Yew Kay Yan

Online Business Engineer

I am an online entrepreneur that specialises in marketing and selling solely online. WIth this automated 24/7 sales machine called the Internet I no longer worry about sales figures and focus all my efforts on building and scaling my businesses.

In 2006, I started my photography business. After building a website to showcase my portfolio I found that getting customers was difficult and no one was visiting my website. Being an one-man-operation start up I couldn't find enough time to do marketing, answer sales enquiries as well as fulfill my customers' requirements.

I found my answer when I realised that if potential customers can find me online and I can stop reduce the costly and time consuming offline marketing component if I can be found online.

I converted my full-time photography business into a part-time project and studied online marketing full-time, especially in the (search engine optimisation) field. I applied and experimented on my photography business site. The results were phenomena!

When I reached the top spot on search engines, I was getting so much leads that I could now afford to be picky and chose only jobs I liked and wanted to do.

If you have a good product or skill that isn't getting enough attention because you cannot be found online, You might be working harder than you should be.

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