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Viral Copywriting: How to Create Sticky Stories that Sell!

Learn how to Turn Your Ideas Into Sticky, Viral, Contagious Copy that Sells using the latest Viral Marketing Techniques.
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Do you want to Master the Art of Communicating Complex Ideas & Getting People to Take Action? In this course you will learn how to turn your ideas into sticky, contagious pieces of content that get people to take Action!

See What some of the Students are Saying:

"Extraordinary course!" Brooke Haggermaker

"Excellent primer on the thought process of developing content that influences people." Gerard DeSousa

"Great thought provoking ideas, explained very succinctly. Content is original, I've not come across these ideas before in regards to writing and can also be applied to other areas of communicating in your life as well eg concept of simplicity. Pace is good and this instructor is easy and interesting to listen to. I would recommend this course." Bethany Holt

Communicating Complex Ideas & Getting People to Take ACTION Can Be Very Very Difficult!

Have you ever:

  1. Explained your idea more than once?
  2. Had a hard time getting someone's attention or keeping it?
  3. Tried to convince someone of your idea but had a hard time getting them to agree?
  4. Felt that people often didn’t understand or remember your ideas?
  5. Problems getting people to care?
  6. Noticed that even when your idea is liked, no one is taking action?

Whether you are a CEO, a Marketer or a Stay at Home Mom you have Ideas you need to share:

  • Selling your Boss on a Great New Idea
  • Creating a Viral Marketing Campaign
  • Trying to install certain values in your kids

Transforming the way people think can be very HARD!


The Good News is There is a Specific Way to Craft a Great Idea into a Story which Inherently Pulls the audience, Takes them on a Journey and Gets them to Act!

> This is why you watch all of those Facebook Videos, can't help but to click on the Latest BuzzFeed Article and spend countless hours (most of us anyway) being Entertained.

Psychologically, we can not Resist Great Content.... and the Good News is that Sticky Content can be Manufactured.. and it can be Created by YOU!

I did a lot of Research, A/B test and Growth Hacking and all of it pointed to 5 key Ingredients:

  1. Great Ideas Tell Stories that are Simple and get to the Core Quickly
  2. Great Ideas are so Tangible that you could almost Touch them
  3. Great Ideas Make us Feel Something and Care
  4. Great Ideas are Surprising and bring New Information
  5. Great Ideas are Credible & Trustworthy

When done right, great ideas lead us to our own personal ‘Aha Moment’ a ‘Wow’ Experience'

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Transform your Ideas into a Sticky Stories which is the first step in Viral Marketing
  • Write Viral Copywrite that is Psychologically Irresistible
  • Create Content that is Memorable & Shared
  • Create Stories that Lead to ‘Aha Moments’
  • Give your audience ‘Wow Experiences'

We are going cover the Research and a number of Case Studies. The course will focus on the 5 main techniques used to create sticky stories.

These techniques are often used by companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, who know exactly how to do this.

Viral Marketing is the next wave of marketing. It is no longer about hacking SEO or other systems. It is now all about hacking the human psyche.


Right Now there is a Tremendous Opportunity in Creating Very Sticky, Psychologically Irresistible Content.

> This is becoming more and more popular everyday as more and more research comes out. This is the best time to do it, before there is an over abundance of sticky content.

Let’s Get Started! Take This Course Right Now!

Who is the target audience?
  • If you want to Improve your Ability of Communicating your Ideas
  • Turn your Ideas and Content into Action and Results
  • Marketers, Content Creators, Bloggers, Writers, Entrepreneurs and even Moms
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What Will I Learn?
Know the 5 Main Ingredients in Creating Viral Content
Dramatically Improve your ability to Communicate your Ideas and Get Action
Improve your ability to Pitch your Ideas
Become Masterful in the Art of Creating Sticky Content
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  • Bring a Positive Open Minded Attitude
Curriculum For This Course
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Very Important Introductions
4 Lectures 04:58

Stefan here with Aha Moment Labs! Welcome to the Class and Thank You for Signing Up!

First and Foremost we will be covering a few deep concepts, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message at any time. You are also welcome to connect at and via email. And as always, as my student you are entitled to a 50% Off discount on any of my other courses… Additionally, I will gift you one of my other popular courses for Free if you finish 100% of this course within 2 weeks!

The focus of this course is to help you create great content, content that is sticky, content that is psychology irresistible, content that makes people want to share and take action!

We will be focusing on the 5 main ingratiates: Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, & Emotional

I will also be sharing a number of case studies and research throughout the class and this course was impacted by a few best sellers such as 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, Made to Stick, and Contagious among other. To learn more your are welcome to check out the resources and I highly recommend each of these best sellers.

