Yalcin Acikgoz

Researcher, Professional, and PhD Candidate

As a researcher and practitioner of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, I am actively involved in research in my everyday life. I began doing research as a research assistant in my first semester of graduate school. With limited knowledge of research methods and statistics, it was a challenge at the time. However, the work I have done for that assignment was very instrumental in convincing me that being a researcher is what I really wanted to do. During the two years I spent for getting my MA, I assumed researcher roles with increasing responsibility and have done my internship in a research company.

Currently I am working as an industrial-organizational psychologist in the public sector, and my job involves running employee-analytic studies to discover and recommend solutions for issues with human resource policies. Simultaneously, I am working on my Ph.D. on Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

I am also a learner of statistics as I am taking advanced level statistics classes for my Ph.D; including Structural Equation Modeling, Multi-Level Modeling, and Meta-Analysis. Being a learner, I have the unique perspective of a student, which allowed me to realize that most information taught in graduate level research and statistics courses are not used by a typical graduate student. Hence, this course. Welcome, and enjoy.