Ying Yang

Author, Speaker, Mentor, Human Haviour Expert

Ying Yang is a human behaviour expert and a leading
professional in emotional wellness and human potential , life coach and personal transformation coach. Ying has more than 15000 hours of therapeutic consulting experience with clients to build confidence, develop leadership skills, and help clients overcome the pain and frustration of relationship difficulties and have clarity to live a powerful and fulfilling relationship. and overcome workplace bullying, stress management, overcoming grief recovering.

Ying brings both passion and extensive experience in the integration of
both modern western psychological methods and traditional eastern
approaches to the healing of the stresses and strains of the mind. Ying
has also expanded her service nationally and internationally by
providing consulting service to families and companies.

Ying’s mission in life is to empower and teach individuals and groups
with her unique approach, tools, mindsets and skills to overcome their
past events, guide clients to master their own destiny and live
fulfilled and meaningful lives. Ying is a warm, genuine and energizing
woman who is inspired to provide individuals and groups with a caring
and authentic approach to service provision.

Ying brings her expertise to assist with resolving the following issues:

  • Family dynamics and relationships
  • confidence and leadership skills
  • parenting skills
  • Workplace bullying resolution 
  • Stress managment
  • Overcoming grief and loss of loved one in life

  • Students
  • Courses
  • Reviews