Maria Leonova

craftsman and knitter

Hi, I'm from Russia. I graduated from the Moscow State University of Design and Technology in 1991 . For more than 10 years, I taught a course in technology of spinning and wool processing in University. Then I decided to start my own business and opened a school for spinning technology " Golden Fleece " . Graduates of my school have received many awards in various competitions. I taught a lot of people to create unique knitwear. My students have received not only a hobby, but also a job that can provide for them. Everyone who has a knitter can learn to use it at 100%. As a teacher , I can help thousands of people throughout the world to realize their dream of creating beautiful, comfortable and designer clothes . My work has been shown in numerous exhibitions . Things that I create a lot of time to buy . My hobby turned into my business. I want to teach many people to realize their business ideas in the creation of a unique knit garments .

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