Video Presentations: Screenshare & Talking Head Blueprint
4.4 (24 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
804 students enrolled
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Video Presentations: Screenshare & Talking Head Blueprint

Presentations Mastery: HQ Presentation & Filming. Enhance your body language. Learn video editing tricks in camtasia.
4.4 (24 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
804 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Use Eye Contact To Look Confident, Trustworthy & Respectful
  • Grasp The Power of Pauses
  • Learn About The Law Of Auto-Suggestion
  • Manage Your Tone Of Voice
  • Find Out & Master The Most Useful Hand Gestures To Improve Your Expressivity When Presenting
  • Understand Which Hand Gestures You Need To Generally Avoid In Front Of The Camera
  • Understand When You Should Use A Teleprompter & How You Should Use It The Right Way
  • Produce & Cut Your Videos In Order To Make Them Look Smooth & Professional
  • Understand The Difference A Professional Microphone Does When Recording Screenshare & Know Which One To Buy
  • Engage Your Audience With The Power Of Your Voice When Doing Screenshare By Mastering Your Pitch, Intonation & Volume
  • Master The Technical Aspects Of Camtasia & Avoid All The Time-Consuming Mistakes
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  • Relax
  • Open your mind
  • Absorb the knowledge

With 20+ successful Udemy courses, Roy, Adam, Dragos & Richard have amassed 17,000+ students and over 750 five star reviews.

Do you find it difficult to present in front of the camera? Do you struggle to attract and maintain the viewer’s attention? Maybe you find it odd to see recordings of yourself and think that your voice, body language and charisma could be better.

The truth is even if you had experience presenting in front of other people before, producing compelling videos can often be more challenging because you lack the crowd's feedback and you can't take on their energy.

Our Story

You would think that we were naturally good at presenting in front of the camera, but in reality we had our own growing pains.

For example, before launching his first Udemy course, Dragos had doubts whether he would be a successful communicator in this medium. He decided to launch the first course no matter what and the feedback he received was excellent. By making a conscious effort to continuously improve, he managed to bring his presentation skills to the next level. It seems silly to him now that he ever doubted he could make it.

Dr. Roy, on the other hand, had been conducting self-improvement training for over twenty years. However, only a year ago had he decided to start his own online business and begin generating passive income. Let's face it, endeavor like this at the age of 50 is quite a challenge but this is also why it has been so rewarding. Remember, it's never too late to take that next step.

What This Course Will Teach You

We believe that any learning process can be hacked. All it takes is a desire to take action, commitment and the right guidance.

We can provide you with the last element - through our experience we know the exact hacks and focus points that you need to understand in order to become a better presenter. This applies to both filming yourself in front of the camera & doing high quality screenshare videos.

As such, this course contains:

  • The On-Camera Fundamentals: Learn to use pauses, play with your tone of voice, maintain eye contact and other tricks that will revolutionize your speaking technique
  • Non-Verbal Communication 101: Improve your body language and charisma by understanding the variety of communication patterns at your disposal
  • The Screenshare Blueprint: Engage & fascinate your audience through the power of your voice when doing screenshare videos

As a BONUS, we've also included an entire section on filming & recording technicalities covering on-camera tips & tricks, how to record using a microphone and Camtasia editing fundamentals to produce your videos by yourself.

The Guarantee

We're confident that our combined experience will help you become a better presenter and produce mind-blowing videos that can earn you passive income. There are also a variety of FREE preview lectures so that you can convince yourself of the quality of this course.

Additionally, you have a 30 day money back guarantee - so there is absolutely no risk when purchasing this course. If you're still not satisfied, we'll guarantee to provide you with structured feedback on a video that you produce, so that you receive actionable advice to help you improve your presentation skills

Take Action & Enroll Now!

There is no better time to take action than now. If you truly want to channel your inner talent & become a better on-camera presenter, then take this course now and meet us in the virtual classroom!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is suitable for anyone, who wants to massively improve their video presentation skills, as well as, learn to create amazing screenshare videos
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Curriculum For This Course
37 Lectures
Let's Get Started!
3 Lectures 07:15

Welcome to the course.

Preview 02:44

Example of how effective a pause can be when used at the right moment.

Preview 03:51

Let's Get To Know Each Other!
The First Presentation Steps
9 Lectures 30:34

Introduction for section 2.


We are all probably aware of the importance of maintaining eye contact during our interaction with others. Eye contact is an eloquent reminder that you are trustworthy, respectful, confident and have a great insight on the topic being discussed.

Preview 03:35

When you pause, you give the audience ample time to concoct their pictures and absorb the significance of your words. The pause is analogous to the white space we intentionally leave between the sentences of our emails.

