William Lee

Creator of "OfficeFit: Get Fit At Your Desk"

William Lee is a Fitness Professional offering customized personal training programs to clients in New York City. Creator of "OfficeFit: Get Fit At Your Desk", he is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to to find the perfect balance between career, health, and fitness. After years of experimenting with, implementing, and personally assessing a wide array of individual exercises and fitness programs, he has taken all of the best and filtered out the rest in order to give you just what you need to get fit at your desk.

William is a native New Yorker and understands the physical, emotional, and psychological demands that are an inseparable part of living in a busy urban metropolis. After earning his degree in Computer Science at New York University, William initially set out to develop a career in computer programming and applications development and implemented large-scale systems at several of Wall Street's high profile financial services firms. Although satisfied with the financial rewards of his profession, he was not happy with the toll that a sedentary office job took on his body, and began to seek out ways to improve his personal health through diet and exercise, and eventually transitioned into a career in fitness.

After spending hours upon hours in front of a computer, five days per week, 52 weeks per year, he began to notice the negative postural and muscular effects that started creeping up on him. William offers dynamic, motivational, and completely customized personal training programs to clients across New York City. His programs are the culmination of all the research, experimentation, and discovery that he sorted through in order to find the most effective ways to get fit, and provide an ideal solution for anyone looking to get in better shape, have more energy throughout the day, and combat the effects of sedentary office work.

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