Mentor Xian You Ong

Music Student at Berklee College of Music

Music student currently studying at Berklee College of Music.

Focuses on Music Production and Engineering.

Trying to give an opportunity for music lovers to enhance their musicianship skills through long distance learning.

Courses taught including Harmony, Arranging and Ear Training which is the most essential part of a learning process in a music education.

  • - To define and refine the individual talents of our students by providing a broad range of major programs offered by a distinguished faculty, and to prepare them for careers in music that reflect the diversity of expression and opportunities that define music today.
  • - To enable our students to employ their musical education in a global society by providing a coherent liberal arts curriculum that informs their thinking about issues that have shaped our time.
  • - To encourage our students to appreciate and apply music's enormous force for the enrichment of society and intercultural understanding.
  • - To cultivate a supportive learning environment by actively promoting a climate of respect for personal and cultural differences, and by offering a range of services and activities to support the needs of the student musicians who come to us from around the world.
  • - To maintain the vitality of our college community by encouraging and supporting continuing professional development for all of its members.
  • - To provide an environment in which all know that they are full and valued members of the community.
  • - To value ethical behavior in all aspects of personal and professional life by establishing a community that values integrity in all relationships.
  • - To retain our leadership position in music education and to ensure that our curriculum remains relevant by pledging to value academic freedom and innovation.