The Power of Pauses - A strategically placed pause is a powerful weapon

Some people have the natural skills to deliver perfect and memorable presentations without even referring to a script. The words keep flowing gracefully out of their mouths and they enthrall the audience right from the beginning.

Learning By Heart - Avoid memorizing your presentation

Before you release your videos to the public, ask your family members for their feedback. They want you to boost your presentation skills and attract the audience, so they will provide authentic assessment. Your family will be analytic and judgmental and will not be afraid to hurt your feelings because they understand the gravity of the situation.
The Feedback - Ask your family members for their feedback

Auto suggestion is a technique that is used to consciously control the thoughts that you send to your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does not ask questions. It does not doubt the message that is being sent.
Program Your Mind - Control the thoughts that you send to your subconscious mind

It is the tone that decides whether you will be accepted or rejected by the audience, by the listeners.
The Tone of Voice - The recipient needs to be inspired, involved and enraptured

In this video I will give you a brief account of my journey towards acquiring a passive income via online presentation.
My Passive Income Story - A brief account of my passive income journey

I challenge you to test The Mirror Theory.

The Mirror Challenge
Non-verbal Communication
4 Lectures 12:20

Introduction for section 3.


Image you are standing in front of the camera and you have so many great ideas to convey to your audience. The content of your presentation is attractive. If the participants are receptive, they will soak in the information you are sending.

Express Yourself - When a winner speaks, people listen and comply

The hands can be used as a powerful weapon to draw people’s attention during the presentation and win their appreciation. They add color, life and significance to your message.

Let Your Hands Speak - Draw people’s attention during the presentation

Most frequently used gestures that will kill your presentation.
Gestures To Avoid - Some gestures are silent presentation killers
Screenshare Blueprint
7 Lectures 24:48

A brief lecture to introduce the topics that we will be discussing in this section.


You'll learn why having a quality microphone is extremely important (particularly when doing screenshare) and what brands & models I recommend.

Why The Microphone Is Key

In this lecture you'll see exactly how I record my screenshare videos - how I hold the microphone in front of me and the general technique to ensure the best results.

Here's My Screenshare Setup

The content does not matter at all! Well, that's half true. The point is that the way you present on a topic will largely influence how the audience perceives it. Find out more in the lecture!

The Surprising Aspect About Engaging Your Audience

Understand how to play with the intonation, pitch and volume and how varying these techniques will ensure you avoid monotony.

Intonation & Volume

You'll understand better which situations require you to slow down or speed up and how often you should actually use these techniques.

How To Approach The Speaking Pace

It's time to take action and apply what we learned in this section!

Action Time!
14 Lectures 40:05

Even though you may be an expert in your field, the chances are that you may decide to create a script to follow during your on-camera presentation.
Teleprompter Tips & Tricks - How to use a teleprompter effectively

The second option for using the script effectively is much simpler. It does not require using a teleprompter as mentioned in the previous video.

Piece By Piece - A simple trick for a smooth, professional looking video

The last piece of advice I have for you is about the location in which you are shooting your video.
Preview 03:34

Here you can see four examples of how interesting and unique a video can look when shot outside the studio.

The Location Examples - A number of our videos shot in different locations

A quick guide to getting Camtasia installed on your Computer.

Downloading Camtasia

Warning: Avoid Clipping For Best Sound Quality

It's extremely important to set up Camtasia properly before recording. Apart from ensuring the best quality, this will also save you a lot of time in post-production and help you record faster.

Camtasia Tips & Tricks For Best Recording Quality

Here I talk about the different techniques that you can apply within Camtasia for post production.

Here's How to Record In Camtasia

If you have enjoyed the course so far, then please leave us a few words of honest feedback. It will only take you a few seconds but it will help us a great deal. Thank you!

The Honest Feedback

3 Must-Know Elements For Post-Production

How To Apply The Finishing Touches

Rendering The Finished Project

Thank you for enrolling and all the best,

Roy, Dragos, Adam & Richard

Thank You!
About the Instructor
Dr. Roy Naraine
4.3 Average rating
2,939 Reviews
33,841 Students
17 Courses
Medical Doctor, Coach, Award Winning Udemy Instructor

I graduated in the field of medicine in the year 1992. I have worked in various hospitals and outpatients' clinic. During the course of my studies, I became interested in the field of psychology. My profound knowledge of the function of the human brain allowed me to get better results when treating my patients.

For over twenty years I have been conducting self-improvement training, coaching sessions and counseling in international corporations. I have also worked as an interviewer in several companies and have been the personal adviser of many lucrative clients and company owners.

