Yessica Maria Bonilla Vanegas

I am Yessica Maria Bonilla Vanegas, I was born in 1995 in Poloros La Union El Salvador, I stared the school when I was 4 years old I had to repeat the same grade two times because my age was not enough to go another level.

I was in the same school all the time until I stared the high school I went another school and knew new people at the beginning was difficult but my time there was one of the best of my life I made a lot of good friends, good experiences that I never will forget. I participated in two contests one of  math and another of language and literature.

Two years later I stared the university was time thinking what I wanted for my future at the biginning  I have decided to be a vet because I really love animals, but at the end I decided for english because I like english too.

At the moment I live at the same place with my parents, my little sister who study veterinarian because at the same me she loves animal, I  have to say I have a great family they are the best of my life.

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