Zsa Zsa Tudos

Author, Educator and Life Coach at Ex-files and AKIA

I am a British citizen; born in Southern Hungary. 

I am an archaeologist of the Unseen Soul and Cosmic Knowledge on the quest to help humanity to see more clearly and find the path towards the state of happiness. 

My philosophy AKIA, that is registered worldwide, is serving me as a giant and ever expanding board where the jiggsaw puzzle of human existence and behaviour is put together.

I have delivered lectures and courses in the U.K., Brazil, Hungary, Romania and the U.S. I also had an esoteric school called HOPE2012 in London. 

Until today I was engaged in personal, live teaching for small selected groups. Momentary I have few handfuls of students in various countries, some of them have been with me for 17 years! They are really beyond everyday understanding! And they still learn!

My students greatly benefitted from learning. They understand the matrix of the universe and their place in it, they love themselves, they learnt to make choices, they are open to experiences and new events, and they have aims and really good relationships. They also know how to heal, help aims to get on the right track and benefit from all the so called gifts given to earthlings. 

I have 6 books published and working on a couple of more at the moment.

We are working on membership sites to allow more people into our teachings.

AKIA is the philosophy that sets you free. It provides earthlings with the ultimate freedom, The Freedom of Thoughts by finding interrelations between events, delivers sufficient information that encourages people to ask questions. As the extention of the philosophy I teach all the gifts, such as healing, channelling and seeing. I have 12 teachers and 45 ongoing students.  

As the universe, my teaching follows the rules of physics.  

Live in the present!

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