Video Design Mastery: Create Awesome Videos Fast!
4.9 (12 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Video Design Mastery: Create Awesome Videos Fast!

Using Screenflow, Camtasia, Explaindio and Easy Animator to make your Videos Fun, Entertaining, Informative and Engaging
4.9 (12 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
144 students enrolled
Last updated 4/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create a video lecture in Screenflow or Camtasia quickly
  • Understand the structure of an effective instructional video and how to create it
  • Discover how to create entertaining, fun and engaging videos using advanced techniques
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  • Have access to a Computer
  • Be familiar with Keynote or Powerpoint Presentation Software
  • Have some experience of Screenflow or Camtasia video editing software



Simple, I struggled to produce good quality video lectures quickly! 

More than that, many of them were boring!

Are you happy with the quality of your existing videos and lectures?

Can you imagine putting all that work into a course and no one wants to watch your lectures!

Have you endlessly being trying to work out how to really make your courses stand out?

More than 35 courses and over 1,000 videos later and I am pleased to say that I am much better at making video lectures! 

But then I came across “Be a Video Pro”!

I realized then that its not just about production standards for sharing great knowledge but also that with some simple and relatively inexpensive tools, you can really make your lectures much more impactful for your audience!

When Scot and I got together we realized we had to create this Video Design Mastery Course for you, combining my Udemy teaching experience with Scott’s amazing videography skills.  

What a winning combination! 

Many of these effects can be achieved with just Keynote/Powerpoint and Screenflow/Camtasia without any additional software at all!

In this Course you will discover 

  • How I make a video lecture in under 30 minutes
  • How I created a 2.0 version of my standard lecture
  • How Scott reviewed and disassembled my original video
  • How Scott rebuilt my original video
  • Step by Step, Frame by Frame, how Scott put together lecture version 3.0
  • Exactly what tools and software we use everyday to enhance our lectures

Course Bonuses

Additional free Resources are included in the course to help you to enhance your videos

Enroll Today and Become a Video Design Master!

Of course, you can always carry on as you are, with sub-optimal videos and just keep on cranking them out!  Quantity over Quality!  But thats not a smart strategy, particularly as Udemy gets ever more competitive!  

And with Udemy's 30 Day money back guarantee you can enroll and if this course does not deliver everything we promise, just ask for a refund. You only have upside in taking this course!

So, what are you wating for, Click on the Buy Now button at the top right hand side of this Course and start discovering how to make Amazing Awesome Videos!

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Who is the target audience?
  • Online Educators; new and established Udemy Instructors
  • Small Business Owners
  • Marketing Executives
  • Aspiring Videographers
  • Media Students
  • Affiliate Marketers
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Curriculum For This Course
55 Lectures
Introduction to the Course
3 Lectures 07:41

Are you happy with your Videos?  To be honest, I am never happy with them and I am always looking to learn how to become a better videographer.  This is one of the major motivations for this course.  John and Scott have teamed up to combine their complementary skills to bring you this course to help you make even better videos and join them in the never ending search for improvement! 

Join us today and start making amazing, engaging, enterataing and fun videos today!

Preview 02:49

We want to share with you how this course came about and, essentially, why two heads are better than one!

Preview 02:33

How to Create a Lecture in 30 Minutes
8 Lectures 29:27

The secret to producing good quality courses in quick time is all about creating systems and standardisation. In this section, I will show you how I set up my presentations, the equipment that I use, the structure of my presentations, walk you through the Screenflow editing process I follow and show you the Keynote process as well.

This is not the ultimate answer but I now produced over 250 lectures and I am honing my process all the time.

Preview 02:59

This lecture covers some of the main principles and settings that I use when creating my Lectures. I show you the outline structure for all my presentations and provide you with an example of my standard presentation template.  I explain the key settings I use for my recording in Screenflow and the settings I use when exporting from Screenflow.

There is also a brief discussion of microphone technique

How to Create a Lecture in 30 Minutes - Key Settings

Good equipment is the key to productivity. I have reinvested a significant proportion of my online earnings into making sure I have good, but not necessarily the best or most expensive, equipment to work with

I explain how I combine my iMac with a Logitech Webcam, a Blue Yeti Microphone and Keynote and Screenflow. You can use Powerpoint and Camtasia if you use a PC.

How to Create a Lecture in 30 Minutes Equipment

Editing can be a real challenge but if you can master the basics of Screenflow/Camtasia, you should not find it too daunting. When I started it took me forever to edit a video. Now I am much faster and just try to keep things as standardised as possible. One trick, not mentioned in the video, is that it is fine to do several takes of a slide if you are not happy with the result but just keep the recording going and then cut out the stuff you don’t want.

