A group of passionate Instructors dedicated to quality training. DolfinEd's mission is to provide education from the ground up, to help everyone through the journey from beginner to Pro. Led by Eisa A. Sherif, a 23 years seasoned Infrastructure and Cloud Architect, holding multiple industry certificates from Amazon Web Services, Cisco CCIE, RiverBed, Palo Alto to name a few, A Certified Systems Instructor who taught classes in four continents during his career as a advanced technical courses instructor, who also held multiple positions in different fortune 500 companies across three continents including Africa, Asia, and North America.

DolfinEd is committed to quality education, from the ground up, at the right price point to you, the learner. Education that caters for the entire spectrum of knowledge and experience levels from beginners in IT to Professionals who would like to add more skills under their belts.

By following a simple, easy to follow, step by step teaching, breaking the complex of subjects into easy to assimilate learning building blocks, DolfinEd managed to reach 8000+ students in its first year on Udemy, from 139 countries. With high satisfaction rates from most of the students. Building on this success, more courses are being added and the current courses are in an evolving state to ensure updated knowledge is made available to our dear students.

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