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About the author

Wyne Ince is an ardent advocate of the belief that, with proper guidance and encouragement, every student can excel. He has a particular interest in the educational advancement of young people based on his first-hand teaching experience at the City University of New York (CUNY). As an information technology professional—including his work as an iPhone/iPad programmer—he has created many applications designed to reinforce the fundamentals of education. Ince is founder of the iUseMyBrain2 Project, an initiative of TheMotivators, Inc., a private entity that seeks to develop learning tools, such as this guide, to coach and motivate students.

Ince holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from CUNY and a master’s in telecommunication and information management from Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU).

However, the steps to earning those degrees were not a smooth, direct journey at all. Family poverty during some of his elementary school years meant he had to attend school without sufficient supplies, overcoming the taunts and bullying of his classmates. He was unable to attend high school at all for family-related reasons. He became determined to escape the paycheck-to-paycheck living that characterized his family, wanted to become the first member of his family to earn a substantial income, not a meager one. He realized that education was his only hope, and he pursued it successfully.

It is out of an abundance of concern about children’s education that he has put this course together. It distresses him to see children idling and wasting their time and mental capabilities. As only one example, because of his deep interest in educating others, while he was still a college student himself, Wyne developed a computer application, The Ultimate Teaching Tool, to help other college students orient themselves to first-year college computer courses.

A special note to you

We are very excited about your education. Why? You see, most children really do have the inborn capability to learn just about anything! However, many simply don’t realize it. They attend school automatically, study just enough to get by, and go through their school years aimlessly, never seriously considering graduation or something called a career. However, graduation does arrive and they are quickly faced with adult responsibilities. Nonetheless, there’s no reason for despair. We at the iUseMyBrain2 Project (“I use my brain, too”) have developed a solution, an hour jam-packed with the type and quality of information designed to open a young mind to hope and purpose. Yes, often what’s missing is not the capability, but the insight and knowledge of key preparatory information.

Think about this question for a moment: Ordinarily, what enables one person to make the right decision without guessing, to take the right path, and to avoid danger, while someone else, faced with the same situation, will do exactly the opposite, and fail? The answer is knowledge; it’s having the correct information and using it. This course is designed to share accurate and eye-opening information with any student from the age of 12 through junior year in college. Further, it is the type of information that parents and guardians would love to give their child. But they may not have the time or the knowhow to do so completely, using a method that can be effective anytime.

Thank you!

Wyne Ince, Founder

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