I walk you through how I edited the introduction to this lecture group and hopefully this will help you to get more acquainted with the simple way to do things with Screenflow.

How to Create a Lecture in 30 Minutes Editing Process

This video summarises what is covered. I explained the key processes that need to be systematised In the Overview, I explained the key principles and settings I use The Equipment lecture walks you through my simple equipment set up

Finally the Editing lecture shows you step by step how I actually put it all together.

How to Create a Lecture in 30 Minutes Summary

Lecture Titles and Descriptions are helpful not only to your students but they also have SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, value for your course as well.  Write them as you would any form of copywriting!

Bonus: Getting the Most Out of Lecture Titles and Descriptions

This is so easy to get right and so often got wrong.  If you do the latter, you might waste a lot of time re-doing some of your videos.  So sit up, watch this short video and by investing two minutes you might save many more!

Bonus: Get The Lecture Creation Sequence Right

Here I want to share with you a really important technique used by many videographers!  And it is so easy to do and requires no additional software or equipment!  Watch the video and find out!

Bonus: How to Direct Your Video Like a Pro
How John Created the Original Video
8 Lectures 24:49

In this section, I want to share with you some of the more sophisticated techniques I have learned to make my videos and lectures more interesting.  This is a real behind the scenes look at how I create the videos in my courses.


This is my original video which I have created for an upcoming course.  The actual content of the video is not as important as HOW I put it together.  The scenes, the script and the techniques I use.  So watch it critically and then I will take you behind the scenes!

Watch my Original Video before I show you how I created it

Now that you have seen the original video, with the music, I want to take you behind the scenes in Screenflow to show you how this video is put together so that you understand its component elements.  Once these are clear in your mind I can share with you how the elements are created to be put together.

Preview 04:07

This helps to explain the basis of every video and why they must have a clear structure to be an effective learning tool.  Without this essential building block, you cannot develop a curriculum or a teaching strategy for your subject.

The Structure of a Video

If you have a script and you are not going to appear in the video, or a large part of it, there is a real advantage to recording the audio in Audacity, a free and relatively simple to use audio software package.  The free download link can be found in the resources section of this video

Starting with the Audio Track and Audacity

Here I want to share with you how you can use the Chroma Key filter in Screenflow or Camtasia to really add some interest and entertainment to your lectures.

How to use Green Screen in Keynote and Chroma Key in Screenflow to great effect!

Background images and video can also be used, without Greenscreen, to good effect to make your lectures and videos more impactful.

How you can use background images or videos to enhance your lectures

Discover a great place to find free resources to use in your videos.

Preview 00:30
Scott Takes John's Original Video, Reviews it, Re-Scripts and Plans Animations
4 Lectures 14:04

Scott Vogel Video Creation and Marketing Specialist with BeAVideoPro, shares his thoughts and ideas to animate John's new course video to make more entertaining engaging and informative videos and how to better share the message of his video to engage the viewer

Preview 00:35

Scott plays John’s new course "Payoneer" video and stops at different points in the video to share thoughts, ideas of what what John’s done well and what can be done to animate the video for a better viewer experience and more engagement. Scott explains what john does and how the video will be improved as he moves through the course. 

Preview 07:13

Scott walks you through his process of reviewing a script and how he begins to outline and frame out how he will tell the story, deliver the message of Payoneer and convey the points, concepts and ideas more effectively and begin to choose the assets needed to share the videos message more effectively. 

The Script Re-Writing Process: Tell the Story, Convey Key Points Concepts Ideas

Reviewing the Re-written Clean Script Broken Down to Ideas, Concepts for Scenes
Script Development, Hiring Actors and Assets, Scene Development Brain Soaring
6 Lectures 20:25

Scott walks you through his Scene Creation Keyword Asset Worksheet, a tool you can use to plan and develop your scenes, your keywords, determine the app you'll use, the concepts, ideas and thoughts to help you create your videos faster

Scene Creation Keyword Asset Worksheet to Plan Your Video Scenes and HIre Assets

How I lay out a script to allow for pauses and ease of reading so each scene is timed properly and allows for proper adding of actors and assets and making it easier to work with the scenes in your compositer (Camtasia, Shotcut, Screenflow, etc. )

How to Format & Break Down Scripts For More Efficient & Faster Scene Recording

Follow along as John reads the new script and Scott pauses the recording to comment on John's professional recording style, his inflections, pauses and see how you would record each scene as I make my comments on what I like about his voice recording. 

