Certified Yoga Instructor Lili Albano

Yoga with Lili

Lili is a Certified Yoga Instructor specializing in vinyasa flow sequences. She has over five years experience with training qualifications including: 

· Yoga Teacher Training with Greenpath Ashtanga Yoga (Director: Clayton Horton, 200H)

· Svastha Yoga Personal Wellbeing & Teacher Training with A.G. Mohan (200H)

· Svastha Yoga Therapy Program: Yoga Psychology / Psychiatry (Mind) Module 5: Depression, Addictions Module 6: Stress, Anxiety

· Yoga Psychology & Psychiatry / Mind: Yoga Therapy for Depression & Addictions (Svastha Yoga Therapy Program)

· Yoga Psychology & Psychiatry / Mind: Yoga Therapy for Stress & Anxiety (Svastha Yoga Therapy Program)

Lili is passionate about teaching yoga. Having grown up in a busy city, she decided to relocate in order to establish the very first Yoga Retreat Center called Lotus Shores Yoga & Surf Retreat in the heart of one of the Philippine’s most beautiful treasures, the island of Siargao. She provides services that are redesigned according to the values held by yogis allowing them to progress in their chosen activity or practice.  

Lili is an active surfer who also promotes a healthy lifestyle, not only in the field of yoga, but also in the kitchen. She creates recipes using only local, fresh, nutrient-dense, plant ingredients to create well-balanced, activity-specific meals.    

She was inspired to create the sequences of this course by the meditative movement of eastern warriors, ritual dance and yoga therapy. Lili aims to help her students build a regular yoga practice that energize and strengthen the mind, body, and soul.  

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