It is often said, that when you read a book or learn something new, on average you might retain a few main concepts and in my personal experience this tends to be true. In order to get the most of this class, I strongly suggest watching some of the lessons more than once. This will help learn more deeply as more ideas are retained with each additional view. To really get the most out of this class, I strongly recommend applying these ideas in your day to day life.

We are all filed with good ideas and how we share them really makes a difference!

Last but not least, I will be addicting new content and bonus materials through the course.

Thank you for signing up and Let get Started!

Preview 01:38

Start Paying SPECIAL attention to Any/All content that Pulls You!

1) Notice when content pulls you

2) Ask Yourself How it is pulling you? Why do you find it irresistible?

3) Study it's patters: flow, content, etc...

Preview 01:28

Living the Question:

Keep in Mind the Real Value is not just in the answer but in asking the question and activity being in a state of wondering.

The Question is:

What do you think it is that People Really Really Want that they Rarely Get?

> There is an answer and it is something that we will cover in this course. Living the question will begin to open your mind in new and interesting ways which can give you insights into other people's psychology.

Preview 01:17

Please Read this Warning....

I have done this myself and I see students making this error. It's best we address the elephant in the room right away!

Power of Making it Simple
5 Lectures 14:04

Intro to the section on Simplicity!

There is a good reason why viral content needs to be simple. For one, simplicity insures that more people will understand your message and that they will spend less effort trying to understand it!

Effort is Key! If you are requiring extra effort from your audience.... you will invariably loose many of them!

So now the question is:

How should one be simple?

How can an idea be striped down to its core and turned into a soundbite or a meme?

A successful viral marketing campaign depends on your ability to be have ONE Simple Message that strikes a nerve.


What Does playing a game like Chess, running a Big Company, and being a General in Military have in common?

All three of these examples, are examples of Complexity. Playing chess is a very complex task, as is running a company or for that matter being a leader in the armed forces.

So how do these Organization Deal with all of this Complexity?

  • Clearly it would be near impossible to tell a soldier exactly what to do in the battle field... after all the battle field is every changing
  • Large Companies also face the problem of Complexity. With so many moving parts, how is Leadership to be effective? How is one to lead employees in an every changing competitive landscape?

This is the Value of Simplicity. It is the Ability to Get to the Core. In this lesson we will cover

  1. How the Military and Large Companies turn Complexity into Simplicity
  2. How you can even apply these techniques to chess and a have a friend play on your behalf and win!

All viral content, all content that is inherently sticky is simple and focuses on ONE Core Message.

Preview 02:26

Most of us... try to emulate the great writer and novelists in our stories and this is a cardinal sin!If you are doing this in your content... trying to write like a writer.. STOP!

In this section we will cover

  1. How writers write... and most likely you
  2. How to stop writing like a novelist and start writing Copy like a Master Marketer that knows how to go viral
  3. The One thing You Must Do to Make your Content 'Sticky'
Don't Write Like a Writer

Great Provers transcend time, language and culture.

In fact the most popular proverbs are popular in over 30 languages, have existed for over 2,000 years, and have been passed on Billions of times... yes Billions!

Somehow they drive deep down and touch something common in all of us.... And they have certain qualities and characteristics!

If you really think about it, Proverbs, Rules of Thumb, Memes are nothing more than Ideas! Ideas that are communicated in such a way as to be

  1. Super Sticky
  2. Memorable
  3. Exciting
  4. Shared
  5. Both Intuitive and Counterintuitive

In this lesson we explore how to Turn your Idea into a Great Proverb

Be as Simple as a Proverb

Welcome to AIDA! Breif overview on the power of AIDA and how to use it in your stories.

Why your Story must be 'Tangible'
4 Lectures 08:05

What does it mean to be concrete and why does it matter?

Even as a simple concept, concreteness can be hard to understand. In essence, concreteness is the ability to make an idea so tangible that the person can almost touch, taste it, experience it!

Being concrete has 2 main advantages:

  1. It makes ideas very easy to understand
  2. It makes ideas very easy to remember

Concreteness is a very important aspect of making an idea tangible and making it sticky.

Preview 00:35

Word Matter!

In this lesson we will examine the different types of words and really look at words that help increase the concreteness of an idea.

Some everyday words are very concrete and other everyday words are not. In this lesson you will be able to differentiate between one and the other.

  1. What words are most concrete?
  2. What words should be avoided at all costs?
  3. Overcoming the Curse of Knowledge
The Words: 'ROCK' vs 'Personality'

Now that we are Using CONCRETE 'Words' it's time to Make your Your IDEA Concrete

  • Make the Idea itself Concrete!

There is a simple Test You can do to Know if Your message is Concrete!

