Zulq Hussain


My goal is YOUR success.

If you are like many students I work with, you have taken multiple courses about trading which promise to 'make you millions' and 'make you a trader with 100% profitability'. And, unsurprisingly, this hasn't happened; this is because many courses out there don't teach you the basics of trading. As a result, many naive retail traders flock to the markets trying to make a profit, but ultimately fail in doing so. It is paramount that a trader should first understand the financial markets before he/she goes onto deploy their trading strategies; this is where I help.

I have been trading for nearly six years now and through hard work and countless hours testing my strategy, I consistently make profits. I have experience on the largest trading floor in the Middle East, where I acquired many skills including using and developing risk and money management strategies. During my time in the Middle East, a key focus of mine was trading psychology. Developing my knowledge of the psychology of trading has been instrumental to my success.  

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