Yana Sinayeva

Russian Teacher

My name is Yana.

I am a certified Russian language teacher and the lead instructor of "Russian Club", which is a highly qualified language school based in Kiev, Ukraine.

I have been teaching Russian to foreigners for years at all levels.

I enjoy my job and my main goal is to make your study easy and fun!

Here is my detailed CV:

About myself

Date of birth: 11, May 1980



1998 - 2002 National Teachers’ Training University named after M. Dragomanov.

Bachelor’s degree in the Russian and English Languages and Foreign Literature (transferred). Diploma with honors

1997-1998 Kherson State Teachers’ Training University named after N. Krupskaya. Department of the Russian and English Languages and Foreign Literature

1995 -1997 College at Kherson State Teachers’ Training University named after N. Krupskaya. Foreign philology (English and Russian)

Additional trainings

June 2006 CAE, Certificate in Advanced English (ESOL) issued by the University of Cambridge

2000 -2002 European School of Correspondent Education. Certificate in Advanced Level of English (21 months)


2009 - present Head of “Russian Club” language school, teaching Russian as foreign language at all levels

December 2002 “International House” Language School (Kiev), as a teacher of Russian

- November 2012 foreigners (all levels)

February 2003 “SATO” Linguistic Center (Kiev), as a teacher of Business English (Upper Intermediate level)

- February 2004

May - July 2003 “The Eagle” Foreign Languages Center (Kiev), as a teacher of Russian for English speaking students (Beginner – Upper Intermediate levels)

January - April National Agrarian University (Kiev), as a teacher of Intensive 3-months

2003 course of English (Beginner- Intermediate levels)

2002-2003“Intellect” Lyceum (Kiev), as a teacher of English in the 9-10th grades

2000-2001“Alaris” Travel Company (Kiev), as a secretary-translator

10 years experience of teaching Russian for foreigners (all levels)

12 years experience of teaching English (Starter – Upper Intermediate)


Languages Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (fluent), French (basic level), Dutch (basic level)

PC Windows, Word, Internet, PowerPoint (advanced user), Adobe Photoshop

Fine Reader, Sound Forge etc.


Long-term practice of English with native speakers, trips to the

European Union countries. I provided excursions and translations

(written and oral) for foreign citizens (mainly citizens of the USA).

At my lessons I use contemporary textbooks and communicative method of teaching English and Russian in order to make the process of learning a foreign language interesting and efficient.

Personal traits

Responsible, hard-working, goal oriented, creative, communicative, flexible, looking for new streams in teaching. I enjoy my work and do my best to make lessons enjoyable and interesting for my students. I always ask for feedback and I am open to comments and critics about my teaching methods.

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