John Colley Reads the New Script and Scott Comments on His Audio Performance

Follow along and see how I: 

  1. Name scenes with a naming convention I'll use throughout the project, 
  2. Use the copy for each scene
  3. Choose the App I'll use to produce the scene
  4. Develop a scene naming convention for project continuity 
  5. Add the copy for each scene
  6. Separating the keywords to help scene development and choose assets and actors
  7. Brainsoar thoughts, ideas and concepts that will make up the scene message
  8. Keep track of the timing of each scene

* Script Creation Asset Worksheet Attached in Excel and PDF

Preview 03:41

Look over Scott's shoulder as he searches his repository of assets and actors in his computer. 

Get a new perspective from a video pro on the mindset of quickly searching for assets to best convey the message of each scene in your video. 

Scott Researches, Casts and Hires Actor and Asset For The New Video Project

Here Scott reviews the different videos, svg's, images and other assets and actors he's chosen to create this video. 

He explains why he chose the assets and how he plans to direct them in the scenes and how the assets fit the overall concept and message of the script

Scott Reviews The Assets & Actors Collected Preparing to Produce Each Scene
Creating the Video Scenes Using Explaindio, Easy Animator and Camtasia
23 Lectures 01:05:23

Scott Imports John's Payoneer video into Camtasia and cuts out the original introduction to use in the new video and then adds the remainder of the Mp3 to the timeline

Scene1 Creating the Introduction in Camtasia Using John’s Initial Introduction

Scott selects the assets for this 8 second scene

listens to the audio track and then creates the scene in Explaindio, times it and then imports the scene into Camtasia

Scene2 AcceptingForeignCurrency Using a Whiteboard Sketch SVG in Explaindio

Importing an image and an Anibit into Easy Animator Pro. 

Using the image for the background 

Breaking apart the Anibit and then animating the different symbols in the scene to keep the viewers attention

Scene3 ComplexExchangeRates Using Easy Animator Pro with an SVG and an Image

Using Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Yen, Renmimbi and the Payoneer logo with a spinning globe to show how to create a Morph scene where the Logo Morphs into a spinning globe and the currency Morphs from the spinning globe and then the globe morphs into the final currency. 

This is the video clip we used in the Promo Video

Preview 05:37

Importing a map image of the continents and bank images to show having your own local bank account in all the different countries. Breaking apart, resizing and animating  the assets to make them a unique scene 5

Scene5 LocalBankCountries Created with Easy Animator Pro a Map and Bank Images

This 15 second scene is created in Explaindio using Kinetic Text which allows the words to animate easily on the scene to get the viewer to read and follow along more easily

Scene6 KineticPayoneerReceivingTransferCountries Use Kinetic Text in Long Scenes

Using Easy Animator Pro to convey the idea of receiving money from all over the world and showing you each of the assets I’ll use and what I’ll do with them to create the final scene

Scene7 ReceiveFunds Using Easy Animator Creating "Money from All Over the World"

Using the Payoneer logo in Camtasia to animate it into the overall video so when John mentions Payoneer, we reinforce the brand with the logo coming onto the stage

Scene8 A Very Easy Scene Using the Payoneer Logo and Animating it in Camtasia

Using the actual signup form from the Payoneer website allows for a continuity in the viewer experience so when they see the form in the video and go to the site, they are one in the same, letting them know they’re in the right place

Scene9 SignUp to Payoneer Simple Scene Using a Screen Capture of the Signup Form

Finding a video that shows an email symbol allows us to simply produce this 4 second scene in just a few minutes, the key to create successful videos, get them done fast

Scene10 Send A Quick Scene to Produce Using a Video to Show Sending Email

Using Camtasia I simply put in two different videos, one of them has coins, euros and on top of it we’ll have some hundred dollar bills falling, enough said in this 6.5 second short scene

Scene11 CustomersPay Using Videos to Easily Show Money in this Quick Thought

Choosing the asset to use for the scene, then breaking apart the assets to use what we need and animating the elements of the asset to convey the transferring of money in this 5 second scene

Scene12 AutoTransfer Using Easy Animator Pro to Convey Transferring of Funds

Taking an eMoodle svg sketch image and adding the Payoneer logo using Inkscape a FREE image editor showing you how to put the logo in the sketch image and giving you the FREE image to follow along and do it yourself

Scene13 TransferLocal Bank Using Explaindio and a Customized eMoodle Sketch

Editing and animating the Signup form from to produce a quick scene using Camtasia

