Zed Shaw

Coder, Author, Teacher

Zed is the creator of the Mongrel Web Server, and its language independent successor, Mongrel2, as well as Fret War - a community for guitar players to learn from and compete with each other.

He is also the author of "Learn Python the Hard Way," an ebook he published in 2010. It has been downloaded over 300,000 times and is one of the definitive textbooks for first-time developers to learn coding in Python.

Zed has been speaking publicly at conferences since 2000 and all over the world. Most recently he spoke at PyCon 2011 as well as taught Learn Python the Hard Way at PyCon. He spoke at Mountain West RubyConf 2011 as well. He is highly regarded as a public speaker on technology topics and just generally hilarious when he does it.