In addition, I possess a graduate certificate in the field of project management. This knowledge,combined with my experience in the field of psychology allows me to manage software projects for a Canadian company. As the program director I manage a multi-ethnic team of IT specialists.

My yearning to make the knowledge I possess available to everyone has driven me towards online education. Together with members of eNar Studio we are on our way to making this possible.

Dragos Stefanescu
4.4 Average rating
1,061 Reviews
20,538 Students
15 Courses
Founder at |15 Udemy Courses & 15,000+ Students

About Me

I'm an Internet Entrepreneur with a background in both the Management Consulting & Telecommunications industries. The skills that I have acquired during those stints and in previous years in general have unleashed my passion to teach.

I have a wide array of skills that I share with you via my courses

(1) Social Media

One of my true passions, I have invested a lot of time building a presence online. Highlights include:

  • Creating a connection base of 100+ people in a large Management Consulting firm within weeks of starting the job.
  • Met with a handful of Managing Directors & Senior Managers after approaching them on Social Media
  • Trained Partners on how to effectively make use of LinkedIn & Twitter to network and generate leads
  • Conducted Workshops with Project Teams and Small Enterprises on the use of Twitter and LinkedIn
  • (2) Resume/CV & Interviewing

With 30+ Job applications, I have gained a deep understanding of the recruiting process

  • I have never failed to get an interview (phone or face-to-face) after submitting my Resume
  • Participated in over 20 Job Interviews & Assessment Centres
  • Worked for a leading Management Consulting firm in a highly competitive market
  • (3) Productivity
  • Heavy user of Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint. I completely rebuilt the spreadsheets inherited from one of my teams, reducing the monthly updating time by over half the time (a few business days)
  • Co-produced reports that were ultimately held by members of the Board of Directors in one of the Multinationals I worked in (using Excel & PowerPoint)
  • General productivity freak, I love technology and always look for ways to make it work for me

How I got here…

Until recently I never really envisioned myself starting my own business. In fact, it was quite the opposite - my dream was to work for a large Multinational/ Consulting company and enjoy the riches of the Corporate life…

I soon found myself in what I thought would be my "dream job" only to do work that wasn't at all fulfilling, spending hours every day commuting and paying enormous rent (almost half of my salary) in one of the largest cities in the world. I felt stuck, limited and didn't think much of my future prospects.

I look back now and find it funny how at our lowest points we make life-changing decisions. Since a few members of our Mastermind Group had launched online businesses, I decided I would give it a try. I made up my mind that whatever happened, I absolutely HAD to launch an online product before my birthday.

Within two months, I launched my first Udemy course.

One month later I decided to quit my job (to the utter amazement of my colleagues, managers, friends & family - they probably thought I was crazy) and never looked back since.

My Goal

What I aim for is simple: I want to get you real results in the fastest possible time. Whether it's improving your presence on Social Media, getting your dream job, improving your productivity or self-development, I want you to walk away from my courses with a sense of achievement.

The courses I create are structured in a step-by-step manner so that you can implement them straight away. They do require your effort & commitment, but if you do that I'm extremely confident you can get to the next level.

Ultimately, receiving a message from a satisfied student detailing how I've helped him or her is immensely gratifying, more so than any number of sales.

Get in touch!

If you're one of my students and you want to ask me a question, or you're just reading this now and think we might have something in common then post a discussion item on one of my courses - I'll be more than happy to answer & get to know you better!

Adam Naraine
4.4 Average rating
3,223 Reviews
39,738 Students
21 Courses
CEO & Co-Founder at eNar Studio

I am an aspiring filmmaker and writer with many years of experience and a strong background in physics and computer science. At a very young age I became fascinated with movies and soon decided to connect my future with that area. My passion towards video production and desire to make high quality educational videos available to people all around the world has finally brought me to udemy, where I can reach millions.

In 2015 I co-founded eNar Studio and along with other founding members we began our journey towards becoming one of the best online educational businesses in the world.

Presently, at eNar Studio, I hold the position of CEO and I am responsible for the production process and marketing. This way I can secure the high, studio quality of our online products.

Richard Korbut
4.2 Average rating
754 Reviews
16,047 Students
12 Courses
Udemy Producer - Filming, Editing & Creative Direction

Richard Korbut owns a professional film & media company with a mission to transform the field of education through interactive learning based on engagement, step-by-step instruction and actionable material.

We work with passionate individuals seeking to add value to the world by:

  1. Creative Direction - Transforming boring content into captivating education
  2. Filming - Documenting the content in an engaging way
  3. Production - Top quality post-production to add pizazz to each course
  4. Marketing - Ensuring that the word is spread to the public & changes the lives of each and every student

We also serve clients ranging from filming & producing weddings & festivals to directing multi-location exotic documentaries.