Zach Swinehart

Web Designer, Developer, and Business Owner

As a Junior in High School, Zach built his first website in Microsoft Frontpage in 2007 for the heavy metal band he drummed for.

In 2008 he decided to open up his website business, and in 2009 he dropped out after his Freshman year of college to pursue the business full-time.

He spent the next couple years constantly broke and learning lessons the hard way before eventually getting burnt out and decided to get a job as a web developer while running his business on the side.

Having some distance from the business (and a steady job to pay the bills) afforded him the opportunity to rework his business model from the ground up. In June of 2014, two years after getting the job, he handed in his resignation and went back to running his business full-time -- only this time it was on his terms.

He now finds himself the lucky owner of a 6-figure web shop that he feels proud to call his own, and has been traveling the world almost non-stop since July of 2015, only having to work a handful of hours per week, thanks to the freedom that a great business model and an even better team has afforded him.

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