Scene14 Signup a Fast Simple 4 Second Scene Using the SignUp Form from Payoneer

This 9 second scene requires a few different assets we can break apart to represent increase, coins, changing the color of the coin and creating a scene quickly

Scene15 ReduceFees Using Easy Animator Pro to Convey Reduce Fees with Infograph

Using Youzign to crop and re-shape the money to make it look different, in Explaindio I animated each currency to enter the stage on different parts of the map of the worlds continents

Scene16 AcceptPayment Using Explaindio A Dude Guy & Different Money Shapes

Creating the scene to convey, Quick,  Simple and $$$ in animated text to get the reader engaged with words then showing money moving to you quickly in a 6 second scene

Scene17 SimpleQuickPay Using Easy Animator Pro to Convey Simple Quick $$$ Text

This 7 second scene will have an awesome whiteboard sketch video done in Explaindio with an additional image animating in to draw the eye convey the scene message of Customer Care

Preview 02:47

I went to the Payoneer Website and took a video screen capture of the tutorials using Camtasia making it simple and quick to produce this 8 second scene

Scene19 Tutorials Here We Want To Show Easy to Follow Tutorials on

Bringing in the Payoneer Signup form and using a callout to circle the signup and then adding a spinning globe, a nice asset to show being a global player today.

Scene20 SignUpAccept This Scene is The Signup Form Again Creating Continuity

Using Camtasia we added the two different music tracks to play under John's voice. 

We determined which one sounded best with the video. 

Using music under an informative video helps keep the viewer/listener engaged

John Provides Two Music Tracks: We Try Each One & Select One for the Background

Watching the video scene by scene with no music. Focus on the scenes and how they move from one to the next using the scenes we created

Previewing the Final Video Before We Add the Chosen Music Track Underlay

Playing the music tracks one by one beneath the video and selecting the best of the two videos and why I chose the track for this video. Deleting the unwanted track

Adding In Simple Fade Transitions To Take the Scene From One To The Next
John's Review of Scott's Video
2 Lectures 11:33

Here is the final version of Scott's video with everything pulled together.  You can now see how this all works!

The Final Payoneer Video With Audio, Music and All Scenes Produced

Lets come full circle now.  Before I watched Scott's section, I watched and commented on his changes to my video and reacted to his changes and innovations.  I think I agree with you that this work is a step change better than my original video.

john's Review of Scott's Video
Summary and Wrap Up
1 Lecture 02:42

Scott summarizes what you discovered in the Video Design Mastery Course. How John took you though creating a lecture in 30 minutes, showed his tips and tricks of audio and video creation, then how Scott took John's new course video, deconstructed and re-built the video into a more entertaining, informative and engaging video. 

Summary and Wrap Up
About the Instructor
John Colley
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Be A Video Pro
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Guaranteed Video Marketing and Video Creation Specialist

As Guaranteed Video Marketers We believe Video Marketing is the single most effective way to capture, engage, entertain and inform your prospects and audiences. 

We believe in bite size video training so you can learn easily. Our videos run from 12 seconds to the longest 4:13. No need to watch hours of videos to learn one skill you need.

It's fun when you know how to create videos to market yours or your clients' product, service or message

Creating fun, Entertaining, Informative and Engaging Videos can add More Views, More Shares, More Likes, More Buyers and More $$$$

The techniques we teach we use every day to create videos four our own clients and prospects and products, services and messages

We believe training should be simple, easy to follow real world and not filled with extra fluff. 

In our course you'll get marketing insights, video creation strategies, how to's, step-by -step, indepth training we've developed over 37 years as Internet, Website, Social Media, Branding, Marketing, Digital eCommerce and now...Video Creation and Marketing specialists. 

We've helped small businesses and large companies like Marriott, Walt Disney World, Hyatt, Pepsico, Frito Lay, The US Military and hundreds of other businesses to bring in more customers, increase their sales and profits and create loyal repeat buyers....

Our teaching style is to guide you step-by-step, through the subject matter as you look over my shoulder, in the training and we provide you with all the assets, actors, videos, images, in the training so you can duplicate exactly what and how we show you, we teach like you were sitting next to me or on Skype. 

You'll also get direct access through the discussion area of each section of the course so any challenges or questions you have can be resolved

We're very open to feedback and want to improve our courses always. feel free to feed ideas for lectures or other courses

For the past 37 years we've worked with companies helping them grown their brand through proven on and offline strategies. 

We believe in shortening the learning curve and creating easier faster more efficient ways to learn and create videos

You don't need to be an experienced video creation genius. You don't need any other programs, everything even scripts, cheat sheets, outlines and assets are provided in this complete comprehensive training.