Zoe Davenport

Baby steps to loving the true you

Hi I'm Zoe and I have been actively following a path of self love, self discovery and self development for the past 10 years even more so in the past 5 since qualifying as a complimentary therapist in Reiki, massage, bodywork and coaching. Everything I teach are tools I have used in my day to day life to live more joyfully and abundantly. I understand it is not easy to feel totally comfortably with the person staring back at you in the mirror. I personally struggled for years with self confidence issues, lack of self love which in tern effected everything in my life from my choice of jobs, relationships and lifestyle choices. The path of self love and personal development is not easy for we really start to face our demons. But the more we follow this path the more life opens up for us to live more joyfully, abundantly and giving ourselves the best loving life possible. I feel drawn to now share my tools and experiences to people who are following a similar journey and can only hope to help others feel about themselves how I truly 100% feel about myself now which is total love and peace. I look forward to meeting you on your journey in service and gratitude Zoe Davenport X