Software Architect • Consultant

I have over 15 years of experience in IT sector.

As a owner of Koddemy: I am trying to help people by publishing software development based educational videos.

As a software engineer in N-Tier Hospital Information Management System Project: A .net based software solution that is still in use and has more than 800 clients was developed. Many of the modules that include patient recording, clinic appointment, consultation, blood bank, billing, surgery management and medical device management were handled. Sql Server, .NET reporting and object oriented software engineering principals were applied by me in this project.

As a senior software project manager in Multimedia Payphone and Kiosk Management System Project: Due to customer needs, new-generation payphones and kiosks were needed. New-generation payphones required to offer their users a host of innovative new features such as video telephony, internet access, e-mail, instant photography, SMS and city life information services. Every kiosk also required to serve as a hot-spot for wi-fi internet access. All software products in this project were built based on .NET technologies and SOA patterns were applied. I was responsible for developing whole software architecture of the project and underlying framework.

As a chief software engineer in Intensive Care Decision Support System Project: I was responsible for developing extensible and special kind of rapid application development framework that was used by development team for building software modules fast and secure. Automatic exception management, log management, business object management, automatic data layer producing and run-time code injection operations were handled by this framework and all project was developed using .NET technologies and component based development approach.

As a Technical Lead in Social Media Search and Analysis Tool Project: I was responsible for building software architecture of whole system. Dynamic report generation, data analysis and BI integration tasks were also planned and managed by me. This project was completely built with .NET technologies and asynchronous programming techniques were applied.

I am also building iOS games using objective-C and cocoa framework. Two of my iOS games, Birdzy and Mr. Roosty, are on the Apple Store.