In this lesson we will examine the concreteness of your message. Concreteness is essential in creating sticky viral content and in any viral marketing campaign.

Concreteness is also essential in:

  • having your ideas be understood and
  • having your ideas be remembered.
How to Know Your Message is Concrete

Here are a number of great examples of 'Concrete Ideas'

  • These Ideas were very complex... but were Simplified and
  • Made Extremely Concrete

Examples include

  1. Getting People to Care about the Calories in Popcorn
  2. Winning The Space Race

These are Great Examples of Making very Sticky, Very Memorable, Very Sharable

The Space Race & Popcorn
How to Get Your Audiences Attention
4 Lectures 08:20

How to you Get Someone's Attention and Keep it?

This can be done most effectively via surprises. There is a right way to:

  1. surprise your audience,
  2. grab their attention,
  3. keep it
  4. lead them to an 'Aha Moment'

The Best way to get someone's attention is through surprise.

So what does it mean to surprise someone and how does one do it?

  1. In order to surprise you audience you have to kill their guessing machine.
  2. The guessing machines is the part of you that is constantly predicting what the future will look like. For instance, you have a 'general stereotype' of what a car commercial looks like. Your guessing machine is very good most of the time, which is why its easy for you to spot patterns and predict what will happen next in your favorite tv show.
  3. There is a way to break the guessing machine and then put it back together.

Value of Breaking the Guessing Machine

  1. Grabs Attention of Audience: Brain Send Audience Signal to PAY ATTENTION!
  2. Gives you Opportunity to FIX the Guessing Machine : This is Extremely Valuable!

One Big No No

  • Don't use Gimmickry

These are a few suggestions on creating sticky viral content that is made to stick. Surprise is essential in viral marketing

Preview 02:41

Once you have someone's attention how do you keep it?

  • Attention is EXPENSIVE! Advertisers like FB and Google Make Billions via Display Ads
  • Not Keeping someone's attention is a lost opportunity!

This Lecture will cover

  1. How to Keep Audiences attention for extend periods of time
  2. One Psychological Principle that Makes us Watch Bad Movies and How you can use this to your advantage.

Keeping the audiences attention is paramount in all viral marketing, with viral content that's made to stick.

Gap Theory & Why We Watch Bad Movies

Did you know that there is a way to Make Ordinary, everyday objects, Extraordinary?

All of the best brands do it! They get us excited about everyday objects like clothes, shoes and purses. Objectively there is not much difference between one purse and the next, however there is often a BIG difference in how we Think about it!

This Lecture Can Help you:

  1. Learn how to make the Ordinary = Extraordinary
  2. Learn how to frame a story from an Extraordinary point of view

Most of the time, we don't have something extraordinary to share with the world. Most of the time, we have ordinary things to share and these ordinary things must be made extraordinary in the minds of men. In this lesson we will do just that! We will make the ordinary, extraordinary, we will make it interesting and very very sticky.

How to Make the Ordinary 'Extraordinary'
One of your Biggest Challenges: Crediblity
4 Lectures 10:26

Credibility is one of those things that We Assume that we Have!

The truth is that unless you are a:

  1. Authority Figure
  2. Have Credentials
  3. Are a Celebrity

You have to Earn Credibility.

In this section we will show you just how to do that!

Additionally, you have to make sure that the Message itself has Credibility.

Preview 01:02

Sometimes Even Nobel Winning Research Scientists Lack Credibility! You see Credibility is a funny, funny thing... and audience matters.

In this lesson we will go over 2 Types of Credibility

  1. Authority
  2. Non-Authority

PS: Credibility is Necessary in order to get people to take your message seriously... Without credibility it will ultimately fall on deaf ears, that are unwilling to take action. Sometimes, Sticky, Viral Content is not credible however then no one takes action! It's as good as a joke.

Preview 02:18

Unless you are a Celebrity, a celebrated scientist or the pedigree and credentials in your field, you need to learn about gaining Credibility via Non-Authoritative methods.

In this lesson we will cover:

  • 3 Ways to Gain Credibility with you audience

PS: Credibility is Necessary in order to get people to take your message seriously... Without credibility it will ultimately fall on deaf ears, that are unwilling to take action. Sometimes, Sticky, Viral Content is not credible however then no one takes action! It's as good as a joke.

3 Ways to Get Instant Credibility

There is a SIMPLE & Easy way to Get Instant Credibility and Get Instant Action!

In fact the two go hand in hand!

In this lesson we will cover:

  1. One Sure Fire Way to Get Instant Credibility
  2. One Sure Fire Way to Get Action on your Ideas
PS: Credibility is Necessary in order to get people to take your message seriously... Without credibility it will ultimately fall on deaf ears, that are unwilling to take action. Sometimes, Sticky, Viral Content is not credible however then no one takes action! It's as good as a joke.
The Most Effective Way of Getting Credibility & How the NBA Used It
Creating a Deep Connection
5 Lectures 16:50

This is by far my favorite section!

We often run into the issue of over valuing the 'Rational Self'. Some where in our depths we like to imagine that we make mostly rational, logical decisions and that doing is in our benefit and everyone else's. Further, we imagine that other people work in that way... that Persuasion via Logic and Reason is akin to being on top of the Hill.

Unfortunately.... it doesn't aways work this way!

  • The best way to get people to take action is INSPIRE them!
  • The best way to motivate is through INTRINSIC Values!
  • Getting People to Act on Passion is by far the Most Effective Strategy!

Why is This?

  • For one we are not robots
  • We want to FEEL Something... and buying things gives us an Enjoyable Experience
  • If we Lived in a Purely Objective, Rational, Logical World then things like bottled water, designer brands, and absurdly large houses would not be as prevalent.

Emotions is what gets people to Care! It's what allows people to connect with you message in a very deep way and to make a connection that is meaningful. Meaningful connections are memorable, they are actionable, they are sticky and they are very viral.

Preview 01:05

Poll: Which Letter Do you Think Worked Best?
1 question

Thinking vs Feeling?

Which Letter do you think did the best? Did people donate more money to save the children when they were in a 'Logical/Rational' State of Mind or 'Emotional' State?

In this lesson we explore:

  1. Save the Children Case Study
  2. Mother Theresa
  3. How Emotion Effect What we Buy

Emotions is what gets people to Care! It's what allows people to connect with you message in a very deep way and to make a connection that is meaningful. Meaningful connections are memorable, they are actionable, they are sticky and they are very viral.

Preview 03:25

Would you rather:

1. Buy the Worlds Best Seed


2. Buy the Worlds Best Lawn?

While Most Business Focus on 'Features' the best Brands in the World Focus on 'The Benefit of the Benefit'

In this lesson you will learn:

  1. What the Benefit of the Benefit is
  2. How to make the Benefit of the Benefit part of your message

Emotions is what gets people to Care! It's what allows people to connect with you message in a very deep way and to make a connection that is meaningful. Meaningful connections are memorable, they are actionable, they are sticky and they are very viral.

The Benefit of the Benefit

A Question Asked Earlier: What is the One thing People Want that they Rarely Get?

It is important that we live this question! The real value is in living it, and being genuinely interested in knowing the answer. This exercise alone, will give you many insights into human behavior.

This Section we will cover the One Thing People Want.... that they Rarely Get and How to Give it To Them!

  • Connecting with people in this way... focusing one a Primary Need not met can be a great way to foster a connection.

Emotions is what gets people to Care! It's what allows people to connect with you message in a very deep way and to make a connection that is meaningful. Meaningful connections are memorable, they are actionable, they are sticky and they are very viral.

The ONE Thing People Want & Rarely Get

We all have an 'Ideal Self Image'... you know the person we really want to be like one day.. a more perfect version of us. We actually try to live up to this image and often times judge our own behavior based on it.

When Crafting the Perfect Message it is important to:

  1. Consider What the Audience IS
  2. Consider Who the Audience Wants to Be

There is a way to connect your message to the 'Ideal Self Image' and foster a very strong bond.

Emotions is what gets people to Care! It's what allows people to connect with you message in a very deep way and to make a connection that is meaningful. Meaningful connections are memorable, they are actionable, they are sticky and they are very viral.

The 'Ideal Self Image' and How to Appeal to It
2 Lectures 02:00

Congratulations for Finishing up this Course! I hope you loved this course and found it helpful and if so please let me know what you think.

Please also connect with me on Facebook and online at

The Focus of this course was on the content itself and before anything viral can happen, great content is needed. Great content, sharable content is the first step

and a step that can not be skipped!

In the near future, by popular request, I will be created a follow up course that is focused on the marketing end of the equation.

Now that you have great content what is next?

The good news is that there are a number of techniques such as Gamification, etc the can make your viral content contagious.

These techniques are in effect things that you are doing to your content to make it catch on.

A great example of this is a restaurant in Philly that Created a $100 Philly Cheesestake

This was both delicious and utterly ridiculous which is one of the reasons why the restaurant caught on and became a staple in Philly

another example is of a Secret Bar with a Secret Location and that only accepts patron via a trap door.

Now these are stories that really propelled people to tell their friends and they turned everyday business (restaurant and bar)

into popular destinations.

I will keep you posted on any developments of this course and your welcome to sign up early and get behind the scenes access. Just shoot me a message.

Once again thank you and see you in the next course.

Preview 02:00

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