Ray Li

Professional Graphic Designer, Professional Website Designer

Creating useful digital products and online solutions since 2007. Enjoys helping people save time and effort, sharing knowledge of graphic and design secrets

Creating a professional product takes forever, unless you have the right tools and knowledge!

Experienced professional graphic designer and professional website designer, having worked on multiple websites, designed thousands of graphics, and created many unique tools and business solutions.  Graphic design areas of expertise include Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  Anything within the realm of 2D graphic design and online design. Web design areas of expertise include Adobe Muse and Dreamweaver. In addition to anything required to create a website and video. Additional areas of proficiency include video editing, UX and UI design, managing 100+ social media accounts, and more!

Proud publisher of two apps on the Google Play store. Fully knowledgeable of the app store and the market mechanisms that operate. Thorough understanding of ad networks and mobile advertising campaigns. 

With almost a decade of design and coding experience, Ray is very knowledgeable in the technological arts! 

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