so it can be used multiple times now and in the future as revision to keep your protégé sharp.

How this course is organized
You will know exactly what your child is learning because one of the first lectures is a Parent’s Reference Guide listing all the word formations that make up this course.

The sections for you also include details of the steps necessary to make the best use of the course, answers to the puzzles and games and how to access the posttest app that you will use to be sure that your son or daughter is ready to move on to the next 50 words.

The remaining sections, the teaching sections, contain the meat of the course. Each section teaches 10 words. There are 5 teaching sections. Each one contains:

What are the requirements?

  • Parents, we appreciate that you are busy. Our courses are therefore designed to provide you with sufficient material to help your child learn the topic presented without having to do anything additional.
  • Your role is therefore expected to be purely supervisory. That is you encourage your ward to use the materials as often and as much as necessary to master the topic.
  • If you wish to use the posttest app that is provided free with this course offline, you must have an iPad or Android device (not Kindle). For this you will require the free Articulate Mobile Player. Download details are provided.
  • If you prefer, the app can be used online with any device with an Internet connection including the Kindle.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Form 50 nouns from 50 verbs. See the word list in lecture 3
  • Spell the 50 words covered in this course
  • Use the 50 words presented in a sentence

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is intended for busy parents who still want to play their part in helping their 9 - 12 year old be among the top performers at school
  • Teachers of 9 to 12 year olds and ESL students may also find it useful
  • This course is not for parents looking for a quick fix. Progress takes time
  • Parents who Do NOT want to help their child achieve academic success should definitely not take this course

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: For Parents

How you can correct the problem with your child's grades


An easy system that works

2 pages

A pdf detailing what your child will learn

Section 2: Day 1 - Word List 1 Games and Activities

Forming Nouns From Verbs List 1

accept acceptance

assist assistance

disturb disturbance

enter entrance

perform performance

resemble resemblance

allow allowance

appear appearance

deliver deliverance

resist resistance


Making Nouns From Verbs List 1 Sentences

You must confirm acceptance in writing

He desperately needs assistance

Timmy is in trouble again for causing a disturbance

The entrance is that way

He gave an outstanding performance

Mark bears a striking resemblance to his father

Dad gave me my weekly allowance

He made a sudden appearance

He should pray for deliverance from evil

Resistance is futile

3 pages

Puzzles and games for List 1

10 questions

INSTRUCTIONS: Form a noun from the word in brackets to correctly complete the sentence or phrase

Section 3: Day 2 - Word List 2 Games and Activities

Forming Nouns From Verbs 2 List 2

abolish abolition

accuse accusation

act action

admire admiration

adopt adoption

apply application

cancel cancellation

circulate circulation

combine combination

compensate compensation


Forming Nouns From Verbs 2 List 2

Crime has increased since the abolition of flogging

The accusation made him angry

There goes a man of action

Mark has great admiration for his father

Mom is considering adoption

He did not fill out the application correctly

Rain caused the cancellation of the event

The newspaper went into circulation in March

He likes a combination of ice-cream and cake for dessert

The player wants compensation for his injuries

3 pages

Puzzles and games for List 2

10 questions

INSTRUCTIONS: Form a noun from the word in brackets to correctly complete the sentence or phrase

Section 4: Day 3 - Word List 3 Games and Activities

Forming Nouns From Verbs 2 List 3

ascend ascent

believe belief

choose choice

complain complaint

deceive deceit

grieve grief

laugh laughter

lose loss

relieve relief

pursue pursuit


Forming Nouns From Verbs 2 List 3

Ted will make the ascent alone

It is his belief that he will go to heaven

Dad did not give me a choice

They made a copy of the complaint

He is prepared to use deceit to get his own way

she was overcome with grief

They roared with laughter

The fat cat has not shown any weight loss yet

The injection brought him some pain relief

The cat took off in hot pursuit of the mouse

3 pages

Puzzles and games for List 3

10 questions

INSTRUCTIONS: Form a noun from the word in brackets to correctly complete the sentence or phrase

Section 5: Day 4 - Word List 4 Games and Activities

Forming Nouns From Verbs List 4

construct construction

correct correction

create creation

declare declaration

destroy destruction

exclaim exclamation

exhaust exhaustion

expect expectation

explore exploration

imagine imagination


Forming Nouns From Verbs List 4 Sentences

The playground is under construction

The teacher made the correction on the board

Government ordered the creation of a new school

The declaration of his belief in aliens shocked us

The destruction of his new shoes got Timmy in trouble again

When the player went down he uttered an exclamation of pain

He collapsed on the bed in sheer exhaustion

The expectation is that he will get the job

The pirates are continuing their exploration of the world

He has a vivid imagination

3 pages

Puzzles and games for List 4

10 questions

INSTRUCTIONS: Form a noun from the word in brackets to correctly complete the sentence or phrase

Section 6: Day 5 - Word List 5 Games and Activities

Forming Nouns From Verbs 2 List 5

approve approval

arrive arrival

betray betrayal

portray portrayal

propose proposal

try trial

revive revival

dismiss dismissal

survive survival

reverse reversal


Forming Nouns From Verbs List 5

Approval was given in writing

The crowd awaited the arrival of the star

His betrayal was a jolt to her heart

I like the portrayal of the star

Sarah was ecstatic about the marriage proposal

This criminal will go on trial tomorrow

The nurses came to oversee the revival of the pirate

He wants to know the reason for his dismissal

They ran into rough seas and are battling for survival

There will not be a reversal of the decision to put this bandit in jail

3 pages

Puzzles and games for list 5 words

10 questions

INSTRUCTIONS: Form a noun from the word in brackets to correctly complete the sentence or phrase

Section 7: Great Work Kids!

Well done. Keep up the good work.

Section 8: Next Steps for Parents

A free posttest app to determine if your child is ready to progress to the next course.

Come back and use it occasionally to keep your child sharp.

Section 9: Additional Resource for Parents
15 pages

A pdf containing solutions to all the puzzles and games in this course

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