Wael Omar - Yawlr

15+ years of IT Network infrastructure, focused, experience

With more than 15 years of experience, having served multiple roles in the networking domain, in different multinational IT companies across the globe. I realized that, I would like to shift focus to transferring the vast experience, and years of knowledge, to network field professionals and aspirants with one goal in mind, HELP YOU define and reach your goals faster.

Analyzing what is going on in the IT landscape and its impact on network careers and hot skills, I found it an obligation to interfere. By developing a series of courses taking network aspirants from the base of the network career skills' pyramid upwards in the most effective, and fastest way. Courses that will raise awareness and enlighten the professionals and aspirants as to what direction is best to invest their time and money in for best and fastest results out of their network career.

These courses are designed, in co-authorship with like experienced instructors and IT gurus, in a careful manner, easy flow, and simple explanations to help you ramp up to be able to learn, understand, and apply the hottest skills, that you can move up quickly, and become a skill on a high demand.

Do not think twice, Join these courses, and Invest in the right knowledge towards YOUR SUCCE$$!

Remember you always have the 30 days money back guarantee on all courses! So basically, No RISK... 

Why wait? 


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