Zachary Towne-Smith

Social entrepreneur working in Guatemala since 2000

Zachary Towne-Smith is the Co-Executive Director of ERI Living Lab. He is an empathic and multi-faceted creative leader. After graduating Cum Laude from the Afro-American Studies department at Harvard in 1999, he moved to Guatemala City. He’s made a life in there for the past 14 years, co-founding a wide array of ventures, including a non-profit dedicated to awakening creativity and facilitating social innovation. He co-founded a business dedicated to creativity workshops and innovation consultancies. Zachary created an internationally successful Latin folk band, his own freelance photography business and the first capoeira group of Guatemala. He has also collaborated on a number of public health and educational projects.

Zachary is an extraordinary team player, working well with others in a wide variety of contexts and roles. He practices yoga and meditation, and travels as often as possible, constantly seeking out and pushing against his own paradigms. His participation on the ERI team brings a wealth of experience and many relationships throughout diverse sectors of Guatemala including public, private, and non-profit.