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Wingnity is a leading turnkey education solution company, offering trending professional courses in India and around the globe. Our high quality and affordable courses, helps both professionals and students to master their field at their own convenience.

Wingnity has helped tons of individuals learn new skills, straight from the industry experts. Wingnity has revolutionized the process of problem solving with “Wingnity 24x7 Technical Help” feature. This helpline makes it possible for students to get their queries addressed around the clock, freeing them from the constraints of having to wait for a long time for the solutions they need.


  • Online P2P (person to person) real classes
  • Get trained by highly skilled working professionals
  • On demand 24x7 technical help
  • High quality course material including Live classes, Videos, PDFs, PPTs, Assignments & Quizzes
  • A physical certificate endorsed by various industries
  • Individual real life project development for each learner
  • Flexible weekend